Four Looks For The Holidays With GIA Minerals

November 14, 2017

GIA Minerals Makeup 2

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Hey guys! With the holidays coming up I put together some cute looks you can use for all those social events you have going on. From brunches to work parties to family dinners – I’ve got you covered with some of my makeup staples plus a few new things I am trying too. And it just so happened that my best friend AND my sister recently asked me what eyeshadow they should buy. So I figured I would create some looks around GIA Minerals. A brand that is not only clean but is easy to use and comes in a ton of pretty colors.

The founder of GIA Minerals is Georgina Tzavaras, a former teacher turned beauty formulator. Her goal is to provide women healthy and affordable nontoxic beauty. She is in the lab daily and in full control of her product manufacturing (no middle men here) plus her make up is always cruelty free, gluten free and mostly vegan.

GIA Minerals Makeup_And as far as ingredients go, GIA’s shadows are made with: Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Organic Calendula and Organic White Tea. So simple. So clean. So good.

The other thing is they are literally available in a million shades. Seriously. I think there really is a million. So whatever color you want, girl, they have it. These shadows come loose which is a pro or a con depending on your preference. Loose means there have been no chemicals added to “press” or compact the color so ultimately this eyeshadow is in it’s cleanest form. But it is loose which some people may not like because it can be a little harder to control (too much on your brush can be a disaster, if you forget to close the lid it can get everywhere…).

Look #1

Gia Minerals makeup look

This is a modern day take on a light eye with a bold lip. I love this for day but also for night too. It’s a clean, polished look that just radiates.

Look #2

GIA Minerals Makeup look

This is a classic light/nude lip paired with a dark/smokey eye. This is one of my fave looks; sultry and compelling.

Look #3

GIA Minerals Makeup Look

Another smoky eye. Let’s be honest, the holidays practically beg for a smoky. This take on ombre is darker at the lash line and blending out. Flirty and bold + paired with a barley there pink gloss.

Look #4

Gia Minerals Makeup

A daytime look that is sweet and polished. Playing up natural coloring by applying GIA’s Sungoddess bronzer on my lids paired with no liner.


If you are looking to try some of the GIA Minerals products, head over to my Instagram page where I am giving some of these away this week! Two winners!

For more on GIA – check out my post featuring GIA’s Smoky Eye Palette and mascara.

Or to buy, shop here!





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