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March 4, 2016

Girls often ask me what I use for a clean facial moisturizer. I love love love using face oils as a replacement for traditional moisturizers for a few reasons.

They tend to have cleaner ingredients. Lotions and moisturizers are made by emulsifying water and oils. Water is filled with organic matter which can turn products rancid or cause them to mold. So, when water is added to a product, 99% of the time a preservative is added too. This keeps the product from turning and gives them a longer shelf-life.

Face oils are super moisturizing and contrary to what you may think, they don’t leave your face oily. Adding oil to your face can actually slow oil production because your body isn’t working to make oils when they are already there.  I have combo skin and after switching to oils my skin has never been more balanced and that mid-day shiny look is a thing of the past (can I get an amen!?) – it’s truly amazing.  Don’t believe me?  Try it and thank me later!

All oils are not created equal

Look for oils with clean ingredients. You want to see these ingredients sourced from plants and nuts. More expensive ingredients usually indicate pure, unrefined, unprocessed and organic oils but you can find clean affordable options too. Above all avoid synthetic or mineral oils and any other fillers, additives, preservatives, fragrances and toxic chemicals. Read labels and look up ingredients to be sure. Check here for some great places to start with researching ingredients.

How to apply

I use face oils both morning and night after I wash my face. It’s best to apply when your face is moist after washing, misting or toning. Same with adding oils to the body, this will help retain the extra moisture. Put 3-6 drops in your palm, rub hands together to heat up and press on your face until oil is absorbed. Then go on with your dewy gorgeous self!

Here are four face oils I have used and totally LOVE. I picked two high end oils and two affordable oils so there is something here for everyone. 

True Nature Botanicals  – Balancing Face Oil (no longer available)



First of all, this face oil is 92% organic and the other 8% is naturally derived. I know you are already sold but let me just go on. This is a fantastic, medium weight, all-season face oil.  It goes on clean, smooth, and is so refreshing. If you suffer from raisin-face in the winter, this is your answer.  If you love earthy tones like I do you will love the smell of this: sandalwood and red pine with lavender undertones.  This oil works to balance your skin, eliminate infection, and calm irritation using antibacterial and anti-inflammatory oils. Also, linoleic acid to balance and antioxidants to rebuild. This mix is ideal for aging, blemish-prone skin but would benefit any skin type. At 110/1oz it is a splurge but it’s totally one of my faves – you won’t be disappointed!

May Lindstrom – The Youth Dew



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This is one of my all time favorite face oils – it is over 90% organic, packed with 20 regenerating plant and botanical oils and is infused with CoQ-10. CoQ-10 is an antioxidant coenzyme naturally found in the body. Studies show that applying CoQ-10 reduces the level of oxidation and minimizes fine lines when applied to the skin. This oil is light to medium weight and goes on super smooth. Perfect for any season and any skin type and great layered or straight up. One of my all time faves, this oil is a must have and my go-to during summer months.

Meow Meow Tweet – Face Oil


25/.9oz (mini shown in pic is 10/4ml)

This little gem is 100% organic and vegan with the first ingredient being hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil is known as one of the driest natural oils because it is easily absorbed into the skin. No greasy residue here which is an unfortunate probability when shopping for face oils at a lower price point.  Hemp oil is high in linoleic acid making it great for cell regeneration and skin barrier repair. This medium weight, fragrance-free oil goes on a firm and seeps right in. Excellent oil for any skin type and especially great for blemish-prone skin.

Argan Oil



This was the first face oil I ever used which became a total gateway product into the world of face oils. For 8.95 you can try 100% pure, certified organic argan oil. Argan oil is super healing and rich in vitamin A and E plus antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids and linoleic acid. Also great for reducing inflammation and providing moisture. This is an all purpose oil and can be used on face, body, hair and nails. A great way to try moisturizing with oils without breaking the bank. And if you want to take baby steps you can even try adding a drop or two of this to your regular nontoxic moisturizer. Now I keep this in my bag for lips, cuticles and hand moisturizer. I love products that are multipurpose and this one fits the bill.


If you have never used a face oil, try one of these ASAP! And if you have, what are you using now or what is your fave?

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Hi Lisa,
    I love your top 4 face oils, some interesting choices there. I also use face oils both morning and night, but it was interesting to see that you apply them when your face is moist after washing or toning. i’m going to give this a try, thanks for sharing!

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      Excellent! Yes! Totally helps to lock in moisture! xo

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