January 18, 2019

ERNESTS this organic girl friyay

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My favorite day of the week! Here’s what went down over the past 7 days in wellness and green beauty…

1.True Botanicals dropped their Moisture Lock Overnight Mask yesterday – and my mailman is about to file a RO on my ace because I’ve been crazy stalking him with anticipation all week! Used overnight to lock in moisture and super hydrate. Perfect in time for winter…..who am I kidding, like, all year round. Check it out here!

2. Ordered some of these to help reduce plastic usage in the kitchen.

3. Chatting up the two best natural face creams with my girl Sarah from Whoorl here!

4. Have you guys seen this documentary?! My palms started sweating just watching the trailer. Is this guy for real!?

5. Still my fave blush. It brightens my skin, brings life and gives me the perfect flush of color. I can’t get enough!

6. Love the new Berkey glass water bottles for on-the-go! These are super chic and HALF OFF right now!

7. I guarantee this egg cooking method will blow your mind. I tried it and it totally works. Even better if you can use a nontoxic skillet. And if that doesn’t blow your mind, this 5 minute cooking method will!

8. The only natural hairspray that works.

9. Loving this natural lip stain and it’s just about $15 with code ORGANICGIRL15!

10. Build your own orgasm. And don’t forget to use nontoxic condoms and lube.

11.Be sure to check out my updated Coupon Codes page! So many great deals here and they are all exclusive to This Organic Girl!

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12. The easiest gourmet appetizer.

13. If you are looking for a new face oil to try, look no further than West of South Prickly Pear Repair Serum. It’s light enough to layer but robust enough to use alone as your moisturizer. The founder created this formula to address her own acne, soften scars and fade hyper-pigmentation. Did I mention it’s 100% ORGANIC!? LISAWEST15 will save you here!

14. Um, one word; GRAYS ANATOMY IS BACK! I’m so ready for Mere to get steamy with DeLuca!

15. Are kids eating chicken nuggets or wood?

16. The one thing I always have stocked in my pantry. #obsessed

17. New Years Resolutions based on personality type.


1.Stop what you are doing right now and get a Laurel facial at Modern Holistic. Best facial I’ve ever had!

2. Check out STAT Wellness – the first medicine + movement practice and it’s opening here in Atlanta on Monday! Use code FREEWEEK for access to all of their movement classes FOR FREE (next week only) AND use code FITANDWELL for 10% off everything including medicine, memberships, class packs and more.

3. Check out Karma Farm and Karma Daisy! Dairy free, gluten free, local and ORGANIC.

4. Did you know Soul Cycle has a Wednesday night Hip Hop Hump Day class? And Reb3l has a hip hop dance workout? You can even access it from home. What are some other hip hop work outs in the Atl?

Cover Image by Ernests

P.S. Check out the best organic towels and the one product I recommend for cleaning EVERYTHING!

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By Lisa

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