August Tune-In with Natalie

August 9, 2019

We have made it through eclipse season – woohoo! 

The last few months have been intense and August brings a different energy. The intensity is still there, but there is also a sense of forward momentum. You might still feel confused, stunned or disoriented (and certainly a little tired) from what we just went through, however the overall astrological picture is a bit more positive.

The beginning of the month brings a pause between Cancer emotions and Virgo momentum. A momentary lapse. A time to catch your breath. Use it wisely by inviting your inner child out to play. You know, the one who looks around in wonder and awe. The one who knows how to dream big and doesn’t tightly cling to the outcomes. What does he/she enjoy the most? What lights her/him up? Do more of that.

Inspiration is all around and your inner child will be able to find it where the strict adult might not.

A supportive month for delving inside and honoring yourself. Tap into the Leo qualities of open-heartedness, passion, generosity and self confidence. What would you do if you weren’t afraid of failing? Make a list of all that you desire, writing down even the most preposterous of thoughts and get ready to take action towards these desires at the end of the month.

With the shifts in Jupiter and Uranus mid-month, you might find that you magnetize what you want towards you, so be authentic in your list and allow yourself to shine brightly!

AUGUST PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand the astrology, download my astrology toolkits here).

  • 7/26 – 8/12 – Lions Gateway Portal
  • 8/11 – Jupiter direct/Mercury enters Leo/ Uranus retrograde
  • 8/14 – Mercury fully recovered shadow
  • 8/15 – Aquarius full moon
  • 8/16 – Mercury square Uranus
  • 8/18 – Mars enters Virgo
  • 8/21 – Venus enters Virgo
  • 8/23 – Sun enters Virgo
  • 8/29 – Mercury enters Virgo
  • 8/30 – Virgo new moon


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Aug 1-7:  The marbles might still be landing from the eclipse passage. You might be seeing yourself without many of the masks/ filters. It might feel a little raw. Embrace the truth of who you are and let others SEE the authentic you instead of the you who you think you should be. Shine and play a bit in this new reality. The Leo energy will aid you with courage and leadership in forging the new paths that must be forged. And Mercury turning direct will support you in communicating from a strong, clear space.

Aug 8-12: From the peak to the end of the Lion’s Gate, these few days are great for laser inward focus. Powerful messages will come from within. Take time to pause and reflect on what it is you desire and what needs to be let go of to be ready for it. Write out your priorities and intentions as well as eight things you are grateful for about yourself. Jupiter turns direct on the 11th and you might be propelled forward towards your desires at a very fast pace. At the same time, Uranus moves retrograde, possibly bringing unexpected news.

Aug 13-16:  Take a step back from what isn’t working. Don’t force, push or grit your teeth in effort. Grant yourself the freedom to express as your unique self without judgement of any kind. Be deeply generous with your heart and let go of expectation that love be returned. Simply be love and give people space to show up exactly how they are. Pull out your values list and see if it still holds true. Revise if not. The days around this full moon are asking you to put faith in you and look at your life with a higher perspective. Create space to dream, vision and re-boot.  

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Aug 17-23: Mars, Venus and the sun enter Virgo. By the 23rd, the energy will shift yet again towards action. As you feel inspiration again, be sure to set healthy boundaries and move forward with discernment utilizing all of the awareness the last 2 months have brought. 

Aug 24-29: A great time to start new projects, new relationships and partnerships. Social time rules. Also a time of great transformation and long awaited change. When making decisions and taking action, pause and see where you have a choice. Tease out what is choosing out of habit or historical reaction and see if you can choose differently. Trust your gut.

Aug 30- Sep 6: Make it happen. Show up fully. As we move into September, things pick up again. If you created the space for yourself to play, dream and re-boot during August, you will be primed to take advantage of the momentum. Make plans and follow through. Take steps gracefully, leaping with a balanced head/ heart and give yourself permission to fly.


  • Over the last two months, what has come to light about your core issues and wounds? Is there another way that is calling you forth?
  • What ways can you be more generous with your time or good fortune? 
  • Are you able to celebrate when others succeed?
  • Are you taking care of your body? Add practices to support your well-being.
  • In what ways can you bring someone into your circle that you’ve excluded in the past?
  • Do you remember how to play? If not, add some activities to your day that evoke a sense of lightness and awe.

From my lion heart to yours… good luck!

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