Current Anti-Aging Skincare Routine

January 12, 2021

Say hello to my current anti-aging skincare routine. My goal is to update this post quarterly so it continues to reflect what I am currently using and loving—so be sure to check back! Here’s what’s giving my skin its glow in January 2021.

lisa washing her face at the sink

This post is beneficial in a couple of ways. First, let’s be honest—I get to try A LOT of product. Some things I try once or twice and others take up residency in my skincare routine. Some products I enjoy, but I wouldn’t purchase again; others I rave about and would purchase a million times over.

To help paint a picture of what you are seeing here, let’s create a TOG skincare-usage taxonomy, or hierarchy, if you will.

1 | Rave-worthy, scream it from the rooftops, saw a difference in my skin, will repurchase again and again. (Think Maya Chia’s The Straight A, ILIA’s Limitless Mascara or 100% Pure Eye Gels).

2 | Loved it while it lasted and would repurchase. Gorgeous products that offer skincare benefits, work and have a beautiful sensory experience. This category is robust!

3 | Enjoyed it while it lasted but won’t repurchase. There is definitely a category of products that are “fine” but just don’t stand out in any special way for me. This category is also robust.

4 | Liked it, but probably wouldn’t recommend it. This category is reserved for items I enjoyed but I would not recommend because maybe the scent profile is too specific, the packaging is off in some way or it didn’t deliver consistent enough results.

5 | Didn’t like it, wouldn’t recommend it. This category is reserved for items I personally didn’t enjoy or that just didn’t work for me.

What you see in this post is what I would classify as a level 2. Loved it and would repurchase. It’s items that are currently taking up residency and most likely what I will use to the end. I hope that sharing my current skincare routine will help demystify what an effective skincare routine can look like and hopefully inspire yours.

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1. Cleanser: Pai Skincare Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil| $49

First, I cleanse with Pai Skincare’s Light Work Cleansing Oil. I love this viscous oil because it has a great grip and really loosens up any dirt, debris, sweat, excess oiliness…fill in the blank. I also love that it rinses clean with water so you don’t necessary have to drag a washcloth across your face if you don’t want to. It’s also great for sensitive skin. I use this day and night as my first cleansing step (see more about that below).

Shop Pai’s Light Work HERE.

2. Mist: LILFOX Bitter Orange Toning Mist | $45

Um, really there’s only one thing to say; neroli anyone?! Gosh, this refreshing and hydrating mist made from bitter orange (neroli) hydrosol has got me wrapped around it’s little finger just from the scent alone. It’s also especially great for congested or oily skin.

Shop LILFOX’s Bitter Orange Neroli Mist HERE.

3. Serum: Biophile’s Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum | $148

One of my most unique discoveries (thanks to Beauty Heroes) of 2020, which I’m carrying into 2021, is the Biophile Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum. It’s soothing, calming, great for stressed-out skin and majorly hydrating thanks to the adaptogenic properties of the brand’s nutrient-dense Shroom Biotic Broth.

Try Biophile’s Bio-Shroom Rejuvenating Serum HERE.

4. Oil: Essentialist Daily Renewal Face Oil | $88

A new love of mine, this medium-weight, organic, silky face oil is hardy enough to retain moisture plus versatile enough to wear both day and night (say goodbye to parched winter skin!). Consider this oil a one-size-fits-all moisturizer for winter. Love its vibrant orange color and mild natural scent. It also contains Bakuchiol, one of better beauty’s highly touted, plant-based, skin-changing ingredients of 2020. And, the company from which The Essentialist sources this ingredient has a rigorous program which encompasses ethical sourcing and fair trade. Win-win.

SAVE: Use code THISORGANICGIRL15 to get 15% off.

5. Sunscreen (occasionally): Honua Skincare MALU Protecting Day Cream + SPF 30 | $42

In the elusive hunt for the best face SPF, MALU Protecting Day Cream + SPF 30 comes out on top again and again and again. This formula is so good it’s also included in my (soon-to-come) TOP 10 2020 list. It soaks in beautifully without feeling too heavy for everyday wear—and it’s even (dare I say) moisturizing.


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1. Cleanser, Step 1: Pai Skincare Light Work Rosehip Cleansing Oil | $49

I use this as a first step in my nighttime routine as a cleanser to take off my makeup. One full pump or two is plenty to loosen makeup, sunscreen, environmental pollution, daily grime and more. After rubbing this in circular motions over my face and eyes, I finish by rinsing with water or wiping clean with a warm cloth. This formula is just so easy and effective to use. Truth be told, I’m kinda obsessed. This is my third bottle!

