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May 15, 2017

iBE Dallas bloggers

Okay if you guys follow me on Instagram you saw me and my girls were up to no good this past week in Dallas for the Indie Beauty Expo. So excited to meet up with Suzi of Gurl Gone Green, Molly of Maison Pur, Sammie from Hullo Sam, Amanda from A Beautiful Pursuit and Sarah from Whoorl. We headed out to Texas for Dallas’ inaugural Indie Beauty Expo and extended our stay so we could have fun around town too. Here are some of my standouts and faves from the week.

First, the Indie Beauty Expo

If you haven’t heard of the Indie Beauty Expo, let me fill you in. It’s a trade show for all things beauty. We are talking styling and beauty tools, makeup, haircare, skincare, sunblock, the latest collagen drinks and so much more. It’s a place where small independent brands come to connect and show their goods to the public, press and businesses.

The Indie Beauty Expo has three shows this year. One in LA this past January. Dallas last week and then one in NYC in the fall. Last year I went to NYC and it was huge. The Dallas show was smaller and more of a manageable size. They had about 70 brands total and I was interested in connecting with about 10 of them. We went twice over three days and I really got a chance to chat it up, dig deep and meet some really solid brands and brand founders.

The show was held at Six Five Hundred, an industrial space that was decorated to the nines with huge flower bouquets, lounges and flower photo walls. They also had a real flower crown station where each attendee got adorned with a living crown. It felt very ethereal.

Brands and Booty

iBE dallas swag
iBE Dallas

So much fun chatting with brands and hearing their stories. Here are some stand out brands and goods I am excited to try.

LIVE Botanical

LIVE Botanical is 100% organic, small batch + handcrafted. Founder Carolyn McCroy is the real deal and totally knows her stuff inside and out. I could have talked to her for DAYZZZ!

Almost everything she had out caught my eye but I ended up taking home her Yarrow infused Skin Repair Balm which can be used for so many things: a night cream, to repair razor burn (I already tried it under my armpits!), bug bites, rashes and sunburn. And I also snagged her Rose + Sea Buckthorn Vitamin C Hydration Mist because the ingredients here had me at hello! Rose hydrosol, blood orange hydrosol, reship extract, sea buckthorn extract lactobacillus and coconut fruit extract. Love that she preserves with probiotics. I’ve already used this several times and love it.

Whole Body Apothecary
Whole Body Apothecary
Whole Body Apothecary founders Jordan and Anna

Whole Body Apothecary is another brand that does not mess around. Based in Colorado Springs but soon to have 4 brick and mortars US wide. Everything handmade. Everything organic. We chatted with husband and wife founders Anna and Jordan who are expecting their first baby this summer. The first thing that struck me about this brand is they color their soaps with veggies/plants and are 100% mica free. They also package using 100% recycled packaging. After a short exchange, it was beyond clear Whole Body Apothecary is about quality, integrity and doing the right thing.

I took home their deodorant and one of their handmade soaps in Mintalyptus. I actually put the deodorant on in the iBE restroom because mine was failing and it totally saved me. I may have found a new fave!

Plant Apothecary

Plant Apothecary is based out of Williamsburg, Brooklyn and you can find this brand in Target stores nationwide. Their mission is to combine simple, design-forward packaging with healthy ingredients, environmental friendliness and social responisbility. We got to chat with boss-lady Holly and her hubs who are two of the sweetest people.

I took home their SUPERFACIAL Organic Oil Moisturizer and their RE:FRESH Organic Toning Face Mist. The face mist smells of cucumbers and rose water and it was love at first sniff. Bringing the spa home! Looking forward to trying their organic face oil too.

Province Apothecary 
Province Apothecary
Province Apothecary founder Julie Clark

Province Apothecary was one of the stars of the show at iBE Dallas. We chatted with founder Julie Clark for a while as she introduced her line to us. Julie is a certified holistic esthetician and aromatherapist and is committed to innovation, sustainability, small batch skincare of the highest quality.

I took home her Full Brow Serum which she says strengthens existing hairs and encourages new growth. “Give it 30 days” she says – well here you go Julie, day one was yesterday! This is probably one of the products I am most excited to try!

I also chose her Eczema treatment. This treatment is different because it is zinc based. Looking forward to seeing if it helps the back of Quinn’s knees. I also tried it last night as a spot treatment for a blemish I overworked. I think it totally worked.

Two things I was drooling over but didn’t make it into my bag where her Cedar Wood Essential Oil Incense sticks and her Perfume Botanique No. 14 – TO DIE FOR.

I would also take one of their sage smudges too. You know what, why am I beating around the proverbial Province Apothecary?! Just throw one of everything in the bag.


I didn’t end up going home with anything from Antonym but I am jonesing for their marbled Certified Organic Baked Blush in one color that has not been released yet  – its an iridescent pink that we all tried on and LOVED. I also want to try their mascara….and now that I’m thinking of it, their eyeliner too. Their liner was really opaque and hard hitting. Like perfect for smudging out a smokey eye.

Oh and I almost forgot – they color matched their medium coverage foundation for me (full face – loved it!) and it was so breathable, natural and totally looked like skin. Um, new fave? Maybe! Medium beige is a perfect match.

FITGLOW Beauty founder Anna Lidia

It was also a pleasure talking to Anna Lidia – founder of FITGLOW BEAUTY. Anna is the real deal and has a passion for her work that just literally makes her glow. She has some exciting reformulations coming out as well as some new products that I’m pretty sure are going to rock my world. She showed us in confidence so I can’t spill the beans yet!

Took home FITGLOW’s Redness Rescue Cream that is fantastic for taking down any redness or ruddiness. Sam from Hullo Sam swears by it so – throw it in the bag. Also took home her Face Cleansing Brush. Once side for a deep cleanse. The bristles are so soft it feels like a rabbits foot (hey, child of the 80s) and the textured side is used to massage your face after you apply your face oil. The first product I tried when I got home.

ayana Co-founders Begoña Sanjuan and Tathiana M. Cornejo

I had a chance to sit down and share lunch with founder Begoña before the expo. She is a beautiful soul and her line is like no other. This was by far the highest high end line at the show. So much so that they hid a gold charm of their logo in one of the product boxes so someone walked away lucky this week! Her line is based on the concept that less is more and is sourced ethically and sustainably, Ecocert compliant, EWG Verified, Non-GMO, 100% natural and organic where there is an organic option.

I took home their line to try including their balm (mask), essence (exfoliator) and cream 1 (day cream). One of the first systems I am trying after I got home. I am really excited about this brand!

Foodie Stops

Okay so no trip would be complete without checking out the local organic food scene. Here are my top picks:

  1. Local Press Brew LITERALLY one of the best juices places I’ve ever been to. Fresh daily, raw, cold-pressed, organic, in glass; perfection. But then as if that wasn’t enough, I almost died from disbelief when I ordered an iced coconut milk latte and it came shaken with REAL FRESH BLENDED COCONUT MILK. I mean who does that?! Local Press Brew does. So good.

2. Flower Child Cafe This is a west coast cafe and they have a Dallas location so when in Rome…had to try. Food was outstanding. I got the Thai Cashew Quinoa and so did Sarah from Whoorl and we both loved it. I also had to try their gluten-free Mac and Cheese because well, MAC AND CHEESE. Plenty of gluten free options. They follow the Clean 15/Dirty Dozen for sourcing organics. And favor sustainable over wild caught. Cold brew and Kombucha on tap.

3. Origin Kitchen and Bar We had so much fun here. The owner was playful and passionate about his food. I got the salmon which was cooked perfectly. They also have a paleo pudding on the menu that was sold out but looked oh so good. On the menu: pastured chicken, grassfed beef, gluten free chicken fried chicken, wild halibut, ground bison Texas chili….A great find.

4. True Food Kitchen Another chain but such a great staple. They cater to pretty much any diet; vegan, vegetarian, organic, low histamine, dairy free, gluten free…and it all tastes GOOD! Suzi got a gluten free turkey wrap on GF pita with sliced avocado and when it arrived I had instant order remorse. Plus they have green drinks, kombucha and organic cocktails. I got the tacos; one fish and one steak. Both were great but I like the fish ones better. And always their guac with gluten-free pita!


Get 5 green beauty bloggers together in one house and find out what happens when people stop being polite and start getting real…Real World anyone!? No? Anyways, it was so great connecting with these ladies face to face instead of through a screen – and we did have some super cheesy moments like the stage 5 storm warning that ensued when we found out the house didn’t have a water filter. Or that the only detergent option for the HE washer/dryer began with a T and rhymed with Hide. And oh to be a fly on the wall when we were all out ordering our dinner. Anything you can imagine probably happene. But what did we expect!? Anyways, this is what else we did!


Chip and Joanna Gains anyone? Fixer Upper is a series on HGTV and they’ve totally blown up. They now own their own store and bakery in Waco, TX and it is swamped, packed, chalk full of curious tourists seniors everyday. So glad we went on their slowest day (Tuesday) because they said Saturday you can’t even get in the place. I picked up a few frames and a sweet greeting card. Suzi and I also split two amazing gluten free cookies at their bakery. The chocolate chip one was our fave – tasted like chocolate chip cookie dough and girrrrllll, you know I’ve eaten a few batches of that in my lifetime. It took me back.

Beauty Heroes Lunch

We aslo were invited to join the Beauty Heroes team for a lunch at True Food Kitchen. Fantastic lunch, fantastic company and an all around good time. Among several brand ambassadors, also in attendance was Brandie Gilliam, founder of Thoughtfully Magazine, Ashley Prange founder of AU Naturale, Begoña Sanjuan founder of Ayuna, Jillian Wright, co-founder of Indie Beauty Expo and Jillian Wright Skincare and Gay Timmons founder of Oh Oh Organic Inc. Take me back!

Soul Cycle

Um HELLO! Okay I’ve been dying to try Soul Cycle and I finally got to a class! They don’t have a studio in Atlanta so I was gung-ho on taking advantage of the TWO studios they have in Dallas. Fantastic workout. Loud music, candle lit room, a motivational instructor and ride challenges designed to pedal to the beat. I sweat by butt off and I loved every minute.

Want to attend!?

Last stop is NYC ya’ll! the Indie Beauty Expo will be in NYC August 22-24, 2017. NYC is by far the biggest show. There will be a ton of brands there and as always NYC is bustling with organic restaurants and lifestyle activities to hit up. You can see more about the show and grab tickets at the Indie Beauty official website. 


For what to do in NYC hit up me and Suzi’s Organic City Guide!


By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!

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