Glowing Beets July Box Review

July 19, 2016

Say hello to Glowing Beets!!! Glowing Beets is a subscription box delivering natural beauty and healthy living products to your door every month. Each box contains 3-4 deluxe size products (bigger than a sample and smaller than full size) and the subscription goes for 29.95 + shipping. Loving this subscription for several reasons. First I can play with the products and get a feel for what works with my skin before committing to a full size.  Second, I can use the products with ease knowing they have been vetted and are void of toxins. Third, who doesn’t want a box of beauty products in the mail?! Not to mention this makes an killer gift for Mom, girlfriend, sister, wife, daughter…one size fits all here folks and the fit is on point.

Glowing Beets X Gurl Gone Green


I’m so excited to talk about this months box! My friend Suzi of Gurl Gone Green curated this box and it’s stacked with some of her awesome faves.

Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray

Let’s start with the Josh Rosebrook Hair Spray. Hello. If you have been looking for a nontoxic hairspray that works you have found it in Josh Rosebrook. There are not many nontoxic hairsprays currently on the market that actually work but to find one that rivals conventional hair spray is a dream come true. This has a medium to firm hold and can be layered to increase hold.  The mist is a manual pump and performs like you would expect – a little more hardy than an aerosol spray for example but still thin enough that there is no chunking or visible residue upon application.  The smell is fantastic and reminiscent of herbs and florals.

Oh and the ingredients – Josh Rosebrook consistently has one of the highest standards for ingredients I’ve seen.  Thoughtful, clean, nontoxic, mostly organic and/or wild crafted and boy do they perform. It’s also gluten-free.

When my Mom was up visiting last time she happened to use mine before we were off to a wedding and she fell in love instantly. (And she comes from a history of Suave, Aqua Net, that purple one with the kangaroo and whatever is on sale at CVS).  Safe to say she is not even into green beauty and she was like, “Where can I buy this!?”



Leah works in small batches, hand making and packaging all of her products out of her studio in Hawaii. She uses only the finest ingredients and for my birthday or Christmas or Mother’s Day – whatever comes first, I want her ENTIRE LINE – it’s that good.

This is a superfoods mask made with a base of organic cocoa powder. In addition to this it has Molokai black sea salt, coconut charcoal and Bohemian black fango clay among other decadents all which work to detoxify and feed the skin. And oh my gosh it smells so good with notes of chocolate and coconut.

This mask comes in a powder form and you add water to activate it.  I recommend using a tablespoon or so and adding a few drops of water at a time to incorporate – be careful not to add too much water which will over-dilute and cause the mask to be runny but add enough so that it is not chunky.  I love using a mask brush to ensure even application and to make sure the product ends up on my face and not my hands. Leave the mask on until it dries, between 5-10 minuets, and wash off to reveal beautiful, glowing and clean skin.

I especially love this mask because the ingredients are super clean and thoughtful – for example Leah formulates this mask in a dry powder so there is no need to even use a preservative. I especially love it because it is not drying at all which is important for us 38 year olds! I am coming into the mature skin demographic and I don’t need any help drying out my skin. This mask is a staple in Suzi’s routine and I think it has found a good home in mine too!

Marleys Monsters Organic Bamboo Facial Rounds

These little gems can be used in lieu of cotton disposable rounds to take off eye makeup or to apply toner. I also really like these to take off my oil cleanser. I have ruined so many white towels from wiping the dirt and grime off my face after oil cleansing – these are a life saver. And not to mention they are also organic and reusable. Save the planet and save money!

These can be washed in the laundry but they are pretty small and tend to go all “sock” on me getting lost in the process. I recommend using a delicates wash bag to keep these guys all together.

Gia Minerals Eye Shadow

IMG_2906Gia is a nontoxic eyeshadow with a long wear time.  Made from Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Calendula, White Tea and Iron Oxides their colors are multipurpose. I have used their blush as an eye shadow or their eyeshadow as a highlighter or vice versa. It has a long wear time with minimal creasing – less creasing with a primer and a clear setting powder – the best I have seen.

I got the color Shadow Chiffon which is a gorgeous silvery gray. It is definitely an everyday neutral or can be played up for a sexy metallic night look – more layers gives you a more dense, true to color, coverage. I have it on here in two layers and blended out and up. Isn’t it pretty? Hand crafted in small batches, these colors are also gluten-free and cruelty-free.

So happy with this color choice, thanks Suzi!

Glowing Beets is definitely worth a try – I was thinking of getting this for my sister for her birthday in October but she is already a subscriber! Have you tried Glowing Beets?


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