A Birthday Gift For My Mama: OSEA Skincare

May 26, 2017

OSEA Skincare

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So my mom turned 62 this week. She’s a closet fashionista and a beauty lover although no one would ever know because she isn’t one to splurge on high end skincare or anything really. She is a master DIYer and can stretch a dollar better than Suze Orman. This one time, at band camp….I told my mom I needed a black skirt for marching band because we were in the city parade the next morning and she literally whipped out her sewing machine and made me one; like in an hour. And this one time at band camp when MC Hammer pants were all the craze in the early 90s, we couldn’t afford a pair from Fashion Bug or DOTS so my mom sewed me not one but two pairs so I could feel cool at school. She’s the best.

And the best moms deserve the best gifts. So excited to send her this OSEA everyday vegan skincare lineup! Last year I gave her OSEA’s Anti-Aging Body Balm and she flew through that in a hot second. So this year OSEA recommended their Sea Vitamin Boost, Ocean Cleansing Milk and Advanced Protection Cream.

OSEA Organic SkincareOSEA stands for Ocean, Sun, Earth and Atmosphere.  Their line is entirely vegan, gluten-free and biodegradable. “We respect the four elements of our planet and work with nature to heal the human body. We don’t do anything that pollutes or harms our planet because that is where we find our most effective ingredients.” I also love that items in their line either have minimal fragrance or are fragrance free.

Last year I got to meet Jenefer Palmer, OSEA founder, at one of Follain’s events. It was so interesting listening to her talk about her story and ingredient choices. She said; Think about skincare like you would a salad. If you ate a salad with just lettuce then it would not be as nutritionally diverse as one that was loaded with veggies, greens, sprouts, nuts etc. And that is OSEA’s approach. To formulate a nutrient dense and diverse product that will feed the skin with a wide breath of minerals, vitamins, skin healing enzymes and more. Oh and P.S., they hand harvest their seaweed themselves – how cool is that!? Okay so here’s what I’m sending:

Sea Vitamin Boost $38

OSEA SkincareCan you guys get over this color!? It comes from organic pomegranate and red wine extract. So pretty! This mist is feels amazing going on. The pump they use provides an even and medium weight mist. It’s great morning, night and throughout the day for providing moisture – plus its loaded with antioxidant-rich organic algae.

Advanced Protection Cream $98

Love sending a face cream to my mom. She has tried and loves oils but I think she favors creams because, well, it’s what she knows. Total comfort-zone preference. If you can identify with that, this one may be an option for you too. It’s tailored for normal, dry, mature and sensitive skin. Star ingredients are algae extract, avocado oil and vitamin c. This cream is light enough to use during the day but rich enough to use at night too.

Ocean Cleansing Milk $48

I am all about a cleanser that won’t strip skin and this one fits the bill. Stripping oils from your face is basically like asking for wrinkles. This is a creamy cleanser that removes dirt and grime while leaving skin soft and moisturized. It is fragrance free and suitable for all skin types. The star ingredient here is algae extract – potent in vitamins and minerals.

Free Goodies!

A couple times a year OSEA will offer a gift with purchase and Memorial Day weekend is one of those times! OSEA is throwing in a FREE Atmosphere Protection Cream ($48) with any purchase for $125 or more. Get on it!

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By Lisa

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