January 25, 2019

1.The brand new True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask is wait-listed! It sold out in a day! I was lucky enough to get one and I have to say, it’s a pro at locking in moisture. I’m even considering wearing it during the day. It’s that good.

2. Currently devouring this book.

3. Dietitians round up the best Trader Joe’s picks – I checked these out and you can find most of them organic too!

4. Having a hard time getting your child to throw back their probiotics? Check out these chocolate heart probiotic/prebiotic ones!

5. Credo is a mixed bag when it comes to clean beauty. They stock some really beautiful products but if you poke around you will still find some offenders like retinyl palmitate which rates a 9 out of 10 on the EWG toxicity scale, phenoxyethanol, an ingredient banned by ECOCERT (the very first certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”) and fragrance which can house up to 3,999 different materials including phthalates, carcinogens, endocrine disruptors and more. BUT things are starting to change over at Credo. Last year they got hit with a class action law suit from a customer claiming the retailer was falsely marketing products as 100% natural. Credo updated its Dirty List – a list of substances the 100-plus brands it carries must exclude starting October 2019. No changes yet but you know I will be keeping an eye out. Stay tuned!

6. Checked out a few new podcasts this week. Nothing I would tune into again. This podcast remains one of my faves, is so fun and easy to listen to. I have definitely found a bestie in Sarah James and Kristin Howerton. What’s your fave podcast?

7. Speaking of podcasts, my kids love But Why – and I do too. It keeps their attention and they are learning but most of all it keeps them occupied in the car so they are not fighting!

8. Looking to live more naturally but don’t know where to start? My girl Suzi will walk you through it here!

9. If you are thinking of getting a new mattress – WAIT! My Green Mattress is having a sale mid February and I’ll have all the deets here. My Green Mattress is where clean meets comfy meets affordable. And their latex topper took my night sleep from a 7 to a 10! Stay tuned!

10. The most important thing on your wellness journey is access to clean water IMO. And not all water filters are created equal. This is the one we use at home and I personally think it’s the best that money can buy. It even has the capacity to filter out fluoride! THISORGANICGIRL will save you 5%.

11. Take this skin quiz to find out what clean products work best for your exact skin type!

12. Looking to clear up adult or teen acne? I love recommending this line! I have people come back and tell me all the time how great their skin looks now. It really works!

13. Did you hear? With ingredients like methylparaben, fragrance and mineral oil…Chapstick is out. But The Lip Doctor is totally in! More of my fave clean lip balms here!

14. The top baby name for boys SIX YEARS IN A ROW!

15. Triple your veggie intake with this online resource. Best thing I ever did!

16. For more healthy living swaps, check out my Amazon Shop here!


1.Consider ATLAS for your Valentines Day dinner! Enjoy a spectacular four-course prix fixe menu for $150 per person created by Executive Chef Christopher Grossman and Pastry Chef Christian Castillo. Showcasing the freshest, seasonal ingredients from local farms. Wine pairings available too.

2. Sew your own capsule wardrobe?! YES!

3. The cheapest place to stay in Atlanta.

4. If you haven’t checked out Modern Holistic yet, DO IT! Best facial ever. And they carry Laurel Skin too!

5. I don’t even know why I’m sharing this because the less people who know, the better my chances are at actually getting in. Tickets go on sale 2/5 at 10am for the last week of Infinity Mirrors. Mark your calendars! I’ll be frantically hitting refresh at 9:55am like it’s my job!

6. We hit up a Hawks game last weekend. One of the workers caught me wondering which barrel to throw my kid’s popsicle stick in (the “bottles, cans, glass” recycle barrel or the landfill barrel). And he goes, “Throw it in either one. They all go to the same place.” I heard this rumor about Atlanta but this is the first time I’ve heard it confirmed. Atlanta DOES NOT RECYCLE. But they give every one recycle barrels and make it look like they are recycling. Who can I talk to about this!? File under: #WTH #It’s2019

7. Karma Farm has its grand opening next week. It’s been over a year in the making and it’s finally here! Gluten free, dairy free, nut free, local and organic!

8. Visualize wellness and good habits at Aillea January 26 11-1pm! More here!

Cover image by Abbey Withington

Xo, lisa


True Botanicals Moisture Lock Overnight Mask

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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