Hairprint Application Tips

March 30, 2016

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I just wanted to take a minute to share what was successful for me when applying Hairprint color. Everyone’s experience will be unique however I thought this would be helpful to some.

So there are are four steps.  The first two times I used Hairprint I got spotty coverage and the last time I got pretty close to 100% coverage. So I want to run through what we did differently.

The first step is a prewash. This is CRUTIAL and arguably the most important step. This strips and waxy buildup from natural oils, dirt or products that can prohibit color from entering the cuticle.

I pre-washed twice for a total of 20 minutes. Sounds crazy but it worked. So take the first prewash (or split your one wash into two).  Work that through your head, scalp and roots for about 5 minutes and rinse. Then repeat and work into a lather massaging scalp and roots for and additional 15 minutes. Be gentle or else you will get a sore head.

For the last 5 minutes take some baking soda (a couple tablespoons or so) and massage that in and along your hairline. This raises the pH to 9 where toxic dyes are at 10.5 (150 times greater) and helps the hair accept the color.

(I didn’t do this but you can add a barrier like conditioner or shea butter to ends of your hair prevent over darkening.)


Now the #1 and #2 are actually the same product. They are a powder and liquid that you mix together and then apply. The minute the product is mixed the color protein starts to bind together forming a chain. This reaction is complete within six minutes. The key is you want this reaction happening INSIDE your cuticle. When this happens the protein is bigger than it was when it entered your cuticle and now it can not get out. Kind of like one of those butterfly anchors you use in the wall to hang a shelf or mount a TV – goes in strait and then flares out? Same idea. If this reaction happens in the bowl it is then too big to enter your hair and you will not see results. So use a timer. Don’t freak out though, six minutes is actually a good amount of time to get the product on.

I used two boxes so I actually got 12 minutes of active applying time which really helped. If you go this route – start at one ear and apply with brush until you get to your other ear. Leave in and mix the second #1 liquid and powder.  Now, start with the opposite ear and come back to where you started and then with the leftovers do the back. After you have applied the product to the head set a timer for an additional 10 minutes then rinse.

Repeat this process with the #2 product.

Last apply #3 the same way. After it’s on, set a timer for 10 minutes and rinse. 

Then shampoo and condition with cool water as a final step.

This gave me maybe 97%-99% coverage so the salon sent me home with an additional #1 and #3 which I applied in the hotel room and boosted me up pretty close to 100%. It’s a deep rich full coverage. I can not believe how beautiful it looks.

Next time I anticipate not needing to do that last step again.

One interesting thing to note is after all is said and done there is something about the oxidation process that continues to transform the hair. People who have had a few resistant grays have woken up the next morning to full coverage. I talked to the scientists about this and they know it happens but they can’t explain it. Just a heads up that the next day may look better than initial results.

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