Beauty Heroes Delivers Sappho Mascara, CC Cream + Concealer!

July 21, 2018

SAPPHO CC Cream applied

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If you’ve been looking for a light coverage CC Cream or foundation or a new nontoxic mascara – this deal is for you! Beauty Heroes’ limited edition Sappho makeup discovery includes a full size of Sappho’s CC Cream, a concealer, a 100% vegan mascara and samples of the Essential Foundation to help you color match. This collection is available for $59 and valued at over $100! Get it! 

Beauty Heroes Sappho Box

Sappho is a luxe brand of organic and natural cosmetics that is 100% vegan + cruelty free. This is my first time trying them and I was so excited to jump in!

So we get two different “foundations” to try here. We get Sappho’s CC (corrective color) cream which is medium weight, light coverage and leaves skin glowing and dewy. You can see I have it on here in the pic above or below. I got the color “medium” and it’s totally working for me. I personally love a BB Cream or a CC cream over a true foundation. I like my skin marks and freckles to show through which creates a more life-like and realistic finish for me. And that’s what we see here with the Sappho CC Cream. It’s going to help even out skin tone and give you an all over polished look without covering up your natural flecks.

This discovery offers 5 shades of CC Cream to choose from. With this you will get a corresponding concealer as well as corresponding foundation samples to explore.

I’ve been wearing it all week on my social media channels and you guys have been loving it! So many of you asked me what foundation I was wearing – well, THIS IS IT!

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The CC Cream is made with a base of aloe vera, jojoba and coconut oil. It also has 10% zinc oxide which is great for a little bump in SPF too. I like applying this with my fingers and then blending with a kabuki brush. I love the coverage here. Not too much, not too little and super natural looking. I did notice that my formula separated a bit so when I squeeze it out of the tube I am seeing oils and then color. It still blends in and looks great on but FYI if that is something that is important to you.


Beauty Heroes is also including a couple of samples of the Sappho Essential Foundation too which is so fun! A great way to get a color match and test performance before investing. I actually found that I liked the Essentials Foundation better than the CC Cream. It’s also a very light coverage, evens skin tone without stifling skin and gives a really life-like finish. Made with a base of aloe, jojoba and shea butter (no coconut oil), this formula didn’t separate on me which I am partial to as well. And I found my true color match here with a sample of their Jennifer Foundation (although my fingers were crossed that my shade would be Lisa – haha!). Also, this formula is 70% organic which is killer with any foundation. Almost weightless and totally buildable, I may have found a new fave here!


I really like their concealer too. I have a few hyperpigmentation spots on my face that I tend to conceal and this did the trick without looking clumpy or forced. The base here is a blend of coconut, jojoba, sunflower and caranauba waxes. It’s solid in the pot but as your finger warms the product, it’s easy to pick a little up and blend flawlessly over spots. Effective over or under foundation (or even on its own). This is buildable too so use more fore more coverage and less for less. It works great on my cheeks and because it’s made with coconut oil it really blends into skin as if it’s meant to be there. I like a super light light layer under my eyes and also one of my fave ways to use it is on and around my lips before going in with a bold lip color. It really makes bold colors POP.

SAPPHO vegan Mascara applied


Love it. Okay all I want my mascara to do is go on easy. Make my lashes look bigger, longer, fatter and super voluminous without flaking or falling off during the day, giving me a stye or exposing me to toxins. Is that too much to ask!? Not from Sappho!

SAPPHO mascara wand

Sappho’s mascara steps up to the plate like Boston’s Big Papi on opening day. I love their wand which delivers product effectively. The wand is thinner and has short, really firm, comb bristles (not a thick bristled or fatty wand). This helps with lash separation and even product distribution. It really grabs my lashes which I love. And it doesn’t go on dripping wet but I would say it applies tacky and it remains tacky even when dry. Not a color-transfer tacky but if you touch your lashes 30 mins later, it’s a little…tacky I guess.

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Adds volume and length. Great with two coats. This is easily going in my favorites category. You guys also commented on this mascara all week too! I couldn’t wait to spill the beans! And again, 70% organic!


Available at Beauty Heroes while supplies last!

P.S. Sappho’s plastic tubes are coated with a biosphere coat that makes them biodegradable!

Try Sappho at a fantastic discount here!

Xo, lisa
Sappho organic makeup

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