Bath Time Safety

December 27, 2015

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Make bath time safer for little ones!

Throw out those squeezy bath toys.  They are mold incubators and impossible to clean throughly and safely – cut one in half and look inside – ew! Replace these with cups or toys with no insides.

If you have a porcelain tub, check it for lead leaching.  This can be done using a Lead Check Kit. Eliminate the chance of getting lead poisoning from tubby time.

Use a water filter for the tub. Chlorine is added to our water supply as a disinfectant. As if this wasn’t bad enough, chlorine interacts with the organic matter in the water forming THMs – known carcinogens. Filter these out. (source)

Use an organic and/or naturally derived baby wash and lotion. Throw out the Johnson and Johnson and replace it with something non-toxic. Erbaviva and Zoe Organics are two clean options.

Lastly, keep pesticides and harsh chemicals away from babies skin by using organic towels.  After bath time, pores are open and skin is at its most vulnerable state.

A few simple changes can make a happier, healthier baby!


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By Lisa

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