Dusty Girls Makeup: Product Review

August 22, 2016

Dusty Girls is an Australian, natural, vegan, mineral and clay based makeup line. They sent me a few goodies to try and I’m happy to see that they are not only nontoxic but they preform too!

Earth Cream in Medium (no longer available)

Okay full disclosure, I am a W3ll People foundation girl through and through but ever since I got Dusty Girl’s Earth Cream in the mail my W3ll People hasn’t been getting as much love – gasp! This light-weight cream goes on super transparent and can be layered for a more full coverage look. I love a sheer layer just to take away any redness but not enough to cover my freckles and spots. Less than a pea size amount does the trick around my nose, cheeks and chin. Wears almost sheer and takes the edge off any pesky redness.

The finish is not matte like a powder and it is not as dewy as an oil based foundation. It takes some of the shine away but leaves a bit of life behind. Really natural looking. Available in light and medium – medium was a good match for my olive-y tanned skin. Dusty Girls recommends using this alone with no moisturizer, face oil or serum applied first but I found that my skin needed more moisture and when applied over an oil, it made for an even smoother application.

You can check out the ingredients here – they replaced silicone and synthetic chemicals, which are commonly used in cosmetics, for some natural moisturizing oils.

I can’t feel this product on my face and it stays even all day. I have it on in these pics below. 18.50

Natural Mineral Blush

Their blush comes in two colors: Golden Delicious and Pink Ladies. I picked Golden Delicious to try because with its golden color, it doubles as a blush and a bronzer. I am wearing it in the pics above on my cheeks and as an eyeshadow. Pretty huh!

Natural micas are used instead of synthetic dyes to pigment this blush. It goes on even, no caking or clumping, and it stays all day. This color is so pretty and is such a fun way to play up sun-kissed summer cheeks. 25.00


Sheer Lip Gloss – Sun Shower

Okay – I have a confession to make. I am a sucker for lip glosses, balms and sheers. I have a million so I am never without. A sheer for all diaper bags, handbags, my wallet, car, husband’s car, desk, night stand, vanity….some people call it a problem, I call it covering my bases. And I know I’m not alone – who’s with me!?

Dusty Girl’s lip gloss did not disappoint – Thank God! Goes on thin and moisturizes with no stickiness. Plus it smells amazing; fresh and fruity. And it’s nontoxic! This gloss hydrates and softens using natural oils like Shea Butter and Watermelon Seed Oil.

To compare lets look at Chapstick. Chapstick is made up of:

Oxybenzone, Propylparaben, Octinoxate all which cause allergies, immunotoxicity, endocrine disruption, organ system toxicity and they bioaccumulate. It also has petrolatum, methylparaben, octisalate….and the list goes on and on. Pretty gross.

This gloss has found a home in my vanity, ready and waiting for me every morning. Oh and I am wearing it in the gallery above. 14.50

Natural Mineral Mascara – Night Fall

Night Fall fell a little short for me. I love that this mascara is clean with no parabens, mineral oils, synthetic dyes or pine tar. There is no irritation upon application or throughout the day.  It is really easy to take off and the application brush is full and works effectively. Those are all the pros.

The cons are: it goes on super thin and needs several coats to thicken up plus it didn’t stay. I try not to touch my eyes during the day but whenever I did there was a ton of color transfer to fingers. It also started to fall after about 5-6 hours of wear and you could see it under and around my eyes.

Although not my first choice, it did look really pretty when first applied.

What do you think of Dusty Girls? Have you tried their makeup?


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Lorraine F

    I actually have tried their makeup, thanks to winning an instagram contest for three of their products! I chose the loose mineral foundation in fair minerals with sunset tones, the cacao shake lipstick, and pink ladies blush. I absolutely love each of these products! Thankfully, the minerals were in my perfect shade (very light with a yellowish undertone), and the blush and lipstick are beautiful products as well. I would definitely recommend this brand to anyone!

  2. Reply

    Lorraine Fuqua

    I won an Instagram contest for three Dusty Girls products. I chose the loose mineral foundation, blush, and lipstick. I love all of them! I would highly recommend this company to anyone.

    1. Reply


      You did Lorraine!!!? Awesome! I knew you would win something over there – so much fun! Enjoy!

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    Erica Summerell

    I stumbled across this makeup in a pharmacy and was immediately taken by the pretty pastel packaging. So cute! Time constraints prevented me from having a good look at the many products available in the range but I grabbed the Pink Lady blush, a cosmetic brush and the lipshine in Argyle Pink. I wish I’d had time to get some more from the Dusty Girls collection because I love the items I bought! Very natural looking and reasonably priced too. Loving it ♡

    1. Reply


      So glad you love it! Try the Earth Cream next! So good!

  4. Reply


    I finally found some of the Dusty Girls collection in North Sydney yesterday and snapped up the Lip Shine in Argyle Pink. Looove how it moisturises my lips! It’s a sheer cover with very little colour which is perfect to use after my 6.30am swim in the sea and to keep adding moisture to my lips, without the need for a mirror, throughout the day. I love that it has no nasties in it, no smell and doesn’t leave a weird taste in my mouth like some “natural” lipsticks do. I wore it all day and it did not trigger a dermatitis flareup. I’m feeling really encouraged by this and will try the Earth Cream next. The colour medium was sold out but as soon as they restock I will give it a try also. Thanks for your review on it, it’s helpful to see pictures of it on your skin. I’m looking forward to having my makeup bag stocked with more of the Dusty Girls collection soon.

    1. Reply


      Fantastic! I’m so glad you found it and gave it a try! Their Earth Cream and Bronzer are still some of my faves! Keep us posted! xo

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