Beauty Heroes X Siam Seas Review

March 1, 2018

organic toner and organic face cleanser

It’s that time of the month again! The 1st brings new beginnings, new intentions and as always, a new Beauty Heroes colab! This month we are being introduced to Siam Seas. A brand that I’ve seen around but is new to me – exciting! We are getting their YEN Heal and Hydrate Toner ($90) as the hero pick and a deluxe size of their Morning Delight All-In-One Morning Cleanser ($15). $105 worth of Siam for less than $39. Read on for my Siam Seas review!

Siam Seas

Siam Seas is formulated by founder Supadra, based in Southeast Asia. Her line is crafted with over 90% indigenous ingredients. She draws on childhood inspiration using ancient remedies revived by her grandmother.

Hero: Siam Seas YEN Heal and Hydrate Toner

Nicknamed botanical healing water, YEN is designed to hydrate, heal and protect. It’s packed with 27 botanical extracts to infuse skin with powerful antioxidants. It’s also super hydrating delivering aloe vera, geranium, cucumber, lavender and chamomile hydrososls. And nourishing too with oils of raspberry, cucumber seed, prickly pear and sachinchi to name a few. In addition, it calls on mushroom proteins that leave a gel like veil on the skin to encourage elasticity and protect against dehydration. It’s really like a toner, light moisturizer and humectant all in one.

Siam Seas Yen

I love the smell of this toner. It has top notes of cucumber and then settles into a complexity of peony, ginger, vanilla and frankincense. It’s refreshing to apply not only treating the skin but cooling the mind.

The one thing I will say about this toner is it didn’t spray in a mist for me. In warmer temps the oils will liquify more and Siam said the pump will work as a true mister but in cold temps the oils are heavier and it sprays more in a straight line. So to apply, I spray a few pumps in my palm and then pat all over my face. This totally works but don’t expect to use this to refresh mid-day unless you are foundation-free.

Chalk full of organic, wildcrafted and hexane-free extracts, this is one of the cleanest complex toners I’ve seen on the market. I did want to mention it is formulated with Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein so it’s not technically gluten-free if that is important to you.

Toner, humectant, light moisturizer, protector – you choose!

Morning Delight All-In-One Morning Cleanser

Morning Delight is one of the most unique formulas I’ve tried. It’s oil based but super viscous with swirls of (hexane-free) Plumeria essential oil that creates visual depth and complexity. Check out this pic to see what I mean..

Siam Morning Delight

If you haven’t tried oil cleansing before, don’t be scared. Oil cleansing in general is so good for your skin leaving it moisturized and all your essentials in tact. In addition to all of that, this specific cleanser supports the skin with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial antioxidants alongside traditional healers like Sompoy, Mangosteen, garlic, onion and more. It also employs exfoliating enzymes like papaya and aspen bark to clear congestion and slough off dead skin cells.

The consistency of Morning Delight is super thick and meaty and it really grabs on to dirt, makeup, dead skin leaving imposters no choice but to succumb. Effective enough to take off makeup this can be used alone or followed up with a gentle cleanser. Using this to remove makeup, I follow up with a gentle cleanser to make sure all is resolved. But personally, I enjoy using this most in the morning on it’s own – without a second cleanse. It leaves my skin so moisturized, clean and fresh.

Oh and the smell too is fantastical. Mature and rich yet nostalgic of my favorite 80’s tanning oil.

Cleanser, exfoliator, antioxidant booster, makeup remover – you choose!

Become a member!

And also, if you are not a Beauty Heroes member yet, what are you waiting for!? Beauty Heroes has sold out and gone on a wait list EVERY MONTH in 2018. If the trend continues this deal wont last long. Get on it girl.

Beauty Heroes promises a minimum of a $90 value for each delivery. Initial signup requires a 3 month commitment and then you can cancel at-will after that. Plus members get 15% off EVERY DAY at the Beauty Heroes store! I’m talking brands that never discount like Josh Rosebrook, big names like MAHALO, makeup from the best like Axiology and Vapour and international brands that cost a fortune to ship like Max + Me – you get it all here, 15% off! This is hands-down one of my fave subscriptions.

Sign up here!

As a Beauty Heroes Ambassador, my subscription is gifted but as always, my opinions are my own. Thanks for reading and if you’ve tried anything Siam Seas leave a comment and let us know what you think!

Xo, lisa

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    I have to say I looked into this subscription but this offering might just convince me to take the plunge. I have such dehydrated skin and it’s so hard to find good, clean products that will heal it. Fingers crossed!

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      Oh my gosh Sarah, you will LOVE this subscription! It’s like it’s your birthday every month when Beauty Heroes arrives! This sounds like a great fit for dehydrated skin! Let us know what you think!

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