Glowing Beets March Box

March 20, 2017

glowing beets march box

Let’s talk about the Glowing Beets March box! This month we are seeing an exclusive Fitglow Beauty lipstick color just for Glowing Beets subscribers, some super cute pins by Fred and Far and a cleanser and moisturizer by Gaffer & Child. A total of $98!

glowing beets march boxIf this is your first time hearing about Glowing Beets, let me catch you up. Glowing Beets is a subscription box delivering natural beauty and healthy living products to your door every month. Each box contains 3-4 deluxe size products (bigger than a sample and smaller than full size) and the subscription goes for 29.95 + shipping. Loving this subscription for several reasons. First I can play with the products to get a feel for what works with my skin before committing to a full size. Second, I can use the products with ease knowing they have been vetted and are void of toxins. Third, who doesn’t want a box of green beauty products in the mail?!

Okay so let’s get to the goods!

Exclusive Fitglow Lipstick in Beet for Glowing Beets!

fitglow lipstickThis is like the Prince of Fitglow lipsticks. It has been dubbed “Beet” and crowned with the Glowing Beets logo as it’s color name and is available only through this box. So exciting! This is what it looks like on:

fitglow lipstick appliedFitglow lipsticks are so easy to use. You know how sometimes you have to prep lips with a balm before applying lipstick to get it go apply evenly and transfer? Not Fitglow! It is like a lipstick and balm all in one. Keeps lips moisturized, goes on smooth and adds killer definition. This is the third shade I have tried by Fitglow and I am sold. Absolutely love their colors.

This is an updated formulation and includes their new vegetable collagen, vegan hyaluronic and vitamin blend in addition to their original ingredient list including: organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, organic jojoba oil, organic castor oil, organic beeswax, carnauba was, candelilla was, organic sunflower seed oil, organic shea butter, organic cocoa butter, organic jojoba seed oil, coconut oil, cetyl alcohol, origanum vulgare leaf extract, thyme extract, lavender flower extract, golden seal root extract, lemon peel extract, grapefruit seed extract, vitamin e, may contain titanium dioxide and iron oxides. 

This coraly-pink is the perfect shade for spring. “I just want you extra time and your…..KISS!” $26

Fred and Far Pin: Me or More Love

fred and far pinsCheck out these cute little numbers! Subscribers will be getting ONE of these pins in their box but Glowing Beets sent me both so I would have the full scoop (PERKS!) but I really can’t decide which one I like best!

Fred and Far believes in building up women. Co-creator Simara says, “When we can come from a place of holy loving and honoring ourselves, every aspect of life adjusts and aligns with us and that is a gift.”

fred and far pins These pins say is all and I mean, talk about a stylish way to affirm yourself throughout the day. Love these glowing bits! $12

Gaffer & Child Face Cleanser and Hydrating Serum

gaffer & child Designed in LA and produced in the US – Gaffer & Child is made with sustainably sourced ingredients by skincare experts who have been making organic small batch products for decades. This company came about because the founders couldn’t find something clean enough for their standards so they created their own skincare line.

We get to try their Face Cleanser which is a hybrid oil/foaming cleanser. Here is the full ingredient list:

distilled spring water, organic sunflower oil, organic coconut oil, organic castor oil, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, green tea extract, willow bark extract, chamomile hydrosol, organic lavender essential oil, organic lavender hydrosol, lemon essential oil and organic peppermint essential oil

This cleanser pumps out looking like an oil but once I applied it to my face and started massaging it into my skin it started to foam up. With the addition of essential oils, the Gaffer & Child Face Oil smells lovely and I would classify it as a fragrant cleanser. It was super cooling on my skin (I am guessing because of the peppermint oil) and worked really well at getting all the oil and dirt off my face. This product is not recommended for the eye area. $26

glowing beets march boxWe also get to try their Hydrating Serum which is made from:

organic argan oil, tomato extract, cold pressed carrot seed oil, organic sunflower oil, lavender extract, organic lavender essential oil, organic lemon essential oil and organic jojoba oil

This is an oil but you use it as a face moisturizer in lieu of your face cream. Smells really fresh and goes on smooth. If you have never tried a face oil before – don’t be scared! Face oils are so good. One try and I never looked back! Absolutely love that this formula is 100% raw, organic, vegan and non-GMO. $34

Good News and Bad News!

So if you are digging the Glowing Beets March box the bad news is it’s SOLD OUT! I know, so sad! Glowing Beets sold their last box over the weekend before I even got mine – HOT CAKES ladies! Anyways, the good news is; This is Glowing Beets. If you sign up now you will be locked in for their April box. Use code TOG10 to save 10% off your first box! 

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