Shop Pai’s Light Work HERE.

2. Cleanser, Step 2: Odacite’s Blue Aura Cleansing Water | $39

This step is in place of my usual double cleansing (learn how to double cleanse here). It’s a natural version of micellar water, which was all.the.rage. a few years ago. Micelles are tiny balls of cleansing oil that attract to dirt and oil, helping to cleanse away impurities without drying out the skin.

But here’s where the obsession status hits; with the addition of salicylic acid, this formula is reminiscent of old school astringent pads where you can wipe and see the dirt come off onto the pad and also get that super fresh feeling. I know. I KNOW! *Sees reader faint from wonder and disbelief.*

This is technically a no-rinse formula, but I do prefer to rinse my skin after applying.

Shop Odacite’s Blue Aura Cleansing Water here.

3. Mist: LILFOX Bitter Orange Toning Mist | $45

A spritz of this heaven-on-earth refreshing mist helps prep and hydrate my skin before applying my serum.

Shop LILFOX’s Bitter Orange Neroli Mist HERE.

4. Serum: African Botanics Resurrection Cell Recovery Serum | $160

The gel-like texture of this potent serum makes it a great layering product. To know me is to know that I am typically using a bit of retinol in my skincare routine at all times. I love this one because it’s gentle enough for everyday wear and because it’s a serum, I can still layer my favorite moisturizers over it. It’s killer for all seasons including winter and will help brighten, even skin tone and hydrate. Oh, and it smells amazing too.

Shop Resurrection Recovery Serum HERE!

4. Oil: Essentialist Daily Renewal Face Oil | $88

This oil has been a highlight for morning and evening. I love layering it between a serum and a heavier cream moisturizer for night although it has a good amount of weight to it on it’s own and you can totally wear it as your solo night moisturizer. I also love that it’s formulated to the organic nines. *Swoon*.

SAVE: Use code THISORGANICGIRL20 to get 20% off your order through January 19, 2021!

holding a green ceramic jar filled with face cream

5. Cream: Ayuna Terra Bella | $455

Okay, yep, that price tag is a WHOPPER. But let’s break it down. This is a totally creamy, ultra-rich, uber-hydrating moisturizer that utilizes the first-ever topical application of cannabis sativa cell cultures. According to Ayuna, these cells “unlock [y]our skin’s endocannabinoid receptors to stimulate the epidermal neuroendocrine cascade, increasing oxytocin in the skin.” Aka, applying this can help replicate feel-good vibes from the inside out.

It’s also really good at moisturizing.

This is a limited-edition experience, in a keepsake clay jar, and if you’re interested in a very special splurge, I recommend giving it a go.

Shop Ayuna’s Terra Bella HERE.

AS NEEDED (1-2x per week)

bottle of Mukti’s 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant

1. Mukti 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant

Kinda obsessed is an understatement when it comes to Mukti’s 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant. I use this as needed; sometimes once a week, sometimes 5 days a week. On a day that I want to exfoliate, I will remove my makeup with an oil and then go in for my second cleanse with this.

This is actually an acid + manual exfoliator (my favorite kind) meaning it exfoliates in two ways; fruit acids dissolve intercellular bonds while particles gently eliminate dead cells. But it doesn’t stop there…the smell, the color, the after-glow…it’s like SOMEBODY STOP ME!

Try Mukti 2-in-1 Resurfacing Exfoliant HERE!

masking and smiling

2. Mask with Manuka Honey

Anyone can “make” this mask with minimal to no effort AND if you happen to feel your inner Martha knocking, it’s easy and fun to customize by adding spirulina, clay, maca, vitamin c, oatmeal, wild mushrooms (!?). Read more about this homemade skincare experience here (which was featured in Better Homes and Gardens too!). But basically, I apply honey on my face, let it work it’s magic and rinse it off in a few minutes. Everybody’s got time for that.

Try the Manuka honey I keep stocked for this weekly DIY HERE.

stock image of a blue bag and two facial cups

3. Facial Cupping 

I’m a convert, ever since I tried this facial cupping set from Province Apothecary. IT’S SO EASY AND SO AMAZING FOR FACIAL TENSION, REDUCING FINE LINES INCREASING CIRCULATION AND PLUMPING SKIN. Here’s how I use it, but I’m a long way from being an expert. Guess I’ll just have to keep it up…One thing I can say is that the results are INSTANT. Take a look here.

Shop Province Apothecary’s Facial Cupping system HERE.

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What are you loving right now?

Xo, lisa


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


  1. Reply

    Tracy DeFreitas

    Le Prunier is the best, and their packaging, it should cost more just for that alone and the smell, no words.

    1. Reply


      Tracy knows!!! I’m so glad you are loving it. I sometimes use it on my boy’s face’s too and they always say, “MMMMM, is this the plum one??” It really smells amazing.

  2. Reply


    Great post! I love reading about other women’s skincare routines!

    1. Reply


      Thanks Valerie! I’m loving this current routine! Have you tried anything here! xo, Lisa

  3. Reply


    Love the blog! I basically am going to copy and paste this to my vanity!!

    1. Reply


      Ha ha! Hi La’Tasha! Awesome! So glad this was helpful! xo, Lisa

  4. Reply


    Huge fan of yours and I am constantly buying your recommendations!!! Do you like Le Prunier better than True Botanicals Radiance Oil? I am torn😬

    1. Reply


      Hi Naomi! I get this question quite a bit actually! I like them both for different reasons. Le Prunier is ONE INGREDIENT skincare where True Botanicals is several ingredients. It’s like eating an apple vs. eating a salad. Which one is better? Depends, right? I have seen beautiful results with both oils. Le Prunier is a bit more moisturizing for my skin and I really like that. Pure Radiance delivers a totally different set of skin fortifying vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. Honestly, I would say pick one, try it and in three months, try the other! See what you think. Maybe save the Le Prunier for the winter. You really can’t go wrong! xo, Lisa

  5. Reply



    I know you said that you ran out of your Straight A Serum, but where in this lineup would you use it? Before the Moth Bean Mask, in lieu of it?


    1. Reply


      Hi Megan! TSA is an oil so you can use it in two ways. You can sub it for your serum and then apply a cream over it. OR you can use your fave serum and sub it for your face oil as I find it to be moisturizing enough on its own. Very versatile! Hope this helps! xo, Lisa

  6. Reply

    Yoanna Gerwel Federici

    Hi Lisa, thank you for this great post!! What do you think of Marie Veronique Gentle Night retinol serum? Thx, Yoanna

    1. Reply


      Hi Yoanna! I’ve tried that formula too. Fantastic ingredients and I love recommending that line because it is essential oil free which a lot of people value. As far as the retinol goes, it’s just not as strong as say The Straight A or the retinol in African Botanics for example. In The Straight A you will see retinol listed as the second ingredient where as MV lists it as the very last. We know that proper labeling means ingredients are listed from highest percentage to lowest. And this correlates with my experience too. I didn’t see results with MV like I did with The Straight A. More here!

  7. Reply


    Thank you, Lisa. Very, very helpful! Take care, Yoanna

  8. Reply


    Last month, I finally threw away my Curology and started looking for a replacement. I purchased Maya Chia’s The Straight A for Christmas based on your recommendation, and now I’m obsessed. I’m still searching for a good exfoliant, so maybe I’ll try the one you suggested.

    Also, I’m not sure if I can make a manuka honey mask. I’d eat it! I supplement with a tsp a day for gastro issues. Works great.

    If you haven’t tried it yet, Mad Hippie is an amazing budget-friendly brand. The most expensive product is $34.99. And most importantly, products last a long time. I’m still using the face cleanser and toner I bought on October 1 at Whole Foods. And I just ran out of the moisturizer a week ago.

    1. Reply


      Hi Lisa! So glad your are loving The Straight A. I am a LIFER! lol. Thanks for the recs! xo, Lisa

  9. Reply


    Hi there…I always want to but everything on your lists! Such amazing recommendations and most of the ones I have tried are staples.
    Question about the Odacite’s Blue Aura Cleansing Water…you said “It’s a natural version of micellar water”. Is micellar water not natural? Thanks, nlford

    1. Reply


      Hi NLFord! Some micellars can contain fragrance or questionable preservatives…it’s always worth a look at the ingredient label before buying ; ) xo, Lisa

  10. Reply


    Good Lord that’s a lot of stuff! And money.

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