5 Clean Beauty Powerhouses you can learn from at W.E.L.L. Summit

September 28, 2017

W.E.L.L. Summit

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The countdown is ON! Travel plans are set and I’m in the midst of booking organic dinners, fun workouts, nontoxic nail appointments and more! I am so excited to go to W.E.L.L. Summit for so many reasons. Every year, W.E.L.L. Summit has been a place for me to set and tune my ME compass. Meaning I give myself space to consider myself, what I want from life, what I want out of my business, what I want for my family, who I want to be as a woman and more. It’s also a place to come and connect with likeminded people (bloggers, influencers, readers, brands, founders..) about wellness, health, beauty and more.

New York City

I’ve met and connected with so many interesting people at past W.E.L.L.Summits and I’m so looking forward to what this year brings. In the past, clean beauty has been an offering but not a focus. And since you guys know how much I LOVE green beauty, I’m SO EXCITED to see that this year W.E.L.L. Summit is taking it up a notch and offering an opportunity to meet and listen to 5 clean beauty powerhouses – you don’t want to miss this! Ladies and gentlemen; Tara Foley, founder of Follain, Kristine Keheley, co-founder of Vapour Beauty, Josh Rosebrook founder of Josh Rosebrook Skin and Hair Care, Dr. Sara Villafranco, founder of Osmia and Melissa, founder of Citrine Natural Beauty. Let’s chat!

Dr. Sarah Osmia Organics Dr. Sarah Villafranco: Separating Skincare Fact from Fiction

If you guys haven’t heard of Osmia or Dr. Sarah yet – you are in for a treat! Sarah is a former ER doc with a passion for creating clean, beautiful skincare – each product, a masterpiece on its own. Like, check out her soaps, you will die! Okay so Sarah will be breaking down skincare using supporting data to talk about: what to look for ingredients-wise, how to decipher labels, how to tell if diet and stress are impacting your skin’s health, and overall what changes you can make to support your skin. And get ready to leave with a few basic changes that make sense for your skin, your spirit and your wallet! This is going to be sooo good! (Have you seen Sarah’s skin!?)

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I asked Sarah to tell us one thing she hopes her attendees take away from her talk.

The one thing I hope people take away from my session is a whole health approach to whole health skincare in a mad, mad world. I want to help people use their common sense and not get distracted by all the noise in the beauty industry. Beauty is health. Health is beauty. It’s really that simple. The right products should empower you to unveil your natural beauty, while promoting the health of your body and mind. – Sarah

W.E.L.L. Summit
W.E.L.L. Summit 2016

Tara Foley: Beauty as Self Care Panel

Tara is the founder of Follain, a clean beauty store located in Boston, Nantucket, DC and NYC! As a Bostonian for life, Follain holds a special place in my heart. It was where I first got to connect with the green beauty community, meet brand founders (like Dr. Sarah!), try products and more. In 2009 Tara was working on her law degree while focusing on fitness and health yet she was making no choices about what she was putting on her skin. At this point she launched a blog and started asking questions about ingredients. The response proved to her that she was on to something. Passion and a push from her MBA program helped launch Follain in 2013 in Boston with several other locations to follow.

Tara will be one of the speakers on the Beauty as Self Care panel. I got a chance to bend her hear about what she wants people to take from the sesh.

I hope people take away tips for using safe skincare as tools for self care. Ultimately I hope people use their safe skincare and beauty products to create brief moments for themselves to take a deep breath and tune in. – Tara

Josh RosebrookJosh Rosebrook: The Power of Meditation for Healing, Peace and Success

Swoon! Again, if you haven’t heard of Josh or Josh Rosebrook Hair and Skin Care – you are missing out sister! All of his products are organic to the max, formulated with care and WORK! I can’t live without his Active Enzyme Exfoliator or his Firm Hold Hairspray. I digress. Even though Josh is renowned for his clean beauty brand, he is an avid meditator and has been practicing daily since the age of 18. Literally he hasn’t missed a day. He says daily practice has helped him tap into the awareness and energy to start his own business. Sitting in with Josh, he hopes to expand awareness and take responsibility for our happiness. To let go of what holds us back. To live in true abundance, peace and wisdom. Sign me up! Josh says…

I hope attendees leave with increased awareness of their connection to their highest, all-knowing, empowered self and trust it and use it creatively for everything they want. – Josh

Melissa Lenberg: Citrine Natural Beauty Bar pop up at the VIP lunch & LIVE W.E.L.L. Party

Melissa is the CEO and founder of Citrine Natural Beauty Bar in Biltmore Fashion Park’s UNION in Phoenix, Arizona. Citrine carries the latest in all natural and clean beauty products like May Lindstrom, RMS, Kjaer Weis and more. I haven’t been but I would LOVE to go – her store looks super cute. She opened Citrine in in 2012 after switching to nontoxic products herself and seeing an amazing improvement in her skin. She knew she had to share with others and has been doing so ever since!

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Melissa will be hosting two pop-ups at W.E.L.L. – one at the VIP lunch on Friday and again Friday night at the LIVE W.E.L.L. Party. Glam makeovers anyone!!?? Melissa says:

I want to show women that they don’t have to sacrifice their health for beauty. Natural beauty makes you feel like the best version of yourself. – Melissa

Kristine Keheley: Beauty as Self Care Panel

Hold me back! Kristine Keheley is the co-founder of Vapour Beauty, one of the most renowned makeup brands in the biz. They have a heavy focus on organics and choose ingredients that feed the skin while using minerals to tint. Their line is so clean, it truly blurs the lines between makeup and skincare. If you haven’t tried their Atmosphere Luminous Foundation stick YOU HAVE TO! I am so excited to hear her speak. I mean she is literally the definition of innovation. But in the meantime I reached out to Kristine and asked her to tell us the message she really wants everyone to take home:

We are powerful. Our individual purchases matter significantly – to the health, the well being of animals and the environment. This is radical once the majority of the population understands it, and that happens beautifully, one person at a time. Stay as close as you can to organic plant sources for food and cosmetics. A product that is marketed as vegan and is all chemicals is a lie not a fact, but of soul. – Kristine

W.E.L.L. Summit bag
Signature W.E.L.L. Summit totes

See you there!

Am I the only one getting butterflies and tingles!? So excited to have the opportunity to listen to these green beauty groundbreakers. Will you come join me!?


WHEN: November 3-4, 2017

WHERE: New York, NY


Okay so here’s the scoop. If you can only make it to one day, do Saturday ALL THE WAY (the Friday + Saturday ticket)! Friday is really great for networking, inspiration and getting settled but Saturday is when the real work happens. Also, I did the VIP ticket last year and it was really great BUT the Friday + Saturday ticket is really comparable and you will take home a very similar experience (minus a couple VIP lunches and a killer goodie bag). And if you can afford the VIP experience, do it up girl!  Extra goodies, intimate lunches for networking, manis and more! Either way, one thing’s for sure, no matter how you slice it, you will be happy you did!

For more read all about my experience at last year’s W.E.L.L. Summit!

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