February Clean Beauty Subscription Roundup

January 31, 2020

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All I have to say is everyone is stepping up their game in 2020 because this month’s clean beauty subscription scene is NOTABLE! Here’s what I can share to date, be sure to check back for the rest!

The Detox Box featuring Pai

This month we are seeing $157 worth of Pai for as little as $39.95/mo with a subscription or $55 as a one-time purchase. Available now while supplies last here!

This is what’s included:

1. Lightwork Rosehip Cleansing Oil Mini 28ml
2. Chamomile & Rosehip Calming Day Cream 50ml
3. Exfoliator 75ml
4. Camellia & Rose Cleanser 30ml + Cleansing Cloth

Grab the February Detox Box here!

Beauty Heroes featuring BLÜH ALCHEMY

Beauty Heroes is delivering two full size BLÜH ALCHEMY products in February. A $222 value available as a one time purchase for $58.95 or you can get it as low as $37.96 with a one year subscription. Order by 2/20 to get this selection. Check out Beauty Heroes subscription options here!

When February delivers not only crave-worthy BLÜH ALCHEMY BUT a crave-worthy BLÜH ALCHEMY new release…and not only that, a crave-worthy BLÜH ALCHEMY botanic retinol serum like none I’ve ever seen? YOU JUMP ON IT! Here’s what’s included in the February Beauty Heroes Discovery…

HERO PRODUCT: Botanic-Retinol, 30ml | $140 – This is a serum concentrate powered by buzz-worthy Bakuchiol and backed by vitamin A: fig, cacay, carrot seed oil as well as watermelon bioferment to increase bioavailability. Bakuchiol has been shown to work just as well as retinol to reduce fine lines and hyperpigmentation. But unlike retinol, it is not drying, irritating and it doesn’t make skin more photosensitive. I personally love that this is an active serum that also hydrates AND can be worn both day and night. It’s like FINALLY, there is a serum that does it all!

SIDEKICK: Eye Oil Serum, 10ml | $82 – Personally I am not an eye oil girl. I prefer a cream or a serum BUT, this oil hits all the ingredient marks. Check it out. It’s formulated with:

  • Kakadu plum is rich in vitamin c and designed to stimulated cell regeneration and reduce hyperpegmentation.
  • Green coffee bean to reduce the signs of dark circles, tighten and depuff.
  • Hibiscus and green tea to improve the appearance of firmness.
  • Rosehip and raspberry seed oils lightly moisturize and reduce the appearance of lines and discoloration.
  • Vanilla for anti-inflammatory benefits

This is a great way to try one of my favorite brands. Beauty Heroes suspects this selection will sell out day one so don’t wait!

Try the February Beauty Heroes Discovery here!

Clean Beauty Box featuring LIVE BOTANICAL

flat lay of the february clean beauty box

February’s Clean Beauty Box‘s theme is “First Light” and is showcasing multiple products from LIVE BOTANICAL – a brand I recommend all the time. We are seeing two full size products and an exclusive (deluxe size) new release. A $130 value for $41.95 with a two month commitment. Here’s what’s included:

First Light Brightening Oil Serum, 30ml | $68 – This oil serum can be used as a serum under your moisturizer, as a spot treatment OR as your daily moisturizer. It’s versatile like that! Designed to support collagen production, increase elasticity and reduce scarring + hyperpigmentation. Sensitive-skin friendly too!

Greenhouse Glow Antioxidant Mask, 50ml | $48 – A nutrient-dense smoothie for your skin. This is an oil-based-creamy-balm-mask that’s activated with water. It’s designed to increase hydration, promote circulation and encourage collagen production.

Seasonal Radiance Elixir, 15ml | $14 – This is an exclusive pre-launch through The Clean Beauty Box. Say hello to LIVE BOTANICAL’s current seasonal elixir: a custom-blended mushroom complex which creates a flexible, breathable, hydrating layer drawing moisture into the skin.

Try the February Clean Beauty Box here!

February Boxwall featuring Votary

The February Boxwalla features TWO FULL SIZE products from the cult favorite British brand Votary. This is a $212 value for $49.95. Sign up for a subscription by 2/20/20 to receive this as your first box – cancel at will.

a flat-lay of boxwalla's february box featuring votary

Here’s what’s included:

Super Seed Facial Oil ($110) : A fragrance-free, deeply nourishing & calming oil serum made with a blend of 22 seed oils including omega-rich pumpkin seed, cranberry, raspberry, chia, pomegranate, cherry, carrot seed and more! It’s formulated to minimize fine lines, increase skin’s elasticity and improve skin health while imparting a show-stopping glow.

Super Seed Nutrient Cream ($102) : A soothing and protective cream with a luscious texture that melts into skin. Made with a blend of 22 seed oils to nourish and moisturize skin as well as hyaluronic acid for lasting hydration. Leaves the skin plump and healthy, with an almost matte, non-greasy finish.

Try Boxwalla here!

Xo, lisa


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Do you have any thoughts on botanical forms of retinol during pregnancy? After some cursory research, I can’t tell if it’s safe or not, but this Bluh product sounds awesome!

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      Hi there! I don’t make formal recommendations for pregnant women as I am not a doctor – but I will tell you, if I were pregnant, I would feel comfortable using Bakuchiol.

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