10 Things People Are Saying About W.E.L.L. Summit

August 11, 2017

The WELL Summit

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83 days to W.E.L.L. Summit friends! (I kinda feel like my son who asked me this week if we could make a paper chain to countdown the days until Christmas. I was like, Why don’t we wait a little while – the chain would be from Atlanta to Tampa and back. But then here I am counting down the days to THE wellness event of the year so…I guess the apple doesn’t fall from the tree.)

W.E.L.L. SummitSpeaking of the W.E.L.L. Summit, there are so many moments that left an impression on me. From lunch with a fellow blogger, to being venerable in a small group, to soaking up info left and right. I look back and I can still see these ephemeral interludes clear as day – they were just so dang impactful. And I know I wasn’t the only one so I asked around to some of the people I made connections with from the past two summits. I was so curious to know what others took away but more than that, I wanted to share these impressionable experiences with all of you!

A gift from the W.E.L.L. Summit (And I’m not talking goodie bags!)

I’ll start! What stood out to me last year was a dinner with my sister. We live in different states so it was so special for me to experience this weekend with her. After the all-day Saturday workshop sessions (I’m talking like 7:30am-6/7pm – a full day!) I headed out to dinner with my sis. We purposefully took different sessions throughout the day so we could talk about what we learned and share our experiences with each other. So for dinner, we hit up this organic vegan joint – the food was mediocre but the conversation was rich, thoughtful and impactful. The sessions brought up so many questions, it uncovered things about ourselves we didn’t know – or maybe we did but didn’t know what to do with it. We cried about our past and looked brightly into each others futures. We questioned our personal and professional goals and dug deep – in only a way sisters can. It was raw, it was tender and it was a dinner I will NEVER forget! If you want to know what we talked about, read all about my 2016 W.E.L.L. Summit weekend here!

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Thinking about this moment got me curious about the gifts that W.E.L.L. Summit gave to others, check it out. I had so much fun reading these.

10 Things People are Saying about The W.E.L.L. Summit 2016

W.E.L.L. Summit1. “Loved that this summit was a gathering for such awesome people. The vibe was one of encouragement and enthusiasm for a better quality of life. You get so much information in this 2 day period. I often reflect back on the topics discussed and tips shared – I am shocked to see how far I have come.” – Amy

2. “There are many individual moments that stick out to me about W.E.L.L. Summit, but what always gets me is how cathartic the weekend feels. There’s nothing like being in a roomful of women and men who understand you, who treat wellness as a holistic endeavor and who are ready to connect and engage in healing, learning practices. It’s truly unique.” – Nicolle

3. “The genuine connections.” – Cyndie

4. “I loved opening night because I metCyndi e and Amy Flyntz!” It was a 1-2 punch of awesome.” – Jeannie

5. “I loved the photo booth. It made us feel beautiful with encouraging words, sayings, etc. I also really loved the Mala making with Satya Jewelry – I started a whole prosperity project off of it. I was inspired in session meditation FOR REAL.” – Amanda

6. “I love the W.E.L.L. Party. I got to try kombucha for the first time and now I have it almost everyday!” – Linda

7. “Jessica Diaz talked about functional medicine testing. I got the name of the physician from her and got tested. The results were very interesting and I’ve made life changes based on the results.” – Linda

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8. “What sticks out to me is the friendships and relationships I made while at W.E.L.L. Summit. Connecting with like-minded women who have similar curiosities is half the reason I go back every year!” – Kerry

9. “Dr. Drew Ramesy and his talk about healing with food. I LOVED every second of it and use his cookbook weekly now. He was so interesting, informative and entertaining. I also sat in on Cyndie Spiegel talking about fear and it was so inspiring especially as a new business owner – we often compare ourselves to others and can get discouraged. She shared several tips that I have incorporated into my daily practice. And above all else the connection and energy is so incredible.” – Sarah

10. “Heather Thompson got me thinking of my vision board and working that into my business/life practice. It really helped me start planning for my dreams and it is totally paying off. My posted inspiration is coming to fruition.  I can see it happening and it’s so exciting.” – Devin

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Tickets for the 2017 W.E.L.L. Summit are still available. This year’s event is predicted to be the biggest one yet. You can buy a weekend ticket which will cover Friday’s opening events and all the workshops on Saturday. Or if you can only attend one day, definitely skip Friday and do Saturday. You can customize your experience that way and you will get more out of it!

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