January Tune-In with Natalie

January 7, 2019

tune in with natalie

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January starts with a BANG!  

With all the inspiration that can come at the beginning of the year, we have an added layer of oomph as Mars, the planet of action, Capricorn, sign of foundation laying + Saturn, the taskmaster are all in the mix. The big planetary event of the month is the current eclipse season (Dec 30th to Feb 4th), a potent time where virtually ANYTHING can happen. For this first Tune-In, I’ve created an astrology starter kit that has some basic terminology (including information on the significance of eclipses), explanations and moon dates for the year. You can find it HERE.

Feeling pressured to clean up the past…

We are being asked to show up, to speak, to step into our authority + integrity, to access our discipline + set healthy boundaries. You might find yourself feeling pressured to clean up the past whether that be physical, mental or emotional clutter. And you might notice the opportunities to do so are presenting themselves without your input. This can also mean relationships or experiences that are not resonating with you. Start looking at where you are putting your time, your focus + your money. Is it in alignment with where you envision yourself going this year?

Expansion, abundance and growth

2019 is blessed by Jupiter in Sag.  What does this mean? Expansion, abundance and growth. This can feel uncomfortable and unbearable sometimes, especially when it’s barreling down on us like a freight train like; YOU.WILL.GROW.YOU.WILL.GROW.  

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To grow, to build, to step into this new energy, we must create space and this can happen at the same time we are laying our foundations which can feel overwhelming and a bit confusing. Watch out for the tendency towards self-destructive behaviors like excess, addiction, checking out, etc.

Keep your long-term vision in place

2018 was a year of obstacles, blocks and limitations with so many planets in retrograde. This week, ALL the planets are moving direct. What does this mean? We will feel ourselves moving forward at a faster pace. 2019 is leading us to 2020, the culmination of a large cycle of growth. When we near the end is when we need to keep focus as we can FEEL things speeding up towards completion… this year will reveal more. Keep your long-term vision in place and dust off your muscles of trust + faith, because they will come in handy.

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Make space for self-care

Notice if you are becoming rigid in your thoughts, beliefs or actions, if you are becoming aggressive with yourself or others (This is the shadow sides of Mars, Capricorn + Saturn). Make space for self-care, nurturing + deep listening as there is much guidance to be had from within.

Add practices that ground + nourish: meditation, physical activity, quiet time, tribe of support, drinking lots of water, connecting with nature, eating healthy, journaling. Also add practices that tap you into your creativity + inspiration: dancing, painting, singing, laughing, admiring beauty.

Pick one (or two) and COMMIT

Pick one or two and commit, understanding that these are of crucial importance to set yourself up for the year to come. With a narrow focus you allow yourself to hear your inner guidance speaking, to zoom out a bit from the tasks at hand + see the bigger picture. To find objectivity. This allows the highest expression of Capricorn which is divine law, inner authority + mature wisdom.

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Put it to action

Jan 5-11: Set your intentions, sow seeds, reflect honestly on where you are + the past actions that have led you here.

Jan 12-17: Manage your energy, find balance + enjoy the productivity that propels you forward.

Jan 18-23: Be gentle with yourself and others. Celebrate your accomplishments. Be a model of what you want to see in the world. This is a great time to complete what you’ve been working on.

Jan 24-31st: Connect and align with people who celebrate you as you are.

Roll with it this month… many of us will see very clearly that what we plan and the way we think things are going to work out, rarely turns out the exact way we had anticipated. Trust that the Universe is bringing you in more alignment with yourself and what it is you came here to do.

Sometimes we are so off the mark in our path, that the adjustment can be painful, but I promise you… moving through instead of resisting yields great gifts.

A few journal prompts:

  • What is my relationship to authority?  
  • Where do I give my power away?
  • Where am I investing my time, money + focus?
  • Where do I envision myself in 2 years?
  • What is my WHY?  What inspires me?

I look forward to moving through this year together. If you want to get in touch, find me on Instagram @nataliebiniasz + @laughinghearthealing or at nataliebiniasz.com.

Cheers to a great start!

xo natalie

PS, get to know more about Natalie, This Organic Girl’s newest contributor here!


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