December 14, 2018

holding a handful of Kosas lipsticks and smiling

Hi friends!

My grandiose visions of celebrating the holiday season with my 5 and 6 year old are revealing themselves in the most unromantic way. Last weekend we went to go cut down a tree for the first time – because when in Georgia #obvi – So anyways we got to this small Mom and Pop tree farm about 45 mins north of the city and it was closed! No mention of a closing on their website, naturally. So then on the way back home, we ended up picking up a straggler at some one-off pop-up in the city center while half the family sat in the car. I mean really….

We also hit up Santa’s Fantastical which I heard was amazing but it turned out to be a bust. $130 for the family to get in and ultimately this was basically a curation of selfie sets. Like look, me and my family at a 1950s Christmas, or me trapped in a snow globe. I mean the fact that an attraction can be built around photo ops is just so 2018!

Anyways, the good news is my kids don’t notice. They are running around like, This tree looks perfect! And, Take another picture of me falling down this candy cane hole! 

Their sense of wonder is infectious and honestly, THEY are the magic. I didn’t celebrate Christmas growing up. My first Christmas was when I was 16. It was very reserved and polite and Oh thank you and You really shouldn’t have and Can you please pass the JELLY. But seeing my kids eyes burn bright with wonder at whipped cream in their hot chocolate or their furrowed brow while calculating exactly HOW presents get into houses with no chimneys or almost crying from overwhelm when they see Santa – it’s just all….magic. For the first time in my life, I finally believe. And picture perfect Saturdays or not – I’m so in.

Also, all my kids want for Christmas is guns, slingshots and bows and arrows so there is that too. How is the season going for you!?

Here’s what’s up for this week…

1. Fitglow Beauty dropped an eyeshadow + blush palette and you can get it for a steal here!

2. Is anyone else watching this! Just binged season one this week and I kinda love it! I also want all of her clothes.

3. Did you know you can pretty much check out any personal care item for toxicity here!? Just type in the name and a toxicity score will pop up.

4. Made a video here with my new friend Dr. Melissa – we are making the switch to green EASY and FUN!

5. This “Kiss of Winter” lip kit is awesome! Lip polish and a Lip Whip for only $25!!!

6. Almost $400 worth of green beauty goodies here for just $149! This makes a GREAT GIFT!

7. Every wonder how to start a blog? I’ve got your back with an easy 1, 2, 3 here!

8. Deals at MŪN plus don’t forget to use code THISORGANICGIRL to save an additional 15% on all orders.

  • Get a free 30 ml ANKARI (FAVE!) ($30) when you order a Protect + Revive (moisturizer).
  • Pick up the AKWI cleanser and get a free organic face cloth – I love these cloths. They are so right in every way; weight, size, materials.
  • All orders over $200 get a Daily Face Essentials Minis set! ($60)! Shop here!

9. If you are like What the heck am I going to get my mom/sister/bestie…You can never go wrong with a mask. I like this one. More ideas here and here!

10. Loving Clove + Hallow’s Lip Velvet in Uptown! Not only is it stunning, it doubles as wine lips camo. I got you girl – haha! ORGANICGIRL15 will save you bringing these down to just about $15!

clove and hallow lip velvet in uptown - organic lipstick - budget beauty
Clove + Hallow Lip Velvet in Uptown

11. Want to know what the planets and collective energy have in store for you in January!? Me too! Meet Natalie, our newest contributor. She will be bringing us all the meta-physical insight and helping us tune in to live our best lives. First edition dropping the first week of January!

12. Literally can not get enough of this organic sweater. I’ve probably worn it 6X in 2 weeks. So practical! And so versatile!

13. What to do when there is a black napkin AND a white napkin at your dinner table. Hint: one is NOT a salad napkin – haha!

14. Haven’t gotten your holiday cards yet!? This company does everything right – I’ve gotten my cards here the past 7 years straight – and you can still save 20% through 12/17 with code WINTER18! 

15. This subscription is one of the best ways to go green in 2019 and guess what!? It’s only $10/month!

16. Giving away THE ENTIRE Kosas lipstick line on my Instagram! Be sure to enter here!

kosas nontoxic lipstick
The ENTIRE KOSAS LIPSTICK LINE is up for grabs over at my Instagram! Get there and enter to win! Wearing Thrillist here.

Xo, lisa


win kosas lipsticks

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Season two of Maisel is SO good! I binged it last weekend. The first episode is just meh, but it really picks up after that. And yes, I want all of the fit and flare dresses and heels. And matching hats and bags of course.

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      Yaaasss! That maroon and blush Dior dress was STUNNING! Starting season two this weekend – thanks for the heads up! So excited! xo

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