Coupon Codes

Transitioning to a green lifestyle can be overwhelming and sometimes expensive. If I can score you guys some discounts, I will! Check back often!
These are in alphabetical order.


Aleavia Skincare: ORGANICGIRL15 will save you 15%.

Clove + Hallow: ORGANICGIRL15 will save you 15% – Read review here.

The Choosy Chick: THISORGANICGIRL will save you 10%

The Detox Market: THISORGANICGIRL10 will save you 10%

Fitglow: THISORGANICGIRL will save you 15%

Henné: THISORGANICGIRL will save first-timers 15%

KHUS + KHUS: THISORGANICGIRL25 will save you 25% – Read review here.

LIVE Botanical: ORGANICGIRL will save first-timers 20% – Read review here.

MŪN Skincare: THISORGANICGIRL will save first-timers 15% – Read review here.

OGEE: LisaLovesOgee will save you 15%!

Pleni Naturals kids line: ORGANIC20 will save you 20%

True Botanicals: First-timers use LISATRUE20 to save $20 off their order of $40+ – Read review here.

Petit Vour Cruelty Free Beauty Subscription: FIRSTBOX will save you 25% off your first box!

West of South: LISAWEST15 will save you 15%! Review here!


Almond Cow: THISORGANICGIRL will save you $15

Berkey Water FiltersTHISORGANICGIRL will save you 5%. More here!

Dry Farm Wines: Get an extra bottle for a penny when you use this link. Read review here.

Eba Vegan Tote: ORGANICGIRL20 will save you 20%

HU Kitchen: THISORGANICGIRL will save you 10%!

Leena & Lu organic pajamas: TOG20 will save you 20%

My Green Mattress: TOG$125 will save you $125 on any twin mattress or bigger. Read review here.

Mighty Fix: Use code OGLAUNDRYFIX to get your first month for $3!

The Saalt Cup: TOG15 will save you 15%

Go Pure Pod water filter for your water bottle: ORGANICGIRL20 to save 20%