February Tune-In with Natalie

February 7, 2019

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February is all about cultivating your tribe, creating space, identifying your passions + taking informed action towards your greatest vision.  It is a month of movement (inner and outer) + really shifting things up to the next level. The word I would use is REVEAL.

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What brings you joy?

We have just emerged from eclipse season, which might have had you feeling foggy, confused and upended… where your most solid plans were blown to pieces and LIFE itself said Ha! you thought you were going here, but you are so far off the mark dear.

On the other side of January, there is a sense that the slate has been wiped clean and a mark of freedom in the air. The energy of February is quite different. Like the feeling you have when you wake up from a powerful dream, yet haven’t found your footing yet. The first half of the month will be a period of discovery…what is it that you want more of in your life? What is it that you need? What brings you joy? You might notice that what once brought joy, no longer does.

How do you motivate yourself?

At the same time, there could be an inner restlessness or agitation.  In the process of growth, this friction is needed to spur us into taking action towards changing the things that no longer work.  Is there something you have been denying yourself for awhile (maybe years) that is really top of mind right now? Do you feel passionate about your current big picture vision?  

It’s can simultaneously feel a bit unnerving and exciting.

– Natalie

Patience as an ally…

No planets are in retrograde for this whole month, which continues the fast pace forward motion. Delivering us to the places we say we want to go, yet at the same time feel a little fearful of.  It can simultaneously feel a bit unnerving and exciting. The tendency with this energy might be to push, to explode with destructive force. This might be productive, it might not. Only you will know.  Before impulsively acting, ALLOW for the reveal. Be patient. Be present with each moment + carve out space for your presence to illuminate the way… YOUR unique way forward.

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Ahhh… space.

Creating space for yourself is crucial.  It is not time to busy yourself with surface level chatter. There are movements deep within, questions around who we are and what we are here for – it is a collective process, and also a deeply personal one.  Much wants to reveal itself and there must be space for this processing to happen, for the answers to bubble up from the depths.

Creating space doesn’t have to be some grand gesture.  It can be super simple. Notice when there is a natural pause in between words or breaths or experiences and linger a moment longer there than you normally do.  For 30 seconds or a minute, acknowledge the space, lean into it, allow it to wrap around you, to permeate your skin. The space most likely has something important to tell you…you must practice waiting in the space though…no push energy or trying to figure things out. Let it REVEAL itself.

Tribe, community, partnership.

At the same time that you honor your need for space, surround yourself with collaborations and community that support rather than constrict. February is a strong month for partnerships of all kinds. Who is your current tribe? Are they in alignment with the you who is emerging from the last few months of transformation?  If the answer is no, I wrote a blog post HERE with some tips on how to gracefully step out of relationships that aren’t serving you anymore.

The big planetary events happen mid-month:

  • Mars conjunct Uranus in Aries (Feb 12-13).  The peak or beginning of the volatile/ intense action + passion + change.  Could cause a breakdown and/or a breakthrough. Mars is about courage, pressing forward, action, the masculine energy. Uranus, awakens through unpredictability and chaos. Aries, an activating fire-sign is about identity. You might SEE yourself clearly for who you really are (the essence of you, behind the mask of personality). LIGHT.
  • Chiron moves into Aries (Feb 18th) and will remain there until June 2026. Chiron is the wounded healer, the part of us where we feel we will never heal.  It is time for us to own our wounds and utilize the gifts they bring to our work in the world. “The wound is the place from where the light enters you” – Rumi.  SHADOW.
  • The Super Full Moon in Virgo (Feb 19th) will carry a lot of power + possible liberation with it.  It might awaken a strong desire or thirst that you find yourself doing ANYTHING to quench… a great question to ask is if the desire in your best interest?  Is it coming from your head or your heart? And will it nourish you in the long run? Some of the answers might surprise you. Channel the Aries energy into forgiveness if you realize you’ve been moving forward from a space of instant ego gratification. This is a great moon for forgiveness of any kind.
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Time frames to work with…

Feb 4-8: Believe in you! Whatever you start at this time will be empowered and encouraged. Practice showing up with confidence. Set your intentions for the month and refine your intentions for the year. Use your creative pursuits to reconnect you with your passions.

Feb 9-13: Articulate, communicate, break your bigger vision into smaller steps + specific tasks. Take action and practice trusting that any small action will lead you to breakthrough. Stay physically active to channel the strong energy.

Feb 14-17: Slow down a bit, spend time with your significant other, experience life through your senses, try something completely new. Tap into joy.

Feb 18-21: This might be a very social time. Honor your emotional and physical needs – honestly communicate them. Organize, attend to any details that have been lingering since January.

Feb 22-28: Take a break, carve out some space and time for YOU to take stock of where you are focused.  Check in with your emotions as they may be intense. Redirect any energy that needs it. Honor both the shadow + light aspects that reveal themselves.

Feb 27: Go outside at night and look for Mercury… it will be the best view all year in the Northern Hemisphere.

A few more journal prompts:

  • How am I communicating with others? Am I clear, direct or passive-aggressive? Is there anything I need to shift and if so, who do I need to practice this with?
  • Is there a completely new part of myself that is emerging? How can I nurture my own growth?
  • What are the things I’m passionate about? What lights me up and inspires me?
  • In what ways can I give back to the world?
  • Am I surrounding myself with a tribe who can really SEE me as I am now?
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Use the first two weeks to clear your head + aim high and find space to BE. The middle of the month is when things really start to heat up. Once the friction starts, channel your energy towards that greater vision and nothing will be able to stop you.

Good luck with your process my friend.

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Cover art by Annisa Tiara Utami

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xo natalie


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