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September 7, 2018

green beauty new releases

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Hi beauties!

Happy Friday! So many new green beauty goodies dropped this month, I wanted to round up some highlights here! Of course there are more, these are the ones I just keep reaching for… Let me know what you’ve tried or if you have been loving any of these too!?

New Releases!

osmia dirty chai soap

OSMIA drops Dirty Chai Soap just in time for fall. I mean hello!!! This bar of handmade goodness is packed with organic ground coffee, organic olive oil, shea butter, coconut oil and hand-harvested French gray sea salt. Warm, spicy and smells straight up like a chai latte. Essential oils of cardamom, clove and nutmeg will warm you from your head to toe! Get it!

MŪN’s AMAN launches TODAY! Say hello to MŪN’s first cream moisturizer! This is a hydrating gel cream – super creamy and moisturizing. It’s designed to improve barrier function, increase moisture and prevent water loss. It’s formulated with desert plants that can thrive in harsh conditions and are able to retain A LOT of water, vitamins and antioxidants. I find that two pumps is enough for my face and it fills up my skin leaving it tacky and plump. It also has a very slight floral/botanical smell – super pleasant. I can’t wait to spend more time with this one! THISORGANICGIRL will save you 15% here! 

the optimist maya chia

Maya Chia unleashes The Optimist Hydrating, Brightening Essence and you better believe. This mist is taking my bathroom by storm. It’s designed to add a boost of hydration but it’s also packed with antioxidants, amino acids, polysaccharides, phytonutrients and fatty acids to bring the glow. In addition to this there are so many things I love about it. The mist itself is fine and gentle. (It’s literally like the perfect misting pump). It’s packaged in glass. It smells CRAZY good AKA *face plant into a bouquet of wild flowers*. The Optimist is a bottle of sensory overload that just….makes me smile. Get it here!

kosas tinted face oil

Kosas Tinted Face Oil hits shelves this month and all I have to say is UMM, yes. This is a medium coverage OIL foundation. Play with how much you need but I’ve been using 2-3 drops which seems to be my sweet spot. The interesting thing here is this formula is oil based but it dries matte – I’m still experimenting with different primers and moisturizers here to see what is going to layer best for me. Mineral pigments are formulated with a base of six active botanical oils – this is where makeup meets skincare! Try adding a drop to your favorite moisturizer for lighter coverage. Try it here! 

henne lip serum

Henné Lip Serum – Got this gem in the mail this week and fell head over heals instantly. First of all, a black glass bottle with a 24K gold-plated rollerball!? Say no more! Second, loaded with organic oils like the ultra rare arctic cloudberry seed oil and lingonberry seed oil to anti-aging powerhouses like rosehip, camella and argan – it’s jammed with ingredients to help nourish, smooth and protect. It goes on thin and will sink in with in minutes – perfect as a treatment before lipstick and also throughout the day. Did I mention it smells faintly of sweet berries!? Yeah…it just keep getting better and better! Get it here! 

kosas tinted face oil

carrot color pot

Ere Perez Carrot Color Pot Hello – Just got this last week from Australia and I can’t get over this lip and cheek color. STUNNING is really the only word that comes to mind. This is what it looks like applied (above). I have it on my lips and cheeks. Check it out here! 

Anything new you are loving!?

PS checkout Green Beauty on a Budget and more about MŪN!

Xo, lisa

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