It’s FRIYAY Sisters!

October 19, 2018

Jessica Durrant Illustrator Painting_

It’s FRIDAY! Praise be. Here’s what’s up this week and a few cool things from around the web…

  1. If you are local to Atlanta, check out Well Scene – a one-day conference on 11/11/18 here in Atlanta designed to empower women to live their best lives naturally. I’ll be there, will you?! If you want to join, code LISA will save you at checkout!

2. Product pick of the week! Trying the new Henné Lip Mask and LOVING IT! This buttery mask tingles just the slightest while it sits on your lips. Directions say leave it on for 15-20 minutes but I’ve ended up leaving it on longer and oh my gosh – my lips have never felt so smooth, moisturized and kissable!

3. Speaking of lips, this weekend only get a FREE Kari Gran Lip Whip! Spend $70 in Kari Gran products at Beauty Heroes and get a free Lip Whip – your choice of either Rosie Gold, Shimmer, or Tinted Peppermint. Use code ROSIE, SHIMMER or TINTED at checkout! If you haven’t tried Kari Gran yet, I love recommending their Mini Kit which includes their entire line in trial sizes. It includes: Cleaning Oil, Essential Serum, Hydrating Tonic and their Three Sixty Five SPF 28 – a fantastic way to try their line before investing in full sizes. Also great for travel. Also makes a great gift. ($45) Then I would pick up a Lip Whip ($24). I have them all and Marsala is so beautiful). Then choose another one fore FREE – Tinted Peppermint is my jam!

4. They say no press is bad press but I wonder how Gwyneth feels about Steven Colbert’s bit on Goop earlier this year – OMG scrotum dry brushing?? Hahahaha!

5. My husband finally spills the beans on what deodorant he likes. It’s been years of trying, testing, failures and a few successes. This one is on current rotation and totally working for him. I personally think rotating brands helps. Try finding 2-3 brands that work for you and when one runs out, keep pits guessing and move onto the next one. The other thing that helps too is he has been using natural deodorant for several years now which has given his body time to detox and acclimate. What works for him now may not have necessarily worked for him in the beginning.

6. I can’t believe I haven’t put this and this on blast yet. These two have been my morning and night since the day they arrived. Just picked up backup because I CAN’T GET ENOUGH. The smell, the texture, the efficacy – SO GOOD.

7. If you haven’t checked out The Glow Summit 2.0, get on the wait list! Alish from The Glow Getter continues the health and wellness conversation with some really cool chicks from the wellness space.

8. When True Botanicals drops something new the world pauses! Say hello to The Aromatherapy Collection: three roller ball formulas. One for stress, one for sore muscles and one for boosting immunity. I have mine coming in the mail – can’t wait to try! LISATRUE20 will save first timers on orders $40+! 

9. Getting pics done with the fam this weekend. I try to take pictures of my kids year-round but I love getting them done by a professional every October. It’s just such a pretty time of year and then I can use them for holiday cards too. As always my girl Jen will be behind the camera. And I’m giddy about this weekend skirt I picked up – dress it up or down, sneaks, heels or ballet flats – It just WORKS! Pairing it with this everyday shirt but this one is cute too and on sale!

10. Still struggling to find a green beauty hat trick shampoo? You know, one that #1 actually works, #2 is under $10 and #3 still clean!? I’ve got three listed here!

11. Double points at Aillea this weekend! Create an account and automatically earn points at my fave beauty store. This weekend (10/19-10/21) is the perfect time to do it because you earn points just for singing up and they are DOUBLED. Who doesn’t love a good rewards program!?

12. Making Instant Pot (!?) Elderberry gummies this weekend!

13. I always had my doubts about La Croix then I read this: La Croix hit with class-action lawsuit over ingredient found in cockroach insecticide – WTH.

14. If you are looking for an effective skincare line that wont break the bank, let me introduce you to LIVE Botanical. Their line is clean, effective, formulated skillfully and sourced/packaged thoughtfully. Best part? Most of their items roll in around $30 and code ORGANICGIRL will save you and additional 20%!!! I have all my faves listed here!

15. Harvard Medical School weighs in with 8 tips to preserve aging skin. Good tips in general but “mineral oil” Harvard? Something tells me if they ever met Laurel Whole Plant Organics it would split atoms and blow their smarty-pants minds.

16. Finally downloaded the MyFlo app because now that I’m 40 all of a sudden I have two weeks of PMS every month – #ThingsTheyDontTellYou – So now that I have symptoms for a week straight instead of a day before I get my period – I’m hoping this app can give me some insight on when to expect it – instead of running out in a panic and blowing my paycheck on pregnancy tests.

17. Also, I started using a period cup for the first time and I LOVE IT. It took trying a few brands to find the right one for me but I love the SAALT cup. I don’t feel it at all throughout the day, no more buying tampons and I only change it 2x a day – morning and night. I was so afraid to make the switch but I’m so glad I did! Life changing!

18. Trying this magnesium only laundry cleaning sachet – I picked it up last week on Amazon because I was dying to know if it truly works. Keep you posted!

19. Dry Farms Wine is delivering “Orange Wine” – perfect in time for Halloween! Orange wine is a unique form of natural white wine. It’s not made from oranges, in fact the color comes form the skin contact of white grapes during winemaking! Organic, natural, biodynamic and dry farmed wines – my all time favorite subscription! Read more of my thoughts here!

What’s new with you?

Cover Art: Check out Jessica Durrant – I met Jess this past week at a Neman Marcus event and her work is drop dead GEORG!

P.S. Check out my Organic Beauty on a Budget Buying Guide and the best organic lip balms!

Xo, lisa

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By Lisa

Lisa is the founder of This Organic Girl. Passionate about clean beauty, organic eats and nontoxic lifestyle, Lisa writes to create awareness. Conscious consumerism and informed decisions will impact the marketplace, our health and THE WORLD!


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    Thank you for including my elderberry gummie link in your post! I love all the information you share here, great blog post!

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      Thanks Laura!!! Cant wait to try these. My friend Jess said they are awesome!

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