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July 28, 2016

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“I can’t wait until the rosehips come out in July as I’ll be hand harvesting these and making an infusion with organic olive oil. It’ll be a real treat since rosehips grown on an island in Maine are the BEST. You can almost smell the ocean air in them.” – Laura

Laura, founder of Island Apothecary, reached out and asked if I would be interested in trying her products. The quote above is from one of the emails she sent. After I picked my chin up off the floor and stopped drooling – I mustered up the strength to type back:  “You had me at hello…..and you complete me.” Hand crafted, small batch, organic and/or wild crafted skin care made here in New England? Um, yeah, I think I’m in.

_DSC5338And then heaven showed up at my door. Packaged in dark glass, Island Apothecary goodies arrived bringing a little bit of Maine along with them. The entire line is reminiscent of wild flowers, the ocean, wilderness and strait up nature in the most nostalgic way. I grew up going to Maine every summer with my family (York Beach in the house!) and I can smell my childhood in these bottles. Let’s start with what soon turned into my daily routine.

Daily Routine


The Everyday Cleanser is an oil cleanser with long glass dropper that reaches to the bottom. I have tried some other lines that you have to pour product into your hand and it’s hard to control the amount that comes out which usually turns into unwanted product waste. A half to one full dropper full is enough to clean your face. Massage into dry skin and wipe off with a clean dry towel or a warm wet cloth.  It is made with avocado oil, apricot oil, vetiver, Ylang Ylang and Vitamin E, and smells of field flowers and tall grass with a zest of lemon. It is a thinner consistency and works easily into skin.


I give all my cleansers – especially oil cleansers, “The Towel Test.” Its very scientific. I wash with the product and wipe dry with a towel to remove all dirt and grime. Then I wash with the same product again wiping dry on a clean white towel. If the second pass comes out clean, it passed.  This did.

If you haven’t tried oil cleansing you must! It is amazing and leaves skin clean with all of its moisture intact. No stripping of skin’s essential oils which can cause premature wrinkles and dryness. I’ve totally converted. 28.00/4oz

The Sunup Toner is made with Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera Liquid, Lemon Tea Tree Oil, Rose Oil, Lemongrass EO, Neroli Hydrosol and Vitamin E Oil – smells super refreshing like lemon grass and I have to mention, I love the mister. So many mists and toners either make it or break it with the mister device. I’m looking for light and even coverage and I found it here. Distributes a fine layer of moisture before applying face oil.  18.00/2oz

Sundown Eye Serum
Sundown Eye Serum, 15.00

The Sundown Eye Serum. Okay, I’m a stickler for eye serums. Most feel too oily for my preference – especially if it is oil based like this one. But I have to say I was pleasantly surprised here. I can honestly say this assimilated on par if not better than most other eye oils/serums I’ve tried. It is recommended to use before bed but I found it totally wearable during the day too. This has a glass rollerball applicator that I liked best when applied to my finger first then finger to under-eye. I liked this method because I actually needed more product than what the ball dispensed. And I need to mention the star ingredient here is Rosehip Seed Oil which repairs aged and damaged skin. Saving the best for last is the price! For only 15.00, this little gem could be yours. 15.00/10ml

Rose Serum. This is a medium weight, daily face oil and used in lieu of a lotion or creme moisturizer. I would say you need about 15 minutes after application before applying makeup to allow for full assimilation. Again beautiful organic ingredients, this one also contains Rosehip Seed Oil (love!) and a Bulgarian Rose Essential Oil which gives it a super light, super understated rose essence. Really pretty. My skin drank this oil up – I would give it a thumbs up for most skin types. 30.00/1oz.

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Body Oils

Floral Body Oil – 22.00

Laura sent me two body oils to try. This one above is the Floral Body Oil. I’m a sucker for a good body oil and I found a friend in this one. Packaged in dark glass with a pump it is easy to dispense and use. The base of this moisturizer is organic, non-GMO soy and apricot oils combined with rose, lavender geranium and bergamot – this smells like you just took a walk in the most beautiful field of flowers. It’s a medium to heavy weight covering all of your dry patches and keeping you moisturized.  I would classify this as an all-season moisturizer and best used right after the shower when all pores are open and ready to take it in. 22.00/4oz

Push Potion, 25.00

The Push Potion is made for growing bellies and body parts of expecting mothers. I am not pregnant although I wish I had this as an option when I was because Sandalwood, Chamomile and Palmarosa make for one of my favorite scents in this line. Packaged in glass with a pump, this body oil comes out cloudy, closer to opaque, and melts upon contact. This is definitely a treatment and not an everyday body oil. It sits heavy and never fully assimilates as it is meant to work and repair the skins surface. 25.00/4oz

Rose Hydrosol

This was one of my fave products to try. Laura hand harvests Maine rosehips herself to make this. The mister devise is the same as the Sundown Toner and applies product in a true mist, light and even. The smell is subtle to moderate; really pretty. Maybe it’s just because I know she hand picked the rosehips herself but it smells so fresh and so….real. The entire ingredient list is: distilled water and wild picked rosehips. This product is only available seasonally and this one is from her first batch. I feed so honored to get to use this on my skin – it is a real treat!

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Final Thoughts

Some companies are just…special. They bring extra care, thought and consideration to their product. Laura sources all of her ingredients herself, plus formulates and packages everything on her own.  Island Apothecary is a true passion project and I can see and feel the difference in her products. When looking for organic skin care you will still get a lot of lines that add fillers, surfactants, preservatives etc – I just want to take a minute to emphasize how clean this line is. It’s simple ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced. Laura takes pride in where she sources her ingredients and some, like I mentioned, she even harvests herself.

I have never met Laura in person but I feel like I have my best friend or my sister making me these products. They are made with intention and that quality shines through in their performance. She is asking all the right questions and formulating a skin care line that is safe, transparent, simple and effective. You can check out her line here and get 10% off your first order when you sign up for their newsletter.

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