Beauty Heroes X Fitglow Beauty Review

February 1, 2018

Beauty Heroes features Fitglow

It’s the first of the month and ya’ll know what that means! Beauty Heroes drops their new discovery. This month is all about Fitglow and we are seeing not one but TWO of their face creams! Cloud Comfort Cream, $84 and Redness Rescue Cream, $69. A total value of $153 and available to members and new members for less than $39. Say it with me, DEAL!

Now as of last month, the Beauty Heroes membership went on a wait list and was not accepting new members until just yesterday! So if you want in, sign up now to score this moisturizing duo. Sign up here!

Fitglow Beauty founder Anna Buss (and me!) at iBE Dallas, 2017

I’ve met Anna Buss, the founder of Fitglow a couple of times. Most recently at 2017 iBE Dallas. She is the sweetest and her skin is beautiful. You would never know that she battled rosacea, hyper pigmentation and sensitive skin her whole life but she did and that, my friends, was her catalyst for starting Fitglow Beauty – a passion project turned high performance skincare and color line. But she doesn’t do it alone. Anna pulls in the big guns and formulates with a team including a naturopathic doc and two chemists.

Why These Creams Stand Out

When I got a chance to chat with Anna last year, she explained to me a little about why her creams stand out. Check it. Her formula uses whats called lyposomes to deliver essential fatty acids, nutrients, hydration and anti-inflammatory support. A lyposome is pretty much like a little sack which holds all of these essentials and delivers them TOGETHER.

This is a total game changer. Think about vitamin D and calcium for example. Vitamin D aids in calcium absorption as well as phosphorus and other important minerals as they make their way into the small intestine – they are a nutrition “dynamic duo” and work best when available together. So knowing this, Fitglow went ahead and formulated using liposomes or individual sacks each containing all necessary nutrient parings so when it’s applied, it’s 100% bioavailable to your skin. Meaning your skin takes it ALL in and uses it rather than rejecting it, passing it through as waste or using some parts but not others.

Pretty cool huh.

Fitglow Think Dirty 0So we are seeing Cloud Comfort Cream as our hero which is recommended for skin that’s dry, dehydrated, sensitive or has Rosacea. 95% organic, cruelty-free, vegan, gluten-free and rates a 0 on Think Dirty. The key ingredient here is cloudberry. This hearty berry thrives in arctic regions and is loaded with phytosterols, carotenoids and ellagic acid making it a power house anti-inflammatory.

And we are seeing her Redness Rescue Cream as its sidekick which is recommended to reduce redness and calm irritated skin. It also promises to promote scar and acne healing. This formula is also vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, has a minimum of 90% organic ingredients and rates a 0 on Think Dirty. Now what’s super cool about this cream is it’s GREEN!

Color Wheel So if you know anything about color theory – red and green are directly opposite each other and are considered “complimentary.” And anytime complementaries are mixed, you get brown = skin color! This is also the same reason why we see salmon or orange colored concealers used to cover up blue eye circles. See! My friend Sammy swears by this formula and has been using it forEVAH. (Color wheel pic).


What I really love about these two is they are meant for layering. So if you have really hydrated skin or if you are in the dog days of summer, this may be enough on its own for a daily moisturizer. BUT they are both light enough to use before or after your daily moisturizer as a nutrient boost, makeup primer, color corrector or to seal in moisture. Really there are so many ways to use these gems – You can even layer them together to get the best of both worlds.

Best of all? Not greasy, very light in scent, super light in texture, soaks right in, air tight packaging and perfect timing as we are knee deep in the driest months of the year!

That’s A Wrap!

Also, Beauty Heroes now donates a portion of their monthly revenues to 5 Gyres – an organization committed to solving the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education and adventure. Love this.

And if you are new around here….Beauty Heroes is a luxe clean beauty subscription that promises a $90 minimum value each month for just under $39/mo. Initial signup requires a 3 month commitment and then you can cancel at-will after that. Plus members get 15% off EVERY DAY at the Beauty Heroes store! I’m talking brands that never discount like Josh Rosebrook, big names like MAHALO, makeup from the best like Axiology and Vapour and international brands that cost a fortune to ship like Max + Me – you get it all here, 15% off! This is hands-down one of my fave subscriptions.

For more about Beauty Heroes, read my review about their subscription, what it offers and why it’s a fave!

Shop here!

Xo, lisa

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