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Can’t wait for ShiftCon 2019! This year it is going to be in Atlanta! This is a conference for bloggers/influencers in the green space. Check out just SOME of the...

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The cutest organic, fair-trade and nontoxic-ly printed t-shirts HERE! (P.S. I made these!!!) Get rid of crows feet, fine lines and wrinkles with this tutorial and this tool! Um. An...

black and white photo of the sky with a full moon and street lights forming a path

June Tune-In with Natalie

Welcome to June, the midpoint of the year; Gemini energy. A perfect time to revisit resolutions and see if what you committed to at the beginning of the year still resonates. Weed...

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5 Foods for clearer skin Have you guys tried LILFOX’s Jungle Glow? It’s a honey-based enzyme mask/cleanser all-in-one and one of my all time faves. As of TODAY! Get a...