A Delight For The Eyes and Skin: Old Orchard Review

June 19, 2017

Old Orchard Oil Collection_

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Seriously with this skincare line!? From the gorgeous packaging to performance to thoughtful ingredients; Old Orchard checks all the boxes. It even checks a box I had no idea existed. The visual interest box. Old Orchard blurs the line between organic skincare and fine art elevating user experience to a whole new level. Se excited to present to you Old Orchard’s No.5 Pebble Mask, No.7 Body Oil, No.20 Aqua Emulsion, No.16 Oil Cleansing Cream and No.14 All-In-One Oil Cream. Read on for my Old Orchard review.

I can’t wait to dive in but first let me tell you a little bit about founder Amy Traynor. In 2011 Amy moved from NYC to a small town in New Hampshire in pursuit of a simpler way of life. Here she connected with holistic living which carried over into formulating organic skincare products. When I discovered that Amy is also a visual artist everything came full circle. Each product in her line is like a piece of art and her creativity, visual intention and craft take center stage. I’ll show you what I mean in a min when we get to the pics/video. So in a little town in New England, Old Orchard was born from a desire to create, fuse art and science and share the gift of healthy, natural beauty.

I also love that so many of Amy’s products are multi-purpose. Like her No.14 All-In-One Oil Cream can be used as a moisturizer, cleanser, makeup remover or styling gel – and it really can. Also, Amy says these small batch, 100% natural, vegan formulations are safe and effective for all skin types.

Check out these goodies on video or read on for my printed review – or both! Be sure to snag my coupon code below.

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No.16 Oil Cleansing Cream, $32

Old Orchard Oil Cleansing Cream

Okay first up, let’s talk about this cleanser. HO LEE MO LEE. If the scent doesn’t get you, the texture will. And if the texture don’t grab you, the performance will knock you down and if that doesn’t happen? You may want to check your pulse. Fo real.

Lets talk texture first. This is an oil based balm that squeezes radiant yellow out of a tube. It wasn’t until I started working this formula into my skin that I felt the micro-grit start to work it’s magic. Ultra fine ground turmeric works to exfoliate while the sweet smell of tangerine essential oil tantalizes mood. I the grit is so fine – I love using it for 5 seconds or 5 minutes. Actually thats’ a lie – 5 seconds is nowhere near long enough.  This formula brightens and evens skin tone and the turmeric is supposed to help prevent signs of aging.

So this goes on as a cleanser/exfoliator. I prefer applying after removing makeup. Then after massaging skin I love removing it with a warm wet cloth. BUT turmeric stains and this one is no exception so use a dark cloth.

I would hands down buy this again.

Ingredients: organic shea butter, organic sunflower seed oil, organic castor seed oil, wild turmeric, non-GMO vitamin E, tangerine essential oil. 

No.14 Pure All-in-One Oil Cream, $26

Old Orchard Oil Oil Cream

So this is the formula I was telling you about that you can use as a cleaner, makeup remover, face + body moisturizer, leave in hair treatment and styling cream. HELLO. And like sometimes companies will boast a product with multiple uses but most of the time it really only works for one. I mean no one wants to use their toothpaste as a blemish treatment or their lipstick as an eyeshadow but Pure All-in-One Oil Cream is a horse of a different color. WHY? Because I’ve legitimately wanted to use it as a cleanser, a makeup remover and a moisturizer. I love it as a spot treatment for rough heels and elbows and the icing on the cake? My husband has used it to style his Boys Regular. It works on all fronts. And it works good.


This is an opaque colorless balm that you squeeze out of a tube. It’s essentially the No.16 minus the turmeric + essential oil.  A perfect all-in-one for travel. Check out the ingredients:

Organic shea butter, organic sunflower seed oil organic castor seed oil, non-GMO vitamin E 

No.7 Body Oil, $60

Old Orchard Oil Body Oil_

Okay I’ve tried a lot of body oils and I can tell you THIS ONE IS GOOD! Goes on smooth, soaks right in, moisturizes and is very very light in fragrance (essential oils). A true crowd pleaser.

The base of this body oil is jojoba which is actually a wax even though it is called an oil. And because of this, it’s consistency is able to deliver substantial, long lasting hydration. It also contains vitamin E and B as well as minerals like chromium, copper and zinc which all work to protect the skin. A great pick for a body oil.

Best applied right out of the shower but really I love it anytime. Also love that it is packaged in GLASS. 10 out of 10 on this one. Check out the ingredients:

Organic jojoba seed oil, watermelon seed oil, yuzu oil, jasmine absolute, tangerine essential oil

No.20 Aqua Emulsion, $36

Old Orchard Aqua Emulsion

Like nothing I’ve ever tried before. This is a multi-purpose emulsion for body, hands and hair. For the body you can use it to sooth, soften, hydrate, after-shave and after-sun. And for hair you can use it to detangle and define curls + enhance shine.

I used it here to define my curls. I applied a couple of pumps, running it through wet hair and then diffusing with my dryer. Cute!

Ingredients: organic oatmilk, organic and gluten-free oats, organic blood orange distillate, organic aloe leaf, organic caprylie/capric triglycerides, lactobacillus ferment, sclerotium gum, sweet orange essential oil, organic bergamot essential oil and yuzu essential oil

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No.5 Pebble Mask

Old Orchard Oil Pebble Mask 5

Talk about a work of art!

This clay based mask is mixed with hibiscus, cornflower and calendula flowers and held together in pebbles with passionfruit seed oil. To activate the mask, take 1-2 pebbles and mix with water. This mask turns a vibrant purple and smells fresh like a field of wild flowers. I like putting this mask on for about 10-15 minutes and then taking it off just before it is completely dry. My skin feels super clean, refreshed and soft after.

No.5 Pebble Mask

This mask was such a pleasure to use. Love the color, the presentation, the innovation and the packaging (in glass!).

Check out the full list of ingredients: white kaolin clay, organic hibiscus flowers, organic cornflower, organic calendula flower, passionfruit seed oil, tangerine essential oil. 


Check out Old Orchard’s website to try their line. If you can only pick one thing to try, I would totally go with the No.16 Oil Cleansing Cream. If you are considering a second, go with the body oil! Otherwise if you can try it all, give it a go! These would make fantastic gifts as well. So unique and truly a piece of art.

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