Beauty Heroes + Au Naturale Review

April 22, 2017

Au Naturale Makeup

You guys know how much I love Beauty Heroes – but when Beauty Heroes introduced a seasonal makeup discovery at the end of last year, I felt like I finally met my spirit animal. Available as of TODAY Beauty Heroes is offing their 2017 spring makeup discovery – a colab with one of the cleanest makeup lines on the market, Au Naturals. I can’t wait to share my Au Naturale review with you!

But first, Beauty Heroes.

Beauty Heroes delivers clean hair, body and skincare to your door monthly for less than $39/mo. Their standards for clean ingredients are super high and members are always getting a crazy good deal. The past few months have been valued at over $100 with heavy hitting green beauty brands like Josh Rosebrook, Innersense Beauty, Osmia and more. One month Beauty Heroes sent out Vintners Daughter which retails for $185 – like you can not beat the value here!

So in addition to the monthly subscription, Beauty Heroes has an optional seasonal makeup discovery that is offered four times a year (at the beginning of each new season). Beauty Heroes curates essential makeup staples that are not only free from toxic nasties but go above and beyond with the cleanest ingredients and unparalleled performance. Past seasonal makeup discoveries have included selections from Vapour Organic Beauty and Modern Minerals. These sell for $45 and are open to members and non-members. BUT if you are a Beauty Heroes member, you get your 15% discount bringing the makeup discovery down to $38.25 – it just keeps getting better and better! This box is valued at $87.

Okay so lets discover AU Naturales!

I met AU Naturale brand founder Ashley Prange last year at iBE NYC and her essence exudes passion – passion to create, passion to rise above and a passion to make change. Her products are not only free from animal bi-products, synthetic preservatives, nano particles, gluten, paragons, fillers, dyes or toxins but are formulated with the cleanest most sustainable organic, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients available.

And on top of that, AU Naturale just refined it’s line and is launching new products and new packaging so recipients of this selection will be one of the first to discover the new look and function AU Naturale. Most of these are not even available on their website yet!

In this selection we are seeing AU Naturale’s top selling colors in:

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You can see what all of these look like applied here:

su/Stain Lip Stain in Hero

Au Naturale lipstain

Okay two instant faves here. The su/Stain Lip Stain is a brand new, ground breaking product. This organic Lip Stain meets the NSF/ANSI 305 USDA Organic standard which is very hard to do. Founder Ashley says,

The terms “natural” and “organic” are loosely used in the space of green beauty; without a third party verification of the claim, the claim is empty. We adhere to the NSF standard as it gives firm definition on how we see “clean” and “organic” in our space.

The NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) explains “traditional organic regulations were designed for food and can not be applied to some personal care products like soaps and lotions which have non-food ingredients and go through different manufacturing processes. So in 2009 an American National Standard known as NSF/ANSI 305: Personal Care Products Containing Organic Ingredients was created. This standard defines both production and labeling requirements for personal care products containing organic ingredients.”

This standard ensures that labeling information is accurate and that the product contains at least 70 percent organic ingredients by weight. And the proof is in the ingredients. Let’s take a look:

organic castor seed oil, organic jojoba seed oil, organic and Palm Done Right palm oil, organic cocoa seed butter, organic shea butter fruit, organic flavoring, iron oxides, titanium dioxide, micas, manganese violet and vitamin e


This works with or without a balm or primer. When I apply it directly to my bare lips I get a slightly extended wear time and more of a matte look. Then if I apply a balm first, I get more of a glossy look but it will wear faster. A couple of other notables. It smells lovely, like candy and berries. I also love that this formula has a seamless fade. Like as the day goes on, you eat lunch, drink a coffee, have some water and it holds up pretty good but when its gone, its gone. There is no staining or color shrapnell left in the creases or lines. I don’t know what people call that but I’m calling it a super clean fade and I love it. The other thing is even with a bold color like this I didn’t NEED a liner. No color bleed and it assimilates with the line of my lips like a gloss – it’s not a hard line. Really easy to wear and really pretty with my dark features. Check out the pics above for what it looks like on.

