December Tune-In with Natalie

December 3, 2019

This is Natalie’s last installment of Tune-In with Natalie. It was so much fun having her join us in 2019. For more, be sure to follow along at Laughing Heart Healing.

2019 ends with a BANG!

The year has been full, intense and expansive and December does not veer from the theme of CHANGE and movement. As we speed towards the completion of 2019, don’t expect any slow down from the cosmos. Uranus is heavy in the mix, as is Mars, so extra care should be given to your personal speed. You will be tasked with slowing your roll so as not to miss all the details and “a-ha’s” awaiting you.

Neptune turned direct the last week of November. It had been retrograde since June 2019 bringing to light reflections of what is real, what is fantasy, what works for us, what doesn’t. Neptune direct for next several months opens up our sense of AWE, wonder and clarity.

Jupiter moves into Capricorn on Dec 2nd supporting us finding the discipline required to achieve the dreams we now know we desire. Some say this is the biggest transit of the year… taking all the expansive lessons we’ve learned over the last year and distilling them down into practical application. If you remember what you were working on December 2017 – Feb 2018, this is where you will see growth.  Mars in Scorpio lends a hand with strength and fortitude.

We end the year in eclipse season which opens on the full moon Dec 12th and lasts through Jan 24th. Eclipses turn everything upside down. Quick endings, explosive beginnings and more change on the horizon. (Read my write-up on eclipses HERE).

DECEMBER PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand the astrology, download my astrology toolkits here)

  • 12/2 – Jupiter enters Capricorn
  • 12/7 – Sun square Neptune
  • 12/8 – Jupiter square Chiron
  • 12/9 – Mercury enters Sagittarius
  • 12/11 – Venus conjunct Saturn
  • 12/12 – Gemini Full Moon
  • 12/15 – Jupiter trine Uranus
  • 12/20 – Venus enters Aquarius
  • 12/21 – SOLSTICE, Sun enters Capricorn
  • 12/23 – Sun square Chiron, 
  • 12/24 – Sun trine Uranus
  • 12/26 – SOLAR ECLIPSE in Capricorn
  • 12/27 – Sun conjunct Jupiter
  • 12/28 – Mercury enters Capricorn
  • 12/30 – Sun conjunct South Node
  • 1/12/20 – Saturn conjunct Pluto


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Dec 1-7: Possibly the gentlest week left of 2019. Allow yourself to rest in the truths that have been revealed. Take a breather from holiday prep, carve out time to break your big vision into bite sized steps and start taking them this month. One small step every day friend will lead you to YOUR new reality. You are deeply supported in this by Jupiter in Capricorn until Dec 2020. 

Dec 8-12: In the days leading up to the Full Moon/ Eclipse portal, you might feel an internal tug of war. Urgency to move forward and cloudy confusion about exactly where that forward is. Though a difficult passage with unsteady footing, it can also be a celebration of letting go of some aspect of self that needs to be left in the past for good. STAY THE COURSE, trust your intuition and keep an open mind. Whatever painful information is revealed over these few days will show you what the Saturn. Pluto dance has been about for you personally (the one that culminates Jan 12th).

Dec 13-20: EXPRESS yourself. This is the time to SHOW UP and take those steps toward the new future you are getting glimpses of. Say what you are feeling – all of it. Be honest with yourself and others. We’ve been prepping for awhile. Time to share what has been revealed. These days are also a great time to explore uncharted territory and to take some risks. Events and conversations might bring up some deep insight. Let them shake you loose from your mundane routines.

Dec 21-25: It’s the holiday season and many of us will want to chill out with family. Carve out some YOU space for continued visioning. It’s a potent time of beginnings and shifting patterns, beliefs + habits around relating/ relationships. What better time than when we are with family where many of the root beliefs began? Be present and pay attention to what you have outgrown. Be kind when you communicate what you will + will not be carrying into the new year.

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Dec 26-30: Eclipses are powerful energy to set intentions around. Whatever you want to see grow over the next few months, put your effort and energy into it. You might feel restless, frustrated and inspired all at once. Get in your body, MOVE, make to-do lists, clean out physical spaces, and start working on your projects. Be open to chance encounters that provide clarity and a positive outlook about the future.  

Dec 31-Jan 12: All of 2019, Pluto and Saturn were bumping up against each other. Jan 12th is the culmination. Surrender to what you know is true + make the necessary shifts with deliberate patience and conscious thought. If you haven’t “gotten it” before now, it will be glaringly obvious. The urge to jump off the cliff will be strong in some… slow it down and make sure you are considering how the changes will affect the whole. Take steps, but with presence. Hard work will pay off now.


  • What new awarenesses have come up this year? Around personal boundaries? Significant relationships? The way you tick? What brings you joy? List them out + remind yourself to stay true to them.
  • What is the core wound that has been revealing itself to you? What do you keep butting up against? Are you ready to let it go?
  • How do you move forward when the way is not clear? Do you trust your intuition? Are you only convinced when things are rational? Is there a way you can give both parts of your brain air time in decision making?
  • Where do you want to be in December 2020? What are small steps you can take every day to get there?
  • What clutter can you clear from your life… physical, mental, emotional? Practice letting go of all that gets in the way of moving forward.

We are in the middle of a huge paradigm shift. 2019 has been a year of shadow excavating. We will see more in 2020 as well as the new energies of collaboration, teamwork and building new foundations merging. It might feel like a year of radical zig-zags from old to new back again. By the end of 2020, we will all be CRYSTAL clear on where our North Star is pointing us. Trust me when I say NOW is the time to start preparing.

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This is my last Tune-In. It has been a pleasure to share my thoughts with you this year. If you want to keep in touch, sign up HERE

Enjoy the ride friends…

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