April Beauty Heroes X de Mamiel Review

April 1, 2018

Beauty Heroes de Mamiel

If you are celebrating a holiday today, ENJOY! Because it’s the 1st of the month, April Beauty Heroes is in the house and this time we are seeing de Mamiel – a UK based brand that focuses on addressing stress on every level including physical, chemical and emotional. Founder Anne and her husband Chris make every single product on a small farm outside of London. Beauty Heroes is sending us a full size de Mamiel’s Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir; an antioxidant milky serum ($135) and also a small sample of their Exhale Daily Hydrating Nectar ($12) a daily moisturizer. This month’s discovery is valued at $147 and as always, is available for less than $39/month (with a 3 month minimum commitment). Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot says they have a limited quantity of de Mamiel so grab it while it’s hot because this one won’t last friends! Shop here! 

Beauty Heroes April unboxedThis is my first time trying anything de Mamiel and I think after a long winter, the timing couldn’t be better. With nutrient starved skin, an elixir filled with skin goodies including Japanese pogoda, wintergreen, grandmother’s pine, bogbean and flax is just what the doctor ordered. It’s right about now that my skin needs an extra boost of minerals and phytonutrients. I’m like, bring it! 

de Mamiel review intense nurture antioxidant elixirThis milky white elixir is layered between clean skin and a moisturizer. I kind of picture it like that first glass of lemon water in the morning. You know how lemon water jump starts the digestive system, hydrates and helps fortify the body after an overnight fast…..well, the Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir can be used every morning to fortify, hydrate and nourish skin as well.

Intense Nurture Antioxidant Elixir goes on thin and smells so fresh and beautiful. I can detect wintergreen, jasmine, lavender, rose and myrrah. Not only does aromatherapy envelope my senses but this formula sinks into my skin like a boss. I’m talking total assimilation. Almost to the point where it’s like my skin was just sitting there waiting for it….like a dog licking it’s chops waiting for a treat. If you are missing a serum in your routine, this may be it! I mean why not seize the chance to try a $135 elixir for less than $39!?

The stars of the show here are first 1st and 2nd generation antioxidants. They are labeled such because each oxidizes or reacts to oxygen differently. 1st generation antioxidants used are Ferulic Acid (from rice bran) and Superoxide Dismutase (a by-product of biofermentation). And 2nd generation antioxidants used are Malachite Extract and Quercetin (also a by-product of fermentation). Founder Annee says she formulates all of her products to address underlying imbalances over time instead of having an immediate effect.

This water based elixir is preserved with Ecocert Certified/Approved sodium hydroxide and Ecocert Certified/Approved benzyl alcohol.


de Mamiel review hydrating nectarThe sidekick this month is de Mamiel’s Echale Daily Hydrating Nectar with mineral UV A & B protection. This is a very light weight and very lightly tinted moisturizer. I feel like at the end of the winter my skin needs a little bit more than this but my thoughts may be different in the middle of an Atlanta summer.

Beauty Heroes

And if you haven’t heard of Beauty Heroes, let me fill you in.  Beauty Heroes is a subscription service that delivers clean hair, body and skincare to your door monthly for less than $39/mo. Their standards for clean ingredients are super high and members are always getting a crazy good deal. The past few months have been valued at over $100 each with heavy hitting green beauty brands like Josh RosebrookInnersense Organic BeautyOsmia and more. One month Beauty Heroes sent out Vintners Daughter which retails for $185 – can’t beat that with a bat! It’s one of the best beauty subscriptions around.

Put this on your Mother’s Day gift list ladies! Shop here!

Have you tried anything de Mamiel?

For more on Beauty Heroes, check out my full review here!

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