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P.S. Au Naturales totally renamed this color from Berry to Hero just for this colab – love!

Super-Fine Powder Shadow in Ballet

Au Naturale eyeshadow

My other instant fave is the Super-Fine Powder Shadow – WOW! I’ve tried a bunch of AU Naturale’s eye shadows in both their cream and loose powder formulas and I have to say this roll on formula is IT. Nailed it! The powder is so fine that it just goes on and stays on and get ready for this – it doesn’t crease! The roller ball makes application a breeze I also really dig this color. A playful berry works with the natural contour and definition of my dark features and eyes but adds a little yeah I got this to my look. Check out what it looks like on above.

I asked Ashley what her inspiration for the roller-ball applicator was and she commented,

The roller ball component was selected as it allowed us to give the consumer a delivery method for our powder product that was easy to use, without the mess. It is important to us to continue giving the consumer a clean, lose powder option as we will never have fillers in our product for a pressed offering.

So just to clarify, when you get an eyeshadow that is pressed in a pan, wetting agents have been added including, but not limited to, vegetable oils, esters and other emollients that help pigment stick to itself. Plus fillers like talc and mica can be added too to give powder a smoother feel. Au Naturales wanted to give buyers a clean, easy way to apply loose power (free from additives).

This totally works for me. The one thing I would add is to apply to a dry lid. If the ball gets oily, it can tend to stick. I suggest priming the lid with a concealer and then a translucent powder before applying.

Here are the ingredients: iron oxides, silica, zinc oxide and micas 

Swipe-on Essential Eye Pencil in Coco

Au Naturale eyeliner

A medium brown soft eye pencil. Really pretty although I tend to go for a darker liner than this just because my lashes and brows are like jet. But that being said, it works seamlessly with their roll on eye shadow in Ballet and adds some pretty definition. It’s a soft pencil and the color transfers pretty well. I had to layer a couple of times to get the look I wanted but that is not uncommon for me. I also wanted to mention it has a smudger on the opposite end which I love.

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Like all Au Naturale’s makeup this is formulated without animal bi-products, synthetic preservatives, nano particles, gluten, paragons, fillers, dyes or toxins. This pencil is also cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA.

Here are the ingredients: castor seed oil, candelilla wax, organic jojoba seed oil, castor seed wax, iron oxides and micas 

Pure Powder Blush in Pink Champagne

Au Naturale blush

First of all LOVE THE COLOR! This is Au Naturale’s Pure Powder Blush in Pink Champaign. This formula is designed to give your cheeks a touch of color with an air-brushed finish and it totally does. Au Naturale’s recommends pumping color directly onto your brush or the back of your hand to apply. I tried this a bunch of ways and I actually prefer pumping a bit into a ceramic bowl and then dabbing my brush in to apply. I found better color control with this method. The formula is a powder but super moisturizing if that even makes sense – it has an oil based quality to it that I love because when color goes on, it not only looks natural but it stays.

For all you makeup die-hards out there, Beauty Heroes is calling this a color match to NARS ‘orgasm’ – their top-selling product.

Here are the ingredients: titanium dioxide, iron oxides, silica and mica

Get Yours!

I love the minimalist approach to ingredients that AU Naturale’s stands by. It is truly amazing the color pigment and payoff they deliver with such minimal ingredients. Seriously, what’s not to love!?

I especially love this specific seasonal makeup discovery because the look is 100% curated! Like I don’t have to wonder if this blush goes with this shadow and should I do a light lip or a dark. It’s like having your own personal color consultant. Beauty Heroes founder Jeannie Jarnot and Au Naturale’s founder Ashley Prange chose these colors to celebrate the creativity, complexity and enduring strength of feminine experience. It’s like I can hear them saying; Don’t worry about a thing girl, just apply and go on with your confident, georg, nontoxic self. Get it girl!

Okay I have a feeling this box won’t last so get on it before it sells out and be the first to try the new AU Naturale! Buy yours at the Beauty Heroes website!



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