Glowing Beets January Box Reveal

January 25, 2017

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Always a good day when my Glowing Beets box arrives! This month’s box arrived a bit late because it was supposed to included a Fitglow lipstick – a green beauty cult fave – but the shipment got held up at customs so instead we are seeing Scandic Botanica’s Rosehip Highlighter!

If you are bummed about the lipstick situation (like I am) DON’T BE because *spoiler alert* we will be seeing Fitglow’s lipstick in an upcoming box so stay tuned! So if you are jumping up and down like I am, just hang tight and if you are not a member yet – sign on so you can get in on the Fitglow action before it’s too late!

Okay so even with the customs snafu, we are still seeing a packed box this month. Glowing Beets promises 3-4 deluxe size products and this month we are getting all of that plus some. January includes: a full size of Davids premium natural toothpaste, Free Range Skincare’s Lavender Hand and Body Lotion, Scandic Botanica Rosehip Highlighter and Modicum Skincare Essential Travel Kit.

Scandic Botanica’s Rosehip Highlighter

.25 oz, $22

First of all, LOVE the packaging. The logo embellishment is reminiscent of a wax letter seal – actually I’m pretty sure it is a wax letter seal. Either way, it’s wicked cute. And even better, Scandic Botanica’s packaging is made with recyclable/upcylcable materials.  This line is created in small batches and uses only natural/organic sustainable ingredients.

This highlighter is so unique. The ingredients are: organic shea butter, organic + cold-pressed rosehip seed oil and organic + cold-pressed jojoba oil. THATS IT! With the absence of any micas or titaniums this formula does not sparkle or shimmer at all. It wears more as a dewy glow. I think its a great tool to have for those days that your skin is lackluster or dull. This formula brings some much needed life!

Consider this for your cheekbones, brow bone, collarbone, temples, shoulders or any other body part that you want to add some dewiness.

Free Range Skincare Lavender Hand & Body Lotion

6 oz, $11.95

As an apology for the delay, Glowing Beets included this extra in the January box. A fun surprise for sure! Lotions tend to leave my hands greasy and then it is hard to do any tasks after applying without leaving an oil mark on whatever I touch. This lotion is super light and legit, soaks right in. It doesn’t get in the way, it’s not a chore to put on, it doesn’t linger, it hydrates, it smells good (but not overpowering)…I mean, what more can you ask for!?

The ingredients look good too!  Here they are, oh and by the way, they are mostly organic and Free Range is on their way to getting certified organic which is exciting!

Deionized Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Avocado Oil, Shea Butter, E-Wax, Stearic Acid, Free Range Egg, Kaolin Clay, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E. Benzlalcohol-DHA

Free Range says, pastured eggs have a higher concentration of Vitamin A, Vitamin E and Lutein compared to conventionally raided eggs. And adding egg to their lotions allows the body to absorb more of these nutrients.

I talked to the owner of Free Range about the use of Benzlalcohol-DHA because I wanted to know more. She said,

I decided on Benzylalchol-DHA (brand name Geogard) because it is Ecocert Approved, COSMOS approved, NaTrue Certified and Soil Association certified, and is derived from natural components that are sustainably sourced. I use it at the minimum efficacy of .2% and combine it with ROE and Vitamin E. This combination has proved to adhere to my own standards, while protecting my consumers. – Free Range Skincare

So interesting. For more info on Benzylachol-DHA check out this site. Proceeds support the rescue and rehabilitation of battery hens.

Modicum Skincare Essential Travel Kit


Always love trying a new skincare line. Since we got this shipment so late, I have only tried this system a couple of times but I must say it totally surprised me! Included is their: Essential Cleanser, Essential Exfoliant and Essential Serum.

I gotta say, right off the bat I LOVE the exfoliant. You mix it with a few drops of the cleanser, work it into your skin and in the words of Bill Belichick, it does its job. Often when I use an “add-in” exfoliant they just kind of melt into the cleanser and can’t withstand the liquid resulting in a less than satisfying exfoliating experience. This one is a small to micro-grain grit and stood up for sure. My skin feels so soft after.

And if you are looking for a foaming cleaner that won’s strip skin of its oils, this one uses sea kelp as a natural surfactant (foaming agent). A fun find for sure!

The Essential Serum is nice too. It smells to me like a minty/basil forest. Really complex and interesting but not too overwhelming. This formula is made of all organic oils with the exception of Tetrahexyldecyl Ascorbate.

This travel set sells for $65! So this is a an awesome chance to try their line for a lot less. Plus Glowing Beets includes an exclusive 25% off coupon code in this months box to the Modicum online shop so you can snag any full sized products you are loving for less!

And to round of this month’s picks, we are also seeing David’s Natural Toothpaste! Check out their site for more info!

That’s A Wrap!

I am so excited about this month’s new finds – especially my new exfoliator! I can’t tell you enough how much I enjoy tearing open my Glowing Beets box every month. If you are on the fence about trying some green beauty but don’t know where to start, consider Glowing Beets!

To catch you up, Glowing Beets is a subscription box delivering natural beauty and healthy living products to your door every month. Each box contains 3-4 deluxe size products (bigger than a sample and smaller than full size) and the subscription goes for 29.95 + shipping. Loving this subscription for several reasons. First I can play with the products to get a feel for what works with my skin before committing to a full size. Second, I can use the products with ease knowing they have been vetted and are void of toxins. Third, who doesn’t want a box of green beauty products in the mail?!

This subscription makes discovering new and healthy products so fun! Want to try Glowing Beets for yourself? Shop here!


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!