April Tune-In with Natalie

April 8, 2019

April Tune In with Natalie

April is a month of SHIFT + TRUTH… a crucial turning point where we are supported in making the choices we have been putting off.  It can go either way… If we have not been paying attention or avoiding looking at things as they are, we might be in for a wild ride of sudden wake up calls from the Universe.  If we have been taking actions based off of inner guidance… we might delight in the unfoldment.

For most of us, there will probably be a little bit of both.

We have emerged from the fog, from the watery unconscious storm of March.  If you’re sensitive to energy, you might have felt an abrupt gear shift April 1st.  We have stepped away from the slide + chaos of Mercury’s confusing retrograde and are starting to feel the power coursing through our veins again.  POWER is another theme this month.

Regardless of where we are on the spectrum above… it is important to work with our thoughts. Circumstances and events are neutral and our thoughts and what meaning we assign to them is not.  Be very particular about the thoughts you feed. Do not entertain the typical fears and negative thinking… be vigilant about judgement or blame and keep a higher vision. We have between 80-90,000 thoughts per day. And we have CHOICE in the ones we feed. We are not powerless in this respect.

The Mercury passageway we just went through has shifted our thinking process. We are more open to using BOTH sides of our brain in communication, thinking and perceiving. Notice when you caught in only rational thought. Notice when you are focusing only on what is currently manifesting, and see if you can zoom out a bit. What is WANTING to appear? What is WANTING to be created? Practice focusing on that as well.  Moving forward, we must be able to hold the “yes, and”.

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The moon’s nodes are in play. This is moving us collectively out of the past (Karma) into the future (Dharma).  It is a time of emotional maturation and letting our choices be informed by our highest self. Honor commitments, show up and do the work that is needed.

There will be more shadow material coming up to come out, especially in the collective. You might wonder when we will be complete with all of this… but it is necessary for the transformation of our world that we have no distortion moving forward.  This stuff has been buried for a LONG time. It’s a great time to do your own shadow work. Look inside and don’t turn away from what is coming up. Breathe with it and honor ALL parts of you… light AND dark.

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Take an honest look at the roles you have been playing in your life, in relationships of all kinds.  Are they still relevant? You might be surprised to realize that what you thought you wanted “this thing/ person/ job/ experience” is actually completely off the mark. And the truths that come from this looking might move you into dissolving the relationship or the form that it has taken.  

APRIL PLANETARY EVENTS (I’m adding in some important aspects.  To understand more about aspects, I’ve created another downloadable PDF for you HERE)

  • 4/5 – New moon in Pisces
  • 4/7 – Mercury sextile Saturn
  • 4/9 – Venus conjunct Neptune
  • 4/10 – Jupiter retrograde (thru August)
  • 4/14 – Sun trine Jupiter
  • 4/19 – Full blue moon in Libra
  • 4/20 – Sun moves into Taurus, Mercury conjunct Chiron
  • 4/22 – Uranus finishes huge cycle it has been in since April 2018 (out of shadow)
  • 4/23 – Sun conjunct Uranus, Venus conjunct Chiron
  • 4/24 – Pluto retrograde (thru Oct)
  • 4/29 – Saturn retrograde (thru Sept)
  • 5/4 – New moon in Taurus
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4/5 – 4/10: All planets direct so use this momentum to BE THE CREATOR that you are. Take brave, bold, responsible, ALIGNED action towards what you desire. We can feel wound up and frenetic even. Temper it with heart energy and conscious discipline. Pause for a moment… breathe, check in with your body, your heart, the Earth. Find your authentic way to move forward so you don’t end up at a destination that you truly didn’t want in the first place. A great time to start new health routines and projects.

4/11 – 4/15: Keep beginners mind. Embrace everything that shows up as opportunity to refine and redirect where you are wanting to go. Reflect on what you believe in and if it doesn’t resonate anymore, practice letting your mind think outside the box. A great time to follow up with people who have been on your to-do list since January or to go out and meet new people.

4/16 – 4/19:  These several days might resolve a relational issue that has been lingering on for quite awhile.  At this time, assert yourself and be confident. Do the final things to bring something big in your life to fruition… something WILL come to fruition… be extremely discerning about what thoughts you are feeding as they will have direct connection to the fruit.

4/20 – 4/23: Clarity and truth will have come from the full moon.  Notice any insight into your true nature, any areas where you are stuck in blame or judgement. Adjust accordingly. Though they may come with an ouch, you are deeply supported in releasing and forgiving. Stay rooted and allow the veils of illusion to fall away.

4/24 – 4/28: Embrace the truth. Make conscious choices and take informed action. Take responsibility for your life. Keep moving forward. Wrap up any loose ends that are lingering… any miscommunications or nagging thoughts.

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4/29 – 5/1: What can you DO to build your own inner authority?  When faced with a decision, go inward instead of asking for other’s opinions.  Review the people or causes you’ve given authority over to in the past, and pull back for awhile.  Embrace the witness self and find perspective. Own your own power to create the life you desire.

5/2 – 5/7: May will be a month to ground all of the higher consciousness into our bodies + the Earth.  It will be a quieter month planetarily. More on that in my next Tune-In. Important to breathe and get back to body based practices, to slow down a bit and pick up any of the lost pieces from moving so quickly.  For the first week, make plenty of time for nourishing self care + play.


  • Do I honor my needs when I’m with other people?  
  • In what ways can I show up in the relationship AND also show up for myself?  
  • Are the relationships or choices I am currently putting my energy into supporting where I want to go?  
  • Where am I stuck in the vision only of what is vs opening my mind to what could be?  
  • Who am I now? Who do I want to be?
  • Where am I rationalizing to stay in a relationship/ job/ experience that it is time to let go of?

Good luck on your journey this month as it will be full of A-ha’s, downloads + possible surprises.  Make sure to find plenty of time to be with yourself and integrate it all!

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