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July 12, 2016

I first came across Raw Is Everything at Follain’s Beacon Hill shop. Follain is Boston’s mecca for green beauty and if you haven’t checked them out what are you waiting for!? They have two shops in Boston, one on Nantucket and a shop in D.C.  I suggest making an appointment to get your makeup done by one of their pros.  You will learn so much about how to make healthier choices about makeup and skin care products. Anyways, I digress.

So Follain hosted the creators of Raw one evening for a “Meet the Makers” session.  Complete with chocolate dipped mango and champaign, founders Jess Assaf and Enke Bashllair talked passionately about their products. Katie Power is also a founder who was unable to attend that night – the three women met at Harvard Business School and the rest is history. With a shared passion for transparency and clean beauty, Raw Is Everything was born.

Raw is Everything is coming at the green beauty scene HARD with unprecedented standards and product integrity. These oils are truly revolutionary and there is nothing like them currently on the market. There are so many great things about Raw, lets dig in.

What Sets Raw Apart


Raw has four oils. Raspberry seed oil, rosehip oil, passionfruit seed oil and tamanu oil. These are all face oils used in lieu of a lotion or moisturizer and each one brings a different strength to the table. I treated myself to the rosehip oil which Raw markets as an age defying oil and I also picked up the raspberry seed oil which is angled as their antioxidant treatment.  But lets talk about Raw in general before we get to the nitty gritty.

“The purest most powerful ingredients in their simplest form.” – Jess Assaf, founder.

First of all, Raw’s oils are single sourced. This is amazing because they can control the quality, processing and limit contamination. Jess, Enke and Katie traveled the globe for a year to find their sources. Each oil is sourced from a different country with some sources being women coops. Info on their sources is limited because with a single ingredient product, its source is essentially their trade secret.

Every oil is cold-pressed and unrefined. This is important because the oils are never treated with heat and therefore they maintain their maximum phytonutrient content delivering serious antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photoprotective power. Studies show that cold-pressed oils can have up to 700% higher levels of bioactive compounds.  It is extremely difficult for companies to source an oil that is BOTH unrefined and cold-pressed. These oils are super sensitive to light and heat exposure which can quickly compromise their integrity making them difficult work with, store, package and sell. Raw’s shelf life is super tight. They receive the oils straight off the press and get them on the shelves within a month. After this their life cycle is a short 4-6 months.

Because of this, all their oils are packaged in glass bottles uniquely coated to prevent exposure to light and heat. You can totally tell they are cold-pressed and unrefined because their color is vibrant and their smell is distinctive. For example, the raspberry seed is a complex lemon color and smells of raspberries with nutty notes while the tamanu oil is even deeper in color and has a super nutty scent.

All their oils are organic, wildcrafted or biodynamic. Can I get an AMEN!?


In addition, all of Raw’s oils are unformulated. This is so interesting for two reasons. First of all when you have a face oil that is made up of 25 different herb, seed and essential oils – most of the time a carrier oil is required. Carrier oils are usually benign and although they do not take away from the formula, they are showing up to the party empty handed. These are oils like grapeseed oil or olive oil. So the carriers are not only NOT actively treating your skin but they are diluting the active ingredients making them less potent and less powerful.  Secondly, for anyone that has super sensitive skin or skin that is reacting to something that you haven’t been able to pin point, you can use Raw’s oils confidently with the ability to isolate ingredients.

The other thing I love is the price. The rosehip oil is 55.00/1oz and the raspberry seed oil is 45.00/.5oz. Comparatively speaking this is super reasonable and I love that Raw set their price point a little lower than market average making it accessible to a larger pool of consumers. Not sure which oil is right for you? Raw offers a sample set for 20.00 (shown in the first pic above).

You literally can not buy anything cleaner than these oils. Raw is breaking ground here and I like it.

My Experience


So I have been using their rosehip oil for a couple of months and I love it. Raw classifies this oil as a dry oil and its true. This oils goes on with a medium weight but soaks right into skin. When I first started using it I almost felt like my skin was too dry and sometimes I felt like I needed another layer of moisture. BUT after a few weeks my skin acclimated and it was perfect – totally spot on and exactly the right amount of moisture. It’s classified as a dry oil because the lipid profile of our skin is so similar to the lipid profile of rosehip allowing it to assimilate and penetrate the skin’s epidermal and the dermal layers in seconds. Most conventional moisturizers will need to use several other compounds just to get through the first layer of the skin. Rosehip also naturally has a bioactive form of Vitamin A which has been shown to affect cell turnover and collagen production resulting in the improvement of fine lines and hyper pigmentation. I love this oil for what it is; simple, pure, organic, therapeutic. This has totally become my go-to and what I reach for when I am in between testing products.

I have also been playing with their raspberry seed oil. I was so excited to try this because although Raw angles this as an antioxidant treatment – raspberry seed oil intrinsically has broad spectrum SPF power that has tested between 26-50 SPF – hello! As a daily moisturizer it is heavier than the rosehip but it also assimilates and does not wear greasy or oily. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this as a moisturizer during the summer when I am out and about with the kids. It provides sun protection without the smell or feel of a sunblock or even the need to reapply. You put it on in the morning and you never have to think about it again. It’s not strong enough on its own however if you are doing a beach or boat day. I would definitely recommend something with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide (and a hat) for direct and prolonged sun exposure.

The tamanu oil is also interesting. I only got a sample of it but I have been using it as a spot treatment. Tamanu oil has been scientifically proven to have significant antibacterial activity against the precise strains that cause acne. So interesting, right?!

Check out Raw’s website for more technical info about the oils and how they work. Their website is peppered with sources, scientific studies and clinical data – they truly take a science based approach to treating the skin and it shows but hey thats what you get from a *couplea smaht kids from Haavad*.


Giveaway Closed

Raw has generously offered up my faves to one lucky reader! A raspberry seed oil AND a rosehip oil are up for grabs here. To enter:

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Open to US only. Winner will be drawn on Monday, July 18, 2016 and announced on my Instagram page. For additional chances to win head over to my Insta!

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