Beauty Heroes October: Deets and Review

October 1, 2016

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If you haven’t heard of Beauty Heroes yet, let me catch you up. Beauty Heroes is a delivery subscription bringing you one full size luxury skincare product and one “sidekick” every month. And it’s crazy good.

What sets Beauty Heroes apart is their higher than high nontoxic standards with a focus on luxury. They continue to outdo themselves delivering high end organic skincare brands like True Botanicals, Mahalo Skin Care, Josh Rosebrook and more. My favorite part about Beauty Heroes is this service lets you sit in the lap of luxury without paying the price. Vintner’s Daughter for example is a face moisturizer/oil that retails for 185.00 and Beauty Heroes subscribers recieved this in their subscription last December for less than 40.00 – crazy!!!

With an emphasis on quality over quantity, Beauty Heroes brings it again this month with Bottega Organica’s Illuminate Eye Contour Cream and sidekick Cleansing Face Oil.

Bottega Organica

Bottega Organica is a notable company sourcing most of their ingredients from their OWN farms. They have two. One located in Liguria, Italy and the other in Hudson, New York. This is so fantastic because not only are all of their plants wildcrafted or organically grown but when a company has complete control of ingredients from start to finish, there is little to no room for error or misrepresentation. In the same vein, you won’t find any preservatives, emulsifiers, artificial fragrances, colors or synthetics of any kind in their products. This artisan, luxury “farm to skin” model is rare and deserves mention. Check out some of these pics from their farms in both NY and Italy. If you are ever in upstate New York, arrange a visit!

Another thing that sets Bottega Organica apart is they incorporate cutting edge science on the power of botanicals to influence cellular behavior. One of the active and key ingredients in the Illuminate Eye Contour Cream is Prawn Sage Extract. You can see more about this research done by world-renowned geneticist Dr. Alimonti on Prawn Sage Extract here. But in short;

Dr. Andrea Alimonti identified a handful of plant extracts that prolong the lifespan of human cells by inhibiting cellular senescence. In other words, he found the key to natural substances that slow the aging process. – Bottega Organica

His discovery was so groundbreaking, he recieved the Dr. Josef Steiner Research Award in 2015 for his work on Prawn Sage Extract.

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Illuminate Eye Contour Cream

The Illuminate Eye Contour Cream is made in tiny batches and set in an ultra-light emulsion of cold-pressed Ligurian organic olive oil from their family farm in Italy. This olive oil is characterized by low acidity and delicate aroma making it the perfect skin olive oil; olives are handpicked and cold-pressed at the exact right moment to ensure the highest concentration of anti-aging molecules – more on their olive oil here.  It comes boxed in paper packaging that is recycled, plant-derived and printed with vegetable ink – swoon!

The formula itself is .5 oz in weight and packaged in a Miron violt glass container which blocks light and aids in preserving the formula. And speaking of preservatives, this eye cream is completely preservative free. I talked to Jeanie, the owner of Beauty Heroes and Mary, the owner of Bottega Organica to find out how this was possible and here is how Mary explained it.

The cream formula is stabilized through an emulsification process and a combination of ingredients. The ingredients have a low pH and have known antimicrobial properties. To this regard, I strive to deliver a product free of unwanted microbial elements. To reduce introduction after opening, it is helpful to keep the lid on the jar between uses and to either wash hands before use or use a spatula.

Refrigeration (below 50 F) can help control microbial growth but can break down the emulsion bond so it is best to keep product in lower temps once introduced. We recommend using by two months after opening. This should be a sufficient amount. Use generously on eye area, upper and lower, day and night.

My Experience

This formula is so silky smooth and leaves the skin around my eyes feeling just that. With a battery of detoxifying and line smoothing ingredients like: coneflower, arnica, carrot seed, cucumber, horse chestnut and frankincense – you will no doubt be impressed with it’s transformation power.

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I’ve been using this eye cream for a couple of weeks and I can say with 100% certainty, the skin around my eyes has improved in texture and tone. They are brighter, softer and I swear I look more rested which is a miracle in it self with my youngest is just turning three and my oldest, four. I’m already starting to freak out about what I’m going to do when this little gem is gone. I think I legit just had a panic attack writing that.

I tend to load up on this at night slathering all areas around my eye before I hit the sack but I did try it a few times mixed in with my under-eye concealer for daytime wear and it blended nicely leaving a dewy look which is kinda my thing anyways.

The phrase “Good things come in small packages” was coined for this product!

Sidekick: Cleansing Face Oil

I also LOVED the Bottega Organica Cleansing Face Oil – it’s already gone. This oil went on so silky and like magic swept away all the days grime and makeup. I love love love the texture of this oil. A base of sun-infused olive oil grown on their farm in Italy, it goes on smooth with no drag and cleans skin really well – and I didn’t even talk about the smell yet! Lemons, lemons, lemons – so good! It also doubles as a shave oil for men and women which I didn’t get a chance to try because I was hoarding it for my face.

Holy Deal!

October Beauty Discovery

The Illuminate Eye Contour Cream retails for 145.00 and the deluxe sample of the Cleansing Face Oil retails for 12.00 rounding the value of this month’s delivery out at 157.00 – which you can try for less than 40.00!

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If you decide to give Beauty Heroes a go, they have a three month initial commitment and then you can cancel at will after that. If you want to try this months hero make sure to order before 10/20 and do it now so you get on board before they sell out.  I totally recommend this service – it’s one of my FAVES! Click here to buy or for more deets.


By Lisa

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