HollyBeth Organics: Product Review

October 5, 2016

Today I am so excited to talk about HollyBeth Organics! HollyBeth is a USDA certified organic (yay!), face and body care brand with over 25 products including: cleansers, toners, oils, balms, scrubs and creams.

This brand was started in 2007 by owner HollyBeth Anderson who wanted products that were safe and nontoxic to nurture the skin and uplift the soul. Anderson was inspired by her travels to places like France and Spain where she learned about the healing powers of herbs and essential oils. She also grew up in Georgia near the woods where she was constantly inspired by nature. All of her products are not only certified organic but also cruelty free, vegan and gluten free.



The brands latest launch is Flourish, a roll-on fragrance designed to reduce stress. It is packaged in dark glass with a roller ball applicator. This 100% organic scent is lovable and no doubt a crowd pleaser. It is a blend of hand-picked natural ingredients like sunflower seed oil, bergamot, marjoram essential oil, chamomile, cedarwood, rose geranium and ylang ylang. I smell florals and citrus with earthy undertones – the aroma is multidimensional, balanced and soothing. This specific formula was also designed as a stress relieving concentrate and I love keeping it in my bag to use as needed. It’s not a scent that is going to linger so I really enjoyed it in the moment and found it to be a fun combination of luxury and aromatherapy. It is not only calming but the scent is a beautiful addition to my day – 60.00/.5oz.


HollyBeth just relaunched with this new packaging. A very modern black and white look. I also love that they switched to darker glass which helps to preserve the integrity of any ingredients that are susceptible to light damage.

Marigold Bergamot Dry Oil


The Marigold Bergamot Dry Oil is 100% organic, light in color and has a very very mild scent. It is classified as a dry oil because it’s super light and sinks right into skin. With the addition of calendula, this oil helps to fight acne, heal scars and cure minor skin irritations. Once a month I get some hormonal breakouts around my jaw line. I continue to reach for this during that week along with a good exfoliation every other day and it seems to help which is super exciting! For a moisturizer that is 100% organic and both hydrates and calms blemishes this is an amazing deal at – 35.00/1.69oz. (Not recommended for the eye area).

Face & Nick Elixir

And while we are raving about 100% organic products, the Face & Neck Elixir is also, you guessed it, 100% organic! This is also a light-weight formula, soaks right in and smells AMAZING! Sea buckthorn, rosehip, carrot seed and rose geranium – I love using this at night under my moisturizer. This formula is designed to fight the signs of aging, soften skin, improve tone and texture plus moisturize and calm skin – 75.00/1oz. (Not recommended for the eye area.)

Also 2% of Face & Neck Elixir profits are donated to cancer research – LOVE!


And 100% Organic!

HollyBeth is notable because their products are 100% organic. You’re like, yeah Lis, we heard you! But listen! The FDA does not regulate the term “organic” with cosmetic and personal care products like they do with agricultural products. This means that you can see the word “organic” or the USDA organic certification on a product that is NOT 100% organic. Crazy huh!?

We can see in this resource that the “USDA has no authority over the production and labeling of cosmetics, body care and products and personal care products that are not made up of agricultural ingredients.”

If the product contains or is made up of agricultural ingredients it may be eligible to be certified under the National Organic Program. Once certified, there are 4 different organic categories;

100 Percent Organic” – product must contain only organically produced ingredients and can wear the USDA Organic Seal.  This is what we see here with HollyBeth Organics!

Organic” – product must contain 95% organically produced ingredients and can wear the USDA Organic Seal.

Made With Organic Ingredients” – products contain at least 70% organic ingredients and may NOT use the USDA Organic Seal.

Less than 70% organic ingredients can not use the term organic on the principal display panel and can not use the USDA Organic Seal.

For more information on what all this means, check out this NOP FAQ sheet! It is a big deal with a lot of challenges and obstacles to get a personal care product labeled “100% Organic” and HollyBeth Organics deserves a “STANDING O” (Get it?) for this achievement!

Check out their line here!


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    HollyBeth Organics

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      You are welcome! Thanks for sharing your products with me – I had so much fun with them!

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    This line sounds amazing… there are definitely a few things on my wishlist now!

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