Going Gray: Gray Hair at 40 (8 Months And Counting)

January 25, 2018

This Organic Girl going gray

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There’s no turning back now guys. It’s been 8 months since I stopped dying my hair and I’m like really gray now. I’m also celebrating my 40th birthday this March and if you had asked me 5 years ago if I would be gray by 40, I would have dyed laughing! But here I am, entering my 40s and embracing my gray hair. So here’s the latest.

First of all, at 8 months out my hair is SO DRY! I realize now when I was dying my hair every 4 weeks, it wasn’t only adding color, it was adding shine, texture and vibrancy. Now after going cold turkey, the true condition of my hair has been exposed and it’s not cute. My virgin hair is not dry but the chemically treated section is. And not only is it dry, it’s inconsistent in color. Some parts are darker than others and some strands have fully lost their chemical pigment. Every few months I would have my colorist run my color all the way through the ends of my hair during the last 5 mins of treatment to even out my color and avoid this from happening. And now I have nothing in my arsenal short of a pair of scissors to avoid it.

This Organic Girl gray hairAnd while I’m on the topic of texture, why is it that when hair goes gray, the texture goes berserk too!? I have some strands of hair that are breaking off at the corner of chemically treated hair meets gray newbie and these 4 inch rogues insist on standing straight up like a soldier at attention on his last day at boot camp. Why!?

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So for these two reasons I’ve started using hair oil. NEVER a fan of hair oils in the past but now I’m kinda digging it.  I like MUN’s organic Argan Oil. One pump rubbed into my hands then lightly applied all over OR one pump on wet hair before I dry it and this seems to help with the overall dryness and taming the fly-aways. Not solving but helping. The whole key to success here is not using too much oil. Less is more friends. Less is more. Then I tend to set it with Josh Rosebrook’s Hairspray and that really helps them lay down.

More Haircuts!

Also, just had my second haircut with Jen – founder of the coming soon hair salon Creature. Throughout this process, as my roots get longer and my hair gets shorter I can finally see the end of the tunnel and I’m telling you right now, 2018 is my year! I will for sure be fully gray probably by the fall. Depends on how short I go. I will share pics next time.

I asked Jen about putting a glaze on to help with the dry ends and she discouraged me so I dropped it. The less chemicals the better anyways.

Also, this study may change your mind about going gray earlier.

This Organic Girl gray hair

Looking to the future

I sometimes catch myself looking through my kids eyes and I think it’s really interesting that they will never remember me with dark hair. I feel equal feelings of loss but also pride. Maybe it sounds superficial but it’s a part of me they will never know. I remember looking at pictures of my aunt when I was little. (She went gray early too and started dying her hair blonde because of it.) I just remember thinking Wow, this is my auntie when she was younger. Then I probably pictured her doing cool things with her cool friends and made up a story of what she was really like. Meanwhile those dark haired pics where from her teens and I knew her when she was gray/blonde and THIRTY. Anyways, I wonder if my boys will do that with pictures of me someday. Probably not.

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But I am also proud that they will have a mom who’s looks will never change drastically for them. I will look the same to them now as I do when I’m 60 – just with a few more laugh lines, God willing.

Outside Looking In

I’m getting less comments now too. Around month 3 I was getting so many comments from strangers about my gray hair. Mostly positive ones which was encouraging. But now that my grays are taking over the comments are changing. I am not getting as many and if I do it’s a compliment to my hair color instead of the process. Before it was “Did you dye your hair like that?” and now it’s “I love your hair color!” And it’s probably because the gray is taking over. If I pull my hair up in a bun now, I have that gray hair, black bun look which is pretty stark but kind of edgy cool too. But the point is all the hair around my face is gray so it’s becoming my look rather than a question.

This Organic Girl gray hairOn that note I want to add that looking back I can say for sure the hardest part is over now. Growing out roots is THE WORST. It’s like, it’s just…out there. All exposed. Looking like you missed a hair appointment…or three. But now it’s easy to own. Gray hair wraps my face and if anything, I’m just excited for it to grow out more. And by the way, I finally have the highlights I’ve always wanted – so fun!

What about you?

Are you going gray? Where are you at? How is it going? What are you loving or not loving? Comment below so we can share and support each other!


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Photos by my girl Jenn at Monkey & Squirrel

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