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June 22, 2017

True Botanicals BASICS_

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Say hello to the newest member of the True Botanicals family. Their new BASICS line. HELLO!

True Botanicals is a nontoxic, high-end, luxe skincare brand. Their formulas, are clean, safe and EFFECTIVE. They have four lines; CLEAR, CALM and RENEW and now BASICS. I seriously recommend True Botanicals to everyone. Although you can’t go wrong with any of their items, my personal faves are their Clarifying Shampoo, RENEW Nutrient Mist, CLEAR Hydrating Cleanser and Vitamin C Booster. And this is what I typically tell people when they need a place to start because most people can’t jump in and buy it all.

Well, until NOW that is! I’m so excited to introduce True Botanicals new BASICS line. I’ve been testing lab samples over the past two months and I have to say – I basically love it.

The First Best Thing

True Botanicals BASICS

The first best thing about BASICS is the price. It’s about 30% less than CLEAR, RENEW and CALM. I love this because a lower price point means more people will be able to experience this line. To compare:

CLEAR line: $311 total 

BASICS line: $213

Next Best Thing

The next best thing about BASICS is it’s very light on the use of essential oils. True Botanicals purposefully set out to create a line that would be safe for pregnancy, no ifs, ands, buts or caveats. All of True Botanicals products are technically safe for pregnancy but they wanted to create a line that would feel really clean, safe, and easy on pregnant women who – speaking from experience, all of a sudden have superpower senses including SMELL. (Like, get that coconut water away from me but give me all the tuna – I mean that doesn’t even make sense!)

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Another Best Thing

True Botanicals BASICS

BASICS is truly a great line for anyone. It’s been designed for people in their 20s (and I would even add, it think it’s a great line for teens too). It focuses on delivering an antioxidant-rich preventative routine that feeds skin with essential nutrients. So it’s not heavy on the anti-aging ingredients but it focuses on hydration, prevention and feeding skin nutrients with the goal of preventing signs of aging before you see them.

That being said, I’ve used BASICS over the past few months and I am still gravitating towards it. Here’s why:

  • It’s light on the essential oils (but not VOID of essential oils) and smells down right amazing. Light, fresh and super clean.
  • I test a ton of product and sometimes I just want something that is simple and can hydrate without irritating or activating my skin.
  • I love it for travel because again, I am eating different, sleeping different, wearing more makeup and sunscreen and I just want something that’s simple and effective to maintain balance.
  • It works. The CLEAR line totally changed the landscape of my skin and the BASICS line maintains it.
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Hit up the True Botanicals website to score this line. Or if you want a chance to try it for free – I am giving away everything shown in the pic above over on my Instagram. The contest will open at 9pm EST on 6/22/17 and run through 6/25/17.

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Oh and as always – True Botanicals is MADE SAFE Certified, they have a 30 day guarantee and offer free shipping on orders over $35. So basically, what are you waiting for?!

Also check out my full CLEAR line review. I seriously can’t say enough about how this line totally changed the landscape of my skin.

LISATRUE20 will save you $20 off your first purchase of $40+

Let me know what you think if you try BASICS!






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