Innersense Review: Organic Curly Hair Care And Stylers

May 18, 2018

Innersense I Create Finish Organic Hairspray

One of the most frequent questions I get is – What do you use to style your hair?! Well today I’m happy to bring you Innersense Organic Beauty. My go-to for styling products. They are known for styling and defining curls but I also love them for my boy’s straight hair too. I’ve tried almost every Innersense product and and I definitely have some faves. Laying it all on the line so get ready for my Innersense review!

Who is Innersense?

Innersense was created by Greg and Joanne who come from a background in conventional haircare. Striving for a toxin-free environment at home after their daughter Morgan was born, drove their commitment for toxin-free haircare as well. They immersed themselves in the study of green chemistry and sought answers as to why so many of their industry colleagues were being diagnosed with chronic diseases at higher rates compared to other industries.

Innersense Inner Peace Texturizing Cream
Chatting with Creators Greg and Jo

I got a chance to connect with Greg and Jo this past week. They are the sweetest and I was really excited to add a little more color here for you about their story. First, I asked them if there was a moment where they knew that Innersense was their calling. Here’s what they had to say,

Our daughter Morgan was our “ah-ha” moment. Basically the birth of  a special needs child made us seek a healthier path for our family. This is also where the name of our company came from. Our spiritual advisor encouraged us to trust our innersense.

Innersense is based out of Concord, California and ships globally by a number of e-retailers and is featured in 1,000 salons worldwide! You can find a salon near you using their location finder. I also asked what Greg and Jo use on the daily, check it out:

Greg (shaved head): Greg isn’t caught without Harmonic Healing Oil – he even keeps it in his car for constant moisture! He also shaves with Color Radiance Daily Conditioner.

Jo (short curly/wavy hair): My go-to is Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner with everything because I tend to like lightweight, touchable style. Recently I’m using Sweet Spirit combined with either our Quiet Calm Curl Control or our new I Create Lift Volumizing Foam.

Innersense Organic Beauty

Of course I had to ask if they had anything in the pipeline and guess what, they do! We can expect a foam to powder dry shampoo this summer and a sea salt spray late this year! Stay tuned for the inside scoop because I’ll be testing these before they drop! Holla!

Innersense’s mission is to empower, inform and inspire beauty and wellness. They are dedicated to helping their customers make healthier, cleaner choices that align with their personal values.

Here’s what Innersense is all about:

Innersense Organic Beauty

Greg and Joanne say their line is great for all types of hair. They add, all hair requires moisture for health, regardless of texture…

Whether you have fine, course, curly, wavy or straight. Everyone can benefit from what Innersense has to offer. Our fan base even uses our products on their kids and dogs! – Greg & Joanne


Okay so lets get to it.  Here are my faves and go-tos. I literally use something from Innersense every day. First up? Curl control. They have two stylers I like. Their Quiet Calm Curl Control and Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer. I go back and forth between these two depending on what I want that day. Check it out.

Innersense Quiet Curl Control
Quiet Calm Curl Control

Quiet Calm Curl Control – This comes in a large bottle and squeezes out in a light cream. Not sticky or tacky, this cream goes on smooth and works into clear. After I get out of the shower, I brush my hair to detangle it then I rub a dime-quarter size amount between my hands and apply it evenly to drenched hair. After that, I diffuse until dry (upside down). As I diffuse, I also scrunch my hair gently to encourage it to wave/curl. This cream defines curls/waves in a very soft way. There is literally no crunch or firmness. It has a very light, natural hold. I love it. You can even use it before straightening to add texture and prep it for styling.

Innersense Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer
Inner Peace Whipped Cream Texturizer

Inner Peace Whipped Creme Texturizer – This is the other curl styler I use. I apply it and use it the same way as the Quiet Calm Curl Control (see above). This formula is like Quiet Calm but on roids. It comes in a jar and you scoop out about a dime size and then apply. It’s thicker, creamier and a little bit tacky. It manages curls with more hold and more definition. It still gives hair a natural look but curls are more defined and will hold together longer. Play with how much product you use to get the look you want. One of my all-time fave hair styling products right here. I’m talking panic-mode when I run out.

I Create Finish – This is a very light finishing spray. If you are looking to tame flyaways or add very minimal hold to your style then this one is for you! If I want a firm-hold hairspray I reach for Josh Rosebrook’s Firm Hold Hairspray which has a fantastic hold and you can layer it to make it as strong as you need. BUT when I want my curls to move with me, I like this for a little somethin’-somethin‘. I also find that when I use a heavy hairspray on humid summer days, my hair tends to get weighted down. This is a nice alternative.

Innersense I Create Lift Volumizing Foam
I Create Lift Volumizing Foam

I Create Lift Volumizing Foam – Say hello to a clean mouse alternative! I love love love this for my 4-year-old’s fine hair. It pumps out airy and foamy resembling a traditional mouse. Likewise, it goes on light and helps hair stay in place (without that hair-glued-to-his-head look). It doesn’t have a crazy hold because this is technically a volumizing treatment. I personally don’t need to add volume to my bouffant so I tend to shy away from this one but for my little one, I love it. I can imagine it would be perfect for little girls with curls too. Really natural and light looking. Behind their shampoo and conditioner, this is their most popular styling product.


I Create Hold – This pumps out clear and is more of a traditional gel. It has a stronger hold than the I Create Lift Volumizing Foam and is great for anyone looking for a clean gel. I love this styler for the boys and my hubs. Keeps hair in place (using organic honey) and doesn’t flake out as the day goes on.

Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner – This is the other product I love recommending. Like, if I had long-haired children I would be ALL OVER THIS! Nobody wants to work trough tangles – not us moms and not the kids – the struggle is real! This leave-in conditioner is fantastic and helps detangle and condition hair. I love this in my beach bag and I use it on occasion when my hair starts to feel dry and over worked. It’s full of aloe, oils and a touch of honey to really treat the hair.

Innersense Organic Beauty for Curly Hair

Shampoo + Conditioner – I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Innsesense’s shampoo + conditioner. These are a couple of their options:

There are very few nontoxic shampoos that actually clean my hair and Innersense is one of them. In general these shampoos are formulated to moisturize and hydrate so they are a little bit creamier than other formulas I’ve tried. I mention this because I have one girlfriend with really thick hair and this formula did not work for her. But 95% of the people I recommended these to love it. Thin hair, thick hair, straight…curly. It works for most everyone. And Greg and Jo say this is their most popular product! 

Travel Trios – Also love their travel sets which include your choice of shampoo + conditioner + a Sweet Spirit Leave In Conditioner. A great travel kit but also a fantastic way to try before you buy!


Head to Innersense to score your organic hair stylers.

Have you tried anything by Innersense? What do you love?

Shop here!

P.S. this is how I style my hair most days and this is more on my fave shampoo + conditioner!

Xo, lisa

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Innersense Organic Beauty

By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Erin Small

    I adore Innersense!!! I have tried almost all of their products now. My favorites for my fine curly hair are Color Radiance Daily Conditioner, I Create Volume, I Create Lift, I Create Hold, and Quiet Calm Curl Control. They are such a wonderful company and I am so thankful for their high quality of ingredients. Thank you for posting about them. The new products in the works sound amazing!!!

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      Hi Erin! Thanks so much for weighing in on your experience with fine curly hair! Amazing!!! Quiet Calm Curl Control is so so so good! Im so excited to try their new products too! xo

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