Follain’s New Capsule Collection

January 10, 2018

Follain capsule collection

Born and raised in Boston, you guys know my heart beats for Follain. Follain was Bean Town’s first green beauty store and now takes up not one but two local residences (Charles St and Back Bay). They also have a seasonal store on Nantucket and two additional stores, one in NYC and one in DC. Follain was my first introduction to green beauty and it was love at first sight. Before this breakthrough I was legit DIY-ing organic beet root powder blush and rubbing cocoa butter wafers on my lips for chapstick – girrrrlll, ain’t no one got time for dat! Follain took me from Neanderthal to Hollywood in like 2 seconds flat.

Follain NYC
Follain, Fivestory, NYC

Now that green beauty is picking up speed we are seeing A LOT more online and brick and mortars popping up for both brands AND curated shops. If you follow my travels on Instagram you will see that I LOVE hitting up green beauty shops where ever I go. I’ve been to ton. Credo in Boston, NYC and SF, Aillea + Fig and Flower in Atlanta, Lemon Lane in Nashville and I’m excited to hit up The Detox Market in LA next month too! Each shop has something that makes them unique and for Follain it’s education and creating change.

One Of A Kind

If you’ve ever visited one of Follain’s locations you will know! Their store isn’t staffed with cashiers, it’s equipped with green beauty experts. These ladies have not only used all the products but they’ve met and talked with founders, they explore and research ingredients and they’ve formed opinions on what to try and WHY. I LOVE going in here and chatting them up about what they are loving lately, best sellers, what I should try next or what’s new. I’ve even hit them with hard questions like, What do you think about phenoxyethanol being used as a preservative in this product? Or I notice you carry only the products from this line that don’t contain talc, was that a conscious decision? And you know what? They always have an answer, and it’s always a good one.

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The other thing that is unique about Follain is they don’t carry full lines. They test brands and then stock only their favorites from each. So going in you know you are getting the best of the best that green beauty has to offer. When they first opened, they only stocked USA-made brands but as of last year they are stocking brands from all over the globe so when I say; shopping Follain is shopping the cream of the crop – it really is!

Follain, Fivestory, NYC
Follain, Fivestory, NYC

If you are wondering how they vet their products and decide what to carry – here is their formula. Products go through this rigorous process before being put on the shelf:

Creating Change

Lastly, founder Tara Foley is 100% invested in crating change. She is passionate, knowledgable and a freakin’ go-getter. This girl gets it done. So when I heard her speak for the the first time at W.E.L.L. Summit 2015 Boston, she was asked what her 5..10…15 year plan was for Follain and she said this:

My hope is that clean beauty becomes ubiquitous to the point where my shop is obsolete. – Tara Foley

And I just sat and watched her. This girl with perfect skin and minimal makeup. She was sporting a business cazh blouse + pants punctuated with a pair of black and white chucks….and I was like, This girl is going to change the world.  (This was before I started my blog and I was so motivated to join the movement after that weekend. See what W.E.L.L. Summit can do!? Light a fire in your belly and point you to true north all in one day!)

Follain’s Capsule Collection

Anyways, all of this to say that when I heard that Follain was releasing their first ever capsule collection I was ALL IN. This store that I’ve come to love – who’s integrity shines bright and who’s intentions align with the greater good – is coming out with their own line of products? Yeah, sign me up. The capsule is available in store and online and includes 4 different bath products in collaboration with 4 different natural brands. So this is what we are seeing:

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Follain X Organic Bath Co Rose Body Butter ($38) – Um, I really can’t say enough about this body butter. I’ve tried Organic Bath Co before so I thought I knew what to expect but WOW! First of all, the scent is SPOT ON. Super light to the point where I had to do a double take to see if I was really smelled anything. The amount of fragrance here is so beautifully understated. And it’s whipped to the MAX. When you drag your fingers along the top to take product out you can actually hear it sing like whipped cream coming out of a can. Plus it goes on so nice. Super conditioning but not to the point where the excess transfers to clothes and sheets. I put this on before bed the other night and my heart sang with content + my sheets stayed clean.

Follain X Farmasthetics Dream Bath Elixir  ($45) – Okay, get ready to take your bath experience to a whole new level! This bath elixir smells AH-MAZING! Essential oils of lavender, clary sage, blue yarrow, geranium and eucalyptus are super calming before bed with the addition of aloe vera to help soften skin. This was my first time using a bath elixir and I was kinda like, where have you been my whole life!?

Follain X RICA Rose Bud Milk Bath ($19) Made with whole milk to soften skin and clay to help detoxify, this is a fun alternative to the oh so popular (and unfortunately toxic) bath bombs. Super mild in scent and it fizzes a little bit when it hits the water.

Follain X OSEA Lavender Bath Salts ($26) This is the only colab I didn’t get to try but I love OSEA so I was excited to see that Follain teamed up with this Malibu green beauty brand as well. This detoxifier mixes magnesium chloride flakes with a variety of salts and lavender essential oil. Add this to your bath to detox, sooth skin and calm the mind.

Follain brand skincare
Follain No.2 Candle

Follain No.2 Candle ($38) This is not a colab but I wanted to mention…Follain just came out with their own nontoxic candle too. Yaaaaasssss Follain. One of the most frequent questions I get asked is recommendations on nontoxic candles. And people don’t want a yellow beeswax pillar candle from the natural food store – they want a chic beautiful candle housed in glass that smells and looks good.

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Welp, look no further because here it is. The Follain No.2 Candle candle is made with a blend of non-GMO soy, coconut and cotton seed oils, a cotton (lead and heavy metal free) wick and scented with essential oils. And how does it smell? We are talking lavender, white tea, fig leaf and basil. One word sums this up pretty well: divine. Not to mention the packaging is sleek and pretty too. Housed in glass with a clean label and it also comes packaged in a beautiful Follain green, paper/cardboard cylinder. This makes a great gift!


They also sell a Blissed Out Bath Set that includes their No.2 Candle, Rose Body Butter and Rose Bud Milk Bath for $90 saving you $5.

And did you know they make their own liquid hand soaps? Love these. I also love that they come in refillable glass bottles too. You can snag Lemongrass and Lavender online but if you are in the area they have more scent option in store. Can’t get enough of their Blood Orange. ($24) I’ve given these several times as hostess gifts!

Also if you are local, check out their event calendar – I love their Meet The Maker events, DIY workshops and their makeup tutorials. And they even do 1:1 makeup consults if you need help choosing product and colors. Check out their calendar here – and sign up for their emails so you don’t miss an event.

Have you tied any of the Follain’s capsule collection?





By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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      Awesome girl! Yes! In Denver there is Vert and also Aillea!

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