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August 28, 2017

Green Goddess Collection

Hey guys! It’s been a couple of weeks since I’ve been on. I miss you guys! As you know, we moved to Atlanta this past January – new city, new schools, new docs, new jobs – all of that has been crazy and then last week someone broke into our home. It happened when we were all sleeping in the wee hours of the morning. They cleared out the first floor and after that they came up into our bedrooms and went into my little 3 year-old Quinn’s room when he was sleeping to take more loot.

I’ve never felt anything like this in my whole life. Anyways, my husband and I were turned upside-down. It was awful. I mean we do so much to protect our kids and to think that some stranger was in my kids room while we were all sleeping just had me raging. Not to mention they took my laptop with all my family photos on in – everything since my son’s birth. So sad. So, needless to say, four hours after the police left we had a new lease signed uptown and movers booked.

So all of this to say, the past two weeks have been emotionally exhausting, physically demanding, sad and exciting all in one. I’m so thankful my kids are okay and just as innocent as they were the day before this happened. (They still haven’t even noticed mama and dada’s bikes are missing). And I’m excited we are now in the school system I want the boys to go to. But through all of it, I haven’t had a moment to blog – although I have a ton to say! I’m excited to be back here today to talk more about new finds, faves, and what I am loving now. First up? The Green Goddess Shop!

The Green Goddess Shop

So the first thing I have been dying to talk about are some sweet finds from The Green Goddess Shop. The Green Goddess Shop is an online shop created out of a passion for clean and healthy living. Aubrey, the owner, launched this shop after living in the Midwest which resulted in total frustration from the lack of available clean products there. She says it was also hard to turn to the internet because the internet can be confusing, conflicting and overwhelming,

I didn’t want anybody to feed scared or intimidated by going green. Any steps towards removing chemicals from your life is a good step and it should be made easy for everybody. – Aubrey

I instantly connected with Aubry on this because I too felt so overwhelmed when I first started going green! Looking back, I think to myself; if I just had someone to turn to, the experience of going green would have been a lot more enjoyable.  Even now! I still get overwhelmed sometimes as new ingredients and new products hit the shelves – so it’s nice to connect with someone who cares.

So I also love this shop because they carry some of my fave brands. I love when you can pick up a few things from the same store. Less shipping, less transaction, less hassle. You can see a complete list of brands they carry here. These are some that caught my eye: Hynt Beauty, Kari Gran, 100% Pure, AU NATURALE, and Gia Minerals! And some new brands to drop soon! I also love that they include a list of ingredients to avoid which is so helpful! You can check it out here.

You will love them too especially with my discount code! Scroll down to get the deal!

The Goods

Aubry invited me to choose a couple of products from her shop so I went with some old faves and some new things I haven’t tried yet!

Hynt Nocturne Mascara, $24. BOMB. This is a refill for me. Love it. Own it. Use it. This is just a solid all-around GREAT mascara. It thickens and adds volume. The number one component here is the wand. It’s thick, bold and comes at you ready to do it’s job. No willy-nilly maybes around here with this big gun. Two coats and you are ready for a PTA meeting, three coats and it’s drinks with your girls. Here it is on:

hynt mascara

Hynt Sun Prep SPF 30, $55 – My first time using Sun Prep. I’ve heard so much about it and I was dying to try! This broad spectrum SPF is changing the face of nontoxic skincare. It’s reminiscent of a conventional moisturizer with SPF because it pumps out creamy and applies clear. It soaks right in and sets up to protect your skin from daily rays. Not greasy in anyway and it smells amazing too. I mean in a blind test I would guess this was something off the Clinique counter for real. It’s almost too good to be true. The one thing about it is – it’s a PREP. Meaning it’s not going to be enough to be a moisturizer on its own. So to apply, it goes on before your moisturizer. If you have really oily skin it may be enough on its own but not for me. As a prep it fills in fine lines and protects skin from the sun. Then over this you layer your moisturizer and foundation and boy do they go on SMOOTH!

Hynt Sun PrepThe other thing I would say is this isn’t going to be strong enough to combat a beach day, boat day or any day where you are out in face-to-the-sun type of rays. This is like; you are out and about running errands or at the office and running errands before or after work. It’s just that added protection that we all need but we usually don’t afford ourselves daily.

Evelyn Iona Natural and Organic Gel Eyeliner, $24.50 – This is also a new to me product – I haven’t heard much about Evelyn Iona but was really interested to see how this eyeliner works. This is called a “gel” but it is actually more of a dense cream/putty consistency and applies dry. Typically when you think of a gel you think of a wet application but this isn’t that. The Evelyn Iona brush is recommended for best results. I agree because the bristles are thicker and a little bit stiffer + shorter so the product transfers a little easier and with more control than with a thin eyeliner brush. But I have a couple of other brushes that are similar so I wouldn’t say it was an absolute must (if you already have a large brush collection you may already have something similar).

This product will give you a really pretty smokey look. If you are looking for straight line wing tip precision – like you would get with the discontinued Jane Iredale Jelly Jar or a liquid liner – this is not it. It goes on smoky/smudgy and you can blend with your fingers and it ends up enhancing the lash line in such a beautiful way. Check it out. I have it lining my top and bottom lashes here:

Evelyn Iona eyeliner

AU NATURALE Deep Sea Eyeliner, $25 – Aubry added this as a surprise and I’m so glad she did. First of all, LOVE AU NATURALE, they are super clean, have a fantastic color range, are always pushing the nontoxic makeup envelope and they are lobbying Washington DC to make a change about the toxins allowed in our products.

Anyways, this pencil is a beautiful color. It’s a subtle blue – like you would look at my eye makeup and not do a double take but then if we were having a conversation you would at some point say to yourself. Dang! Her eyeliner is blue? Like how does she pull it off. She is so cool. Haha! You know what I mean like, it’s there but not in your face there. Check it out:

AU NATURALE eyeliner

This pencil goes on smooth and the color transfers really well. I like smudging it out with the included smudger for a soft look. AU NATURALE makeup is also cruelty-free, vegan and made in the USA. And the ingredients are so simple and clean. A winner for sure.

Top Pick + Discount Code

Okay so you know I have your back with a discount code! Lisa15 will save you 15% off site-wide. You can reuse this code as often as you like and it is even good on sale items!

CODE: Lisa15


If you need help deciding what to get….They carry two of my top fave mascaras GIA and Hynt! Also if you need some new shadows, GIA shadows are fantastic. They are vibrant and they stay all day! Not to be out done by Kari Gran Lip Whips – LOVE LOVE LOVE these! Oh, also love the Kari Gran Skincare Mini Kit – a great way to try before a full on buy. And I have my *eyes* on the 100% Pure Bright Eye Eye Masks too.

If you get something leave me a comment with what you got and what you think!





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