July Tune-In with Natalie

July 8, 2019

Imagine your life as a bag full of marbles. Shifting, moving around, yet contained in the bag. Pieces to a game that you choose how and when to play.  

Now imagine scooping the marbles out with both hands + throwing them up in the air…what sort of feelings would that elicit? Joy, fear, exhilaration, doom?

Then freeze that picture and all of the feelings with it…

Welcome to Eclipse Season!

Are you sensing several emotions within you right now? A pressure that you can’t seem to mentally figure out? Scattered or erratic thoughts?  Exhaustion from overthinking? Many cycles of up/down, start/stop, open/close?

The word for July is TRANSFORMATION. It is going to be an intense month.

Find lots of space, cultivate intuition and nurture yourself.  Hold off on making any HUGE decisions if possible. Your priorities, desires and opportunities might have a thorough working over. The chance of emerging at the end of July in a completely different place is high.

What are the things that get you out of bed in the morning?  What are the things that are a factor into every decision that you make?

We make thousands of choices in any given day. For example; to snooze or not to snooze, drive to work this way or that, what to eat for lunch, to snap at others or breathe before responding, to feed old stories or create new ones, etc.

If you don’t have your core values written, take some time to list out the things that are most important to you. This could look like; integrity, honesty, freedom, strength, connection, fairness, wisdom, peace, power, independence, kindness, health, family…

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Once you have defined your top 3-5, you can use them as a guide to make each decision. Ask yourself, Is this moving me towards my core values or away from them? Notice all of the decisions you make every day. Use this technique on every single one, even those that seem insignificant. Practice this month and see the impact it makes on bringing you more in alignment with what you truly desire.  

July Planetary Events

(To better understand the astrology, download my astrology toolkits HERE).

  • 7/2 – Cancer new moon/ total solar eclipse
  • 7/3 – Venus enters Cancer
  • 7/7 – Mercury Retrograde
  • 7/8 Chiron Retrograde
  • 7/16 – Capricorn full moon/ partial lunar eclipse square Eris
  • 7/19 – Mercury retro enters Cancer
  • 7/22 – Sun enters Leo
  • 7/27 – Venus enters Leo
  • 7/31 – Leo new moon/ Mercury direct

Timeframes to work with…

July 1-6: A great time to end conflict in some sphere of your life, clear the slate and make a fresh start. Be open to unexpected opportunities and when your inner guidance speaks, LISTEN. Emotions such as anger, depression, shame might swell up from the unconscious depths. Allow yourself to BE with them and accept that all feelings are valid. