Beauty Heroes X Maya Chia To Ring In The New Year!

January 1, 2018

Beauty Heroes featuring Maya Chia

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Okay, let’s set the stage for this review. Beauty Heroes is a subscription service that delivers the best of the best green beauty has to offer. Their name carries a ton of weight in the green beauty world and I have even heard brands mention they are working on reformulating so they can meet the Beauty Heroes standard. Now because of this, brands love working with Beauty Heroes and subscribers are OFTEN the first ones to try featured brands’ new releases, new packaging, new formulations, reformulations and so-on. It’s really such a privilege to be apart of the Beauty Heroes community. This subscription is truly for people who not only value what they put on their bodies BUT who also value top notch performance and living on the edge of green beauty technology.

That being said Beauty Heroes rang in the new year in 2017 featuring Maya Chia’s The Super Couple and Waterless Wonder Balm and here they are again ringing in 2018 with none other than: Maya Chia! Not only am I loving this tradition (I’m looking at you 2019!) BUT Beauty Heroes is starting off the new year off on the right foot, setting the stage for whats to come with a brand that doesn’t waver. Say hello to Maya Chia.

This month we are seeing Maya Chia’s (new in 2017) The Eye Achiever eye treatment ($70) as this month’s hero and a travel size The Super Blend ($35) as this month’s sidekick. A total value of $105 and delivered to your door for less than $39! Check out the deal here.

Okay if this is your first time with Maya Chia – OH GIRL!!! Sit back, relax and get ready to soak it all in as I bring you one of the most renowned brands in green beauty.

Maya Chia and the story of Supercritical Extraction

Beauty Heroes featuring Maya ChiaWhat’s the story? Well, with a masters from Harvard University, founder Susanne Norwitz was knee deep in political and corporate agenda as a speechwriter when she decided to give it all up and go all-in with skincare. This brand came about through a cumulation of influences. Her lifelong interest with the Mayans was sparked by her father who traveled to Guatemala to perform cleft lip surgeries on indigenous people in need. In time she discovered that chia is a staple in Mayan culture holding untold skin benefits. And, as it was meant to be, in 2014 Maya Chia Beauty came to life.

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Maya Chia is now known for their Supercritical Chia Seed oil. Why? Because Maya Chia actually took their discovery a step further and patented the supercritical chia seed oil extraction process. This means that no one else in the USA can process chia seed oil supercritically. And this is huge. Supercritical extraction is a gentle oxygen-free, solvent-free process that results in an oil with a total absence of chemical residues and impurities and one that most closely mirrors the chemical profile of the plant. More specifically…

CO2 is a gas under standard temperature and pressure or a solid when frozen like dry ice. If CO2 is held at or just above its critical temps/pressures, a supercritical fluid CO2 results that can be used as an effective solvent to extract the aroma as well as the biological components of herbs, seeds and flowers. The beauty of this process is that once the extract is allowed to return to its normal temps/pressure, the CO2 converts into a gas and bubbles out of the extract leaving the oil behind with no solvent residue. – Healing Civilizations by Nadim A. Shaath, PhD.

This method has so many pros. The final product is most similar in profile to the raw botanical, no heat is involved, no chemical residues and product has a better shelf life because naturally occurring antioxidants are left in tact. You will often, although not always, see this on labels as as “CO2 [botanical] extract.”

Let me count the ways

Beauty Heroes featuring Maya ChiaThis is important to know because there are several extraction methods to producing extracts, absolutes and essential oils and some are cleaner than others. Methods include steam distillation, poroplast extraction, cold expression and molecular distillation for example. It’s important to take into consideration which method is used because some methods can introduce toxins or contaminants. Even “cold-pressing” still sometimes requires heat which lowers the shelf life and purity of the oil. Plus you want an oil or an extract to be most like its original source retaining all that it has to offer.

As a side note, sometimes there is only one way to extract for example when you read a label and you see ingredients like essential oils or absolutes of: jasmine, roses or violet leaves…these are all processed using a solvent extraction method. Sometimes the solvent used can be benign like and alcohol and sometimes they can pose harm like hexane. It’s a question that usually can’t be answered by reading a label (although this is noted on Maya Chia’s website – the only place I’ve ever seen this level of disclosure). It usually takes a little more digging to get there.

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And by digging I mean asking. So seeing jasmine absolute on the list of The Super Blend ingredients I asked Susanne about the solvent used and she confirmed that all of the absolutes she uses are extracted with an organic alcohol that is Hexane-free. (Which is not always a guarantee in green beauty!) All of this to say;

[clickToTweet tweet=”Maya Chia just isn’t another green beauty brand. They are setting the bar and redefining natural skincare.  ” quote=”Maya Chia just isn’t another green beauty brand. They are setting the bar and redefining natural skincare.  “]
Hero: The Eye Achiever

Beauty Heroes featuring Maya ChiaOkay so in true Beauty Heroes fashion we are seeing one of the most coveted products of 2017: Maya Chia’s The Eye Achiever. Supercritical chia seed oil is the first ingredient listed in this formula – naturally. Chia seed oil is an ideal treatment for the eye area because as Beauty Heroes explains:

  • Chia seed produces the most omega and nutritionally dense oil in nature.
  • It’s clinically proven to increase skin hydration, improve skin barrier function and reduce transepidermal water loss.

In addition to supercritical chia seed oil, we are seeing five macro and micro marine extracts including: astaxanthin (65x ORAC value [antioxidants] of vitamin c), sea fennel, sea lavender (to increase micro-circulation), wakame (the same algae that La Mer built their line around and has shown to increase skins moisture and hyaluronic acid production by crazy %s) and algae extracts delivering various minerals and vital nutrients.

And it doesn’t stop there…add to this raspberry (rich in vitamin a), black cumin seed oil, rooibos tea extract (for firming), Sweet Lupine Seed extract from France (to build collagen) pomegranate and cranberry to revitalize, restore and strengthen.

P.S., Susanne worked through SIXTY iterations of this formula before she got it to where she wanted it. Amazing right!?

My experience

I love the delivery of this treatment. It comes in a black glass miron container fastened with a metal roller ball. The roller ball is so cooling when applied and product comes out even. Plus the roller ball reduces product waste too. This is an oil based formula and a little goes a long way so after applying it will take some time to soak in. I rarely use this during the day but I LOVE using it at night before I go to bed. The earlier the better. This gives  it some time to soak in and this way I avoid donating it to my pillowcase. I’ve been using The Eye Achiever for several months now and I find it super nourishing. I hope it starves off my inevitable fine lines now that I’m only a couple months away from turning 40 (!) Check out the ingredients:

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The Maya Chia Eye Achiever ingredient list

Sidekick: The Super Blend

This is an extremely concentrated pressed serum in the form of a balm. A great moisturizer for day or night. I LOVE layering it or wearing it alone. Again we are seeing some potent antioxidants including astaxanthin, vitamin c, omegas and polyphenols blended in a base of babassu and kokum butters. The color is gorgeous and it smells amazing too.

Speaking of iterations. This formula went through 160 different iterations before it was perfected. Like, consider all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed here with this formula. It is ON POINT. And such a well-timed delivery – perfect for winter. My skin is totally lapping up everything The Super Blend has to deliver. Check out the ingredients:

Maya Chia The Super Blend Ingredients


Get it while supplies last!

So this duo is only available while supplies last and let me be the first to say this selection WILL sell out. And also, if you are not a Beauty Heroes member yet, what are you waiting for!? Get on it girl. I got a sneak peek into what the next few months have to bring and let me just say Beauty Heroes is kicking off 2018 strong.

Beauty Heroes promises a minimum of a $90 value for each delivery. Initial signup requires a 3 month commitment and then you can cancel at-will after that. Plus members get 15% off EVERY DAY at the Beauty Heroes store! I’m talking brands that never discount like Josh Rosebrook, big names like MAHALO, makeup from the best like Axiology and Vapour and international brands that cost a fortune to ship like Max + Me – you get it all here, 15% off! This is hands-down one of my fave subscriptions.

Sign up here!

As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, my subscription is gifted but as always, my opinions are my own. Thanks for reading and if you’ve tried The Eye Achiever or The Super Balm – leave a comment and let us know what you think!






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