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September 15, 2016

School’s back in session which means tighter schedules, making lunches, alarm clocks and packing lots of bags. A huge slap in the face considering last week I was lounging on a boat, catching rays at the Paugus Bay sandbar in Lake Winnipesaukee. Summer tagged out and fall tagged in this past week and I am keeping a few things close by to maintain throughout the chaos.

This fall it’s all about organization, smelling good and moisturizing!

eba Vegan Tote


Okay, my boys are 3 and 4 and I’m just at the tipping point of not needing a diaper bag any longer but ugh, that day is not today. I’m so over diaper bags. I’ve been using an L.L. Bean canvas tote which is just a standard tote bag but two things, it’s not cute and it doesn’t help the multi-bag carrying situation. Enter this vegan tote by eba totes. Hello! It’s a generous size bag with a divider down the middle allowing me to essentially carry my two bags in one. Boys stuff on one side and mine on the other – cute AND practical! Talk about a fantastic transitional piece…okay, I will!

A few notables about this carry-all: the interior lining is waterproof made from recycled materials and I love the the color they chose, totally fun and unexpected. Also an elastic bottle holder is sewn into the side so you have a secure place for your water – no spills! (and if you do spill it’s not going to seep through the bag and drip down your leg because: waterproof!)

Move over boat and tote, there’s a new bag on the block. Check out all their colors here AND eba totes is giving my readers an exclusive 20% off all of their bags!

Kari Gran Lip Whip


Okay so by this point my skeleton is out of the closet, I’m a lip gloss freak through and through. One for every bag, desk, car, room…you get the point. Well sad to say I didn’t even know the meaning of lip gloss until I met Kari Gran Lip Whip. Say hello to healthier, happier, hydrated lips with the perfect amount of shine and the slightest hint of mint. Handmade in small batches in Seattle with organic, wild harvested and non-GMO ingredients, this lip treatment is ON POINT! Housed in a dark glass MIRON pot – there is no compromise here in terms of luxury, performance and purity. I also love that each Whip is hand labeled with an expiration date – the care and attention to detail! This is the best of the best, the creme de la creme, the avantgarde if you will, in organic lip treatments.


They go on super soft and sheer with just the slightest hint of pigment and absolutely no stick. Like, perfect for everyday wear. Understated enough to look like you are not trying too hard but noticeable enough to make you look put together. Shown here is Radiant and Marsala, neither of which has left my side although I tend to favor Marsala.

Grab one at The Choosy Chick today! Plus The Choosy Chick is celebrating their anniversary and doling out a major goodie bag to anyone who spends over 85.00. Use code BDAYBAG to grab yours!

Los Feliz Botanicals


Los Feliz is a new natural fragrance line that dropped August 15th. Founder Krystal Quinn Castro, a long time fashion industry vet and self-taught perfumer is inspired by the intoxicating smells of the flora surrounding her Los Feliz home. And she is coming at the green beauty scene hard with some beautiful formulas.

Natural perfumes sometimes get a bad rep – I was watching one of the green beauty Youtubers last week and she made a side comment that she hates most natural fragrances because they… “smell like dirt.” I think we can all give her a nod because yeah, we hate that too! Well no longer do you need to walk your nontoxic self around smelling like dirt because Los Feliz is in the house and they are not messing around.

Applying perfume should be a tiny vacation from your day.

They have five fragrances in total. I got a sample of all five and asked for my two faves which were Yucca Valley and Blossom. Inspired by the biker/cowboy bars of the high desert, Yucca Valley has a big personality and smells like cinnamon and peppery roses with an earthy sweetness of tobacco – “classic yet unusual.”  Blossom is gorgeous. Super feminine and smells like citrus, oranges and florals plus “a touch of cognac in the base gives it a delicious and bright dry down”.  The perfumes are packaged in glass and small enough to tote around for reapplication. I found these to last just around 2 hours.

As far as ingredients go, these are made with an organic corn or grape alcohol base, essential oils, absolutes and natural isolates. They promise a perfume that is never adulterated, and will never contain synthetics, preservatives or fillers. In addition, Los Feliz sources organic and wildcrafted when possible. This line is hand crafted in small batches – blended by hand and then matured for 2 months to allow essences to marry and mature.

HIGHLY recommend these fragrances! I am like errrrrday allllllday with these two. Oil based and solids to come, stay tuned!

And I got your back with a coupon code! Use ORGGIRL20 for 20% off a full size bottle through October 1, 2016! Shop here!

Schmidt’s Deodorant


Say hello to my new deodorant! (And my husbands new deodorant too, haha!) A little secret – I have been testing clean deodorants for the past year and some I actually get to use, others just get stollen by my husband. What can I say, my man loves woman’s deodorant. The ones that don’t work I get back, the ones that do I never see again. Well the new Schmidt’s in Rose + Vanilla has been in a straight up tug-of-war between the two of us since the day it arrived.

Most good natural deodorants repress the smell of B.O. so we can go about our daily lives with out the stank. BUT what Schmidt’s does differently is in addition to that it actually gives off a really pleasant aroma. This one, you can probably guess, smells like vanilla and roses – it’s really nice. Other pros: love the stick, goes on smooth, no questionable ingredients, 100% vegan and at 8.99 it’s priced way below market value of most natural deodorants.

They have a ton of scents – I am definitely trying the cedarwood + juniper next (and by “me” I mean my husband obvi). Plus they have a fragrance free stick and also sensitive stick that is baking soda free. This stick is a must try!

Pick up yours today at The Choosy Chick! Throw this and the Lip Whip in your cart and you are well on your way to enjoying their anniversary goodie bag – use code BDAYBAG at check out!

Osea’s Body Oils

anti-aging body balm 48.00, undaria algae oil 48.00

I’m lucky I even got to take a pic of these before I pounded them both. Vegan, gluten free, 100% naturally derived and mostly organic these body oils have been a fave since the day they arrived! The undaria algae oil is GORGEOUS and smells like grapefruit and lime. OSEA uses a hand harvested organic seaweed called Undaria Algae, rich in antioxidants and sea minerals which is then soaked in oils for 6 months before use. This formula is a true body oil. It’s a medium weight and assimilates really well with no greasy fallout. My favorite time to apply is right after the shower. I love this on my arms, legs and the tops of my feet.

Left: undaria alge oil, Right: anti-aging body balm

The anti-aging body balm is an opaque oil so it comes out a creamy white before it melts into skin. This one is a heavier consistency. It soaks in nicely but is heavier than the undaria algae oil. It has more of a flowery/rose scent and is amazing for maturing skin (like mine – eek!)

I have two, okay three requirements for my moisturizers: clean ingredients, must sit nicely on skin and they have to smell good. OSEA rises to the challenge with both of these products. The undaria algae oil has been my everyday go-to with the anti-aging body balm saved for more drier days or to spot treat elbows and knees. Pick one up for yourself here!

Keep an eye out on my Instagram page because I will be giving away some of my fall faves over the next week!

What are some things you are falling for this fall?

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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    Loved reading this post – the bag looks really cool! Thank you so much for including The Choosy Chick – Have a great Sunday!

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