3 Must-Try Organic Beauty Subscriptions

June 17, 2017

Beauty Subscriptions

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Okay so you could call it a hobby, maybe even a pass-time…but let’s just cut right to the chase and call a spade a spade – getting organic beauty subscriptions is a straight-up obsession.

Can you blame me though? Something about the element of surprise combined with passionate product curation just makes my heart skip a beat. It’s the feeling I would imaging gamblers get when they roll craps die and hit a hard 7. But the thing about a good beauty subscription is it’s like rolling hard 7 after 7 after 7: every month I am a winner. (Which is good because I hate losing). You can’t beat this low risk, high reward investment and I’ve discovered some of my favorite products through beauty subscriptions.

The thing is –  not all beauty subscriptions are created equal. So with a ton of options to choose from, how do you know which service is right for you? Well, I’m breaking it down with my top 3 must-try organic beauty subscriptions.


Beauty Heroes and Honua Skincare

Beauty Heroes. I mean if you take nothing else away from this post, take Beauty Heroes and run with it. Beauty Heroes is in a league of it’s own. They curate a luxury green beauty box with one “Hero” product and one “Sidekick” every month. They believe in a “less is more” philosophy and are the epitome of slow beauty. Appreciate, use and fall in love with their Hero selection month after month after month.

With Beauty Heroes you can expect to get a mix of hair care, body care and skincare. They also offer an optional quarterly makeup selection which is out of this world with picks like Vapour Organic Beauty, Modern Minerals and AU Naturals. I have some insider intel on the fall makeup selection and oh my gosh, CAN’T WAIT!

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I would say the average Beauty Heroes box delivers a value of around $100.  Which is great considering the subscription is less than $39/mo. It’s an initial $115 up front for your first 3 months and then you can cancel at-will anytime after that. So at a little less than $39/mo you are scoring around $100 worth of product – every month. Some of my faves have been Vintner’s Daughter Face Oil that sells for $185 (and we all got it for $39!). I also loved their recent colab with Innersense Beauty where we got FOUR full size products including their brand new shampoo, conditioner, leave-in conditioner and hair oil.

Beauty Heroes is the real deal. I’ve not only subscribed myself but I’ve bought subscriptions as holiday and birthday gifts for my mom, SIL and besties. I love that Beauty Heroes stocks all of their past picks and more in their Beauty Heroes store and members get 15% off ALWAYS! One of the best deals around.

This month we are seeing TWO full size products by Honua Skincare. The Aloha Serum and Ōlena Face Oil. Both of these are formulated with local Hawaiian ingredients including local turmeric and they are fantastic for lightening + brightening skin. They also have whole plant vitamin C in them which is great for anti-aging too. It was a pleasure discovering Honua through Beauty Heroes – I love how the serum and oil soak right in and I could apply my makeup over these formulas with ease. This month’s selection has a total value of $106 and will be available until 6/20/17.  Shop Beauty Heroes.


Boxwalla and Earthwise Beauty

Boxwalla is another one of my faves. My heart skips a beat whenever I see Boxwalla show up at my doorstep. Boxwalla revels in delivering beauty products that “must be discovered.” They travel the world, search near and far and leave no stone unturned to bring us true beauty treasures.

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Boxwalla sends a blend of product every other month including skincare, body care, hair care and makeup. I love that they surprise us with some heavy hitting big name green beauty brands like One Love Organics and Lina Hansen Skincare but are just as prideful to send out smaller, new to the scene, undiscovered names too. They are nose to the grindstone dedicated to providing members with true product discovery delivering finds you will never see on store shelves.

Boxwalla is a service unlike any other. They actually have 4 subscriptions and subscribers can toggle between all four. Beauty, books, movies and food. So one month you could opt for a beauty box and then switch it up and get a food box the next time around.

The value here is outstanding. Boxwalla sells for $49.95 and generally arrives with a $125-$150 value worth of goods. My fave discovery through Boxwalla was H Is For Love. We got to try their Lip Glacé – a lip treatment that is all organic and tinted with roots and berries. And H is for Love’s Bara Balm. A face moisturizer that if the color doesn’t knock your socks off, it’s performance and ingredient list will.

Also I have to mention their packaging. Boxwalla boxes are crafted from tree-free handmade paper. The process is child labor free and employs 63 local villagers and 20 skilled artisans. They are so beautiful and always come in a different size to perfectly fit each month’s goods.

In June we are meeting a brand called Earthwise Beauty – a new-to-me brand. And we are seeing three full size products.

  • Nap In The Meadow Face Serum – an aloe serum that is deeply hydrating and anti-inflammatory.
  • Ruby Face Oil – a serum comprised of antioxidant rich oils – many having sun-protecting and sun-damage correcting properties.
  • Farigad’s Veil Powder – a loose oil infused zinc power that you can mix with you fave face moisturizer to instantly turn it into an SPF 30!
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June’s Boxwalla is $158 worth in value and sells for $49.95. Shop Boxwalla here.


Botanic + Terre May

Botanic + Terre is a rebrand of the former Esthroia Box. Botanic + Terre just sent out their debut box last month and I was so impressed with their dedication and focus on showcasing organic and vegan products. Super clean selection – every item was This Organic Girl approved. This box is $40.99/box and is delivered every two months. It promises 3-4 full size makeup, skincare, body care and/or haircare products. Their first box had a retail value of $71.50 and featured:

  • Body Polish by Birchrose + Co
  • Botanical Body Oil by Native Nectar Botanicals
  • BKIND’s Hand Balm
  • Province Apothecary’s Regenerating + Stimulating Exfoliator

Botanic + Terre came out of the gates strong and drummed up some good buzz – I am on the edge of my seat looking forward to seeing what they come up with next. I also love that this service includes makeup too.

How To Choose

I mean seriously – so hard to choose when there are so many good beauty boxes out there. Well you can’t go wrong with any of these! They consistently stay true to their mission, deliver clean beauty and best of all, make product discovery exciting and FUN.

You know that saying: You get what you pay for. Well it was definitely coined before these subscriptions came around because girl, with these you get MORE!

Do you get a beauty subscription? What’s your fave?



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