Glowing Beets’ October: 1st Anniversary Box!

October 16, 2016

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It’s time to tun up the BEET! Glowing Beets’ is celebrating their first anniversary with a killer October selection.

To catch you up, Glowing Beets is a subscription box delivering natural beauty and healthy living products to your door every month. Each box contains 3-4 deluxe size products (bigger than a sample and smaller than full size) and the subscription goes for 29.95 + shipping. (Although this month we got FIVE items!) Loving this subscription for several reasons. First I can play with the products and get a feel for what works with my skin before committing to a full size.  Second, I can use the products with ease knowing they have been vetted and are void of toxins. Third, who doesn’t want a box of green beauty products in the mail?!

This month we are treated with LilFox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist Amethyst Infusion and Maracujá Youthful Vixen Face Nectar, a Jacq’s Organics Bath Bomb, Prim Botanical Mademoiselle Swell Perfume Oil and a Glowing Beets’ Anniversary Bracelet.

October 2016 1st Anniversary Box


My friend Jess lives right up the street and we usually see each other once a week for a playdate with the kids. This year the kid’s school schedules don’t match up so it’s been weeks since we’ve hung out. Last night she came over and we caught up over homemade cookies, organic wine and best of all, we explored this box together. It was so fun!

Prim Botanicals Mademoiselle Swell Perfume Oil:

Let’s start with the Prim Botanical Mademoiselle Swell Perfume Oil. Okay, I’m just going to say it; this is the longest lasting oil-based natural perfume I have encountered to date. I put it on one afternoon in the car (the mailman dropped this box off around 2:00 pm and this fragrance was on my wrist by about 2:03 pm) and the next morning when I woke up I could still smell it – that is some crazy fragrance payoff right there.

The fragrance itself smells good too – clean, fresh and flowery. It is a crisp blend of Neorli, lemon and Jasmine. My friend Jess said, “Oh that smells good!” Glowing Beets’ is hookin’ it up with a full size bottle right here – high fives! 5ml/42.00


LilFox Mystic Awakening Rosemary Toning Mist Amethyst Infusion:

Okay, one word: GORGEOUS! Who knew Rosemary is where it’s at!? This two ingredient, steam distilled, organic Rosemary verbenone hydrolat (rosemary water) infused with amethyst crystals gives hydration to the skin leaving it plump and dewy with a youthful glow.

Okay first of all, this is my first time trying anything LilFox – I checked out their website and I mentally ordered one of everything – they had me at Rainforest Honey Enzyme Cleanser + Mask, and my knees buckled at Chlorophyll + Tourmaline Brightening Mask – not to mention the Ombre Face Mask Bowl. Literally had to pry my hand away from the “buy now” button. Okay back on track…

Rosemary has incredible therapeutic properties for this skin. It is extremely antimicrobial, purifying and stimulates circulation. LilFox says the amethyst crystals release energy for balancing and raising spiritual awareness and when combined with rosemary brings mental clarity and elevates consciousness. Now I can’t speak to all that but what I can say is this stuff is like face crack – I can’t stop using it.

Everything about this mist is perfect. The actual misting pump sprays even and light. The smell is UNREAL and it feels amazing on. I can feel a hint of a tingling or tightening as it dries which is so refreshing. Great after cleansing, over makeup or occasionally throughout the day to refresh. 30ml/12.00


LilFox Maracujá youthful Vixen Face Nectar

Best thing about this face oil is it is ESSENTIAL OIL FREE!*** This is a fantastic option for anyone really but especially anyone who has an essential oil sensitivity. It doesn’t have a defining scent but I can detect a nuttiness to it. Loving this oil too because it is super DRY. Sounds funny to describe an oil as being “dry” but this assimilates so nicely into skin that there is literally no trace of oil left on my face minutes after applying. I have tried a ton of face oils and I truly appreciate that this one is all-business, no frills and gets the job done. Recommending this one to anyone who wants an oil that is a little less oily, anyone looking for an essential oils free moisturizer and also to anyone using face oils for this first time.

This formula is vegan, cruelty free, gluten free and mostly organic/wild crafted. Great for most skin types, this moisturizer is a tropical infusion of active botanicals rich in antioxidants, essential fatty acids as well as vitamins and minerals. You can see the color of the oil in the pic below. Skin looks healthy an glowing after application. 10ml/37.50

***Since this post published LilFox circled back letting us know that their Vixen Face Nectar does in fact have essential oils in it including sandalwood, rose, grapefruit and frankincense.

Glowing Beets’ Anniversary Bracelet in collaboration with ShopKnotty:

A special Glowing Beets’ bracelet with the Glowing Beets’ logo. This looks cute alone –  delicate, subtle and barely there but it would also look great layered too. The only thing missing is a bae to help put it on!

Shop Knotty says to preserve the plating properties of this rose gold bracelet, avoid contact with beauty products and soap + water. Store in a clean and dry location. 34.00

Jacq’s Organics Hibiscus & Aloe Bath Bomb

This hibiscus and aloe bath bomb is THE bomb! Dried hibiscus pedals are hidden in every bomb to combat free radical damage along with aloe vera to heal drying skin. I was dying to test this baby out after my friend Molly of Maison Pur raved about them and I was especially excited since we were staying at a hotel this past weekend and I was fantasizing about doing it up bath bomb style but the hotel room we got didn’t have a tub! Grrr. Since I’m 5’10” and about 150 lbs – and my bath tub is about 4 ft long and about 6 ” deep (and also the ugliest 70s brown you have ever seen) baths are saved for vacations and nights away. Anyways…needless to say, I am back to the foot soaks for now and I must say, I really enjoyed this one.

The first thing I noticed was this bomb was super fragrant – a really lovely smell. Geranium and Juniper are antidepressant and antiseptic and are known to uplift mood and emotional wellness. The scent was definitely relaxing and soothing but not too overwhelming. The second thing I noticed is this bomb was super moisturizing. Packed with organic Geranium Oil as well as organic Juniper Berry Oil – not a single crack or dry patch stood a chance against this bomb.

The day I have a guest bathroom I can see it now: Claw-foot tub in front of floor to ceiling windows overlooking our walking maze and seasonal flower garden. An artisan stool offering a fluffy stack of organic bath sheets topped with a hand-carved bamboo server stacked with a handful of these indulgent bath bombs – who want’s to sleep over!?

Here is a 2 minute video of what this bomb looks like going off. You really only have to watch the first few seconds to get the gist. Reactivity stopped around 3 minutes. 5.00 ea.

A fantastic box and a happy 1 year anniversary to Glowing Beets’! They got it going on. Check them out here!


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!