February Beauty Heroes + Osmia’s Night Body Oil

February 1, 2017

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Beauty Heroes February selection is in the house and it’s lookin’ FINE! I mentioned that I bought my mom and my sister-in-law a 3 month Beauty Heroes subscription for Christmas and I am SO EXCITED they are rounding out their three months with a treat from Osmia!

This month we are seeing Osmia’s Night Body Oil as the hero product with their Lip Doctor as the sidekick. A total value of $76 for just $39 – I mean you just can’t beat this!

Who Is Osmia

Let me start off by saying I am head over heals in LOVE with these two products and I am so excited to tell you why but first let me tell you a little bit about Osmia and how this company came to be.

Me and Sarah

Dr. Sarah Villafranco was passionately practicing ER medicine and just feeling like she was not making a difference. I had the chance to attend a Meet the Maker event at Follain Boston and this is how she described it:

I wasn’t feeling like I was practicing the Sarah Villafranco brand of medicine. I was kind of doing what people expected of me and there is honor in that; being there for someone in their time of crisis is a gift. But at the end of the day I would leave and think, I’m not sure if I helped shift things in a really meaningful way. I fixed people’s problems but I wasn’t necessarily contributing to their health. And as a physician, I wanted to really empower people to do so.

It was around that time in 2010 that Sarah took a soap making class and everything changed. This is how she knew she could impact lives. And boy is she doing it, and doing it with grace. She now has a staff of 8 people and they make, box and label everything in house. Sarah is a master formulator and a total fine artist when it comes to presentation. I have yet to try any of her handmade soaps but one look at them and it is undeniable how much heart and soul she puts into her product. How stunning are these!? Totally on my wish list.

Night Body Oil

Okay speaking of being a master at formulating. HELLO. This oil is the gift that keeps on giving. First of all, how beautiful is this packaging. Um, GORGEOUS. The color of the oil juxtaposed with its minimalist and whimsical packaging will make any heart skip a beat. And just as a side note, this oil is best stored away from heat and direct sunlight to preserve all of it’s goodness.


Second the smell of this oil will totally seduce you. It is the most complex, enticing, calming blend of botanicals that will set the stage for a restorative night sleep. I honestly don’t know how Sarah did it but she struck a cord with this scent profile. It goes on fragrant but in a way that you still have to put your nose to your arm to smell it, like it’s not over powering but it is there and it draws you in like a friend telling you a secret, you just want to know more. And as much as you will enjoy this scent it’s really an “extravagance for the now” as Sarah puts it. It’s not one that will stay and linger or impose itself on the rest of your night, it’s really beautiful in it’s own moment and then it takes a bow.

The principal ingredients here are lavender, roman chamomile and atlas cedar with rosemary as an understudy yet the true star of the show, in my opinion. Like, this smell is redick – so good.

Sara worked endlessly to find the right mix of base oils to not only carry these beautiful scents but to nourish and moisturize the skin. And this is where the giving continues. This oil goes on and soaks in like no other. It is truly a Yin to my skin’s Yang. Sometimes when I apply body oils, I have to wait to put on my clothes so I don’t get them oily but with this I can apply – best after getting out of the shower – and and I have no reservations about getting into my sheets (or clothes). I actually want to get right in because this oil is so relaxing.

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This oils is specifically designed to deliver:

  • Aromatherapy that calms your nervous system and signals that it’s time to sleep
  • Support of healthy melatonin production
  • Strong, soft and deeply healed skin

This formula is made with 60% organic ingredients which comprise of oils like fractionated coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, hemp seed oil, avocado oil and more. These are paired with organic or wild crafted essential oils and CO2 extracts which all have a sleep inducing effect. Love this new addition to my nighttime routine. LOVE.

Herogram Card

Beauty Heroes says sleep is the best medicine and scent and ritual are the key ingredients to a good nights rest. Here are a few words from Sarah on the importance of setting the stage for a good night’s sleep.

Sleep. Either you have trouble falling asleep or you wake up and you get monkey brain and you can’t go back to sleep – that’s what happens to me. Or insomnia. Our culture is really busy. Sometimes the simplest answers are overlooked when theres a faster one. Make the investment in creating a nighttime routine for yourself. Same with what we do for babies. Your body will respond to psychological information. If you start a routine, create a habit, your body will start to cue itself in a very physical way.

Speaking of setting a night time routine, this month’s #herogram card is included to help us do just that. Pausing for a moment to set an intention for your evening routine may help you reach that optimal 8 hours of restorative good sleep. (Although if you are my husband you would say it’s an “optimal 14 hours of sleep” but hey whatever works!)

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Sidekick: Lip Doctor

Loving this lip balm! Again it was love at first sight with this fatty tube. I am a sucker for oversized lip balms and this one stole my heart! Then I actually used it and I was sold. Its minimalistic formula is totally nourishing and moisturizing on lips. If I apply it before bed, I wake up with baby soft plump lips. I also love it during the day and on my kid’s lips too. The one downside is I only have ONE of these and I really need several – one for every nook (bedside table, car, purse, kitchen..you know what I mean). It’s just that type of product.

Lip Doctor is perfect for sensitive lips too because it is formulated sans essential oils. It only has 6 ingredients: organic olive oil, Osmia harvested lavender, organic cocoa butter, beeswax, organic avocado and argan oils. I love the taste/smell of cocoa butter and I sometimes apply cocoa butter straight up to my lips but it never stays. This is like applying cocoa butter that not only stays but nourishes too. Brilliant.

Beauty Heroes + Osmia

So happy to talk about Osmia for Beauty Heroes this month. Osmia has strong values of environmental sensitivity, sustainability, self care and wellness. Sarah says,

I want people to be inspired to contribute to their health and the health of the planet that we share. It’s simple.

How can you not love this company!? You can try Osmia too at almost a 50% discount through Beauty Heroes this month. Here we see a value of $76 but you can grab it for $39 if you sign up to be a Beauty Heroes member. Signing up for Beauty Heroes not only delivers luxe green beauty monthly, it also grants you %15 off at their online beauty store which has some top notch green beauty selections to choose from. It’s really a great deal all around. Give your bae a nudge for V day – or just buy it yourself and say it’s from them!

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