A Vapour Organic Beauty Look Using Only THREE Products

July 26, 2018

organic makeup look with vapour

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Hi babes!

Vapour Organic Beauty is one of the cleanest makeup collections on the green beauty block. Formulated with organic oils and butters + tinted with micas and titaniums, Vapour truly blurs the line between skincare and makeup. But their makeup is not only clean. It’s super versatile, easy to use, quick and it leaves my skin glowing! Here are the three products I’m using today in this Vapour makeup video!

What’s your favorite Vapour product? Have you tried their Sprit Perfume Stick!? Divine!

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organic makeup look with vapour

Vapour Makeup Video Transcription

So today I’m going to show you a makeup look with Vapour Beauty using only three products. I’m going to start off with their Atmosphere Lumionus Foundation – I take this in a shade 123. I love that it comes in a stick and you can apply it straight to your face like this. And then you can blend it with either your fingers, a kabuki brush or like a beauty blender.

This is the kabuki brush I love using. It’s by W3LL PEOPLE. There are a lot of good kabuki brushes out there but I like this one because it is super soft. And it seems to blend the product really nicely.

I love the Vapour foundation because it is super creamy and it leaves my skin a little bit dewy. Evens out my skin tone and takes away a little bit of the redness, but it’s still lifelike and doesn’t look cakey….it doesn’t really settle into the cracks either. You can see it brings a lot of life to the skin. Really healthy and glowing.

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I love the Vapour line because their tagline is blending makeup and skincare. So in this tube you are getting anything that can be certified organic, is organic so..all of the bases + butters they use are all certified organic. And then they tint them with titanium, micas, minerals…and those are impossible to certify organic so they are not BUT Vapour says that most of their line is 70% certified organic ingredients so everything that can be certified organic is. Love.

So I’m actually going to go back in and putting some foundation on my lips and eyelids to just kind of even them out before I apply some color. This just makes a nice canvas for your makeup. Evens skin tone and really allows the color to pop true to color.

And that’s it! So if you need a little bit more coverage under your eyes or any spots, you can go in again with the same foundation and layer. And that’s what’s nice about this, you can totally layer it for a heavier coverage. Super easy, super quick. Really minimal effort. Just a really nice, put together look. I love this look because it’s only three items. And I look like I did my makeup.

Okay next I’m going to show you guys the the Aura Multi Stick in Spark. This is one of my favorite colors and one of the first colors I ever got by them. I’ve tried a ton of their colors and they are all really beautiful. I just happen to like Spark because it seems to be the perfect summer pink. You apply right from the tube. Vapour makes it so easy. And then you just kind of blend it out with your fingers. It just looks so natural and so beautiful. So this blush you can layer too. You can put it on then kind of blend out for a nice flush look. Or you can continue to add more and you will get a deeper glow and a deeper hue. This may be a little bit more than I usually put on but I’ll make it work. I like applying to the apples of my cheeks and then blending out. I mean you really can’t go wrong though. It’s not rocket science. Like basically you just want a nice flush of color.

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That’s it! So those are my cheeks. Then I’m going to take the same color and add it to my lips and eyelids. I’m going to go for a monochromatic look. But you will see it’s interesting. It doesn’t look monochromatic when it’s applied, it just adds a lot of depth and dimension and just makes you look really put together. Gives a nice flush of color on the lips.

I’ve never really been a big fan of putting pink on my eyelids but recently I’ve been loving it! Spark mimics a natural skin tone color so it just sits really pretty. Like how nice is that!? It just kind of gives you a little bit of depth, gives you a little bit of dimension, warms you up a little bit and just makes you look like…you tried. So that’s it! There’s really no rules up here either. Just add a little color and blend out. And this is really creamy because it’s butter based so once you warm it up with your fingers it blends really easily.

Last, I’m going to add a little highlighter. Love their highlighter. This is their Halo Illuminator. I always add highlighter right here to the upper part of my cheekbone. LOVE IT! It’s like my fave spot. Then again you can add as little or as much as you want. I just like to add enough to make me glow. One time I was walking around in San Francisco and I walked into a makeup store and this girl was like OMG I love your highlighter and I was like, Thanks! Then I also put a little here on my Cupids Bow, my other fave spot. Makes your lips just look alive and dewy.

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So that’s the whole look! Then I’m just going to go in with a little brow cream and mascara. That’s an entire look! Super easy to put together. Only THREE products. Super organic makeup. Beautiful colors. And not only is it makeup, it’s like actually healthy for your skin! I mean, how can you go wrong?!

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By Lisa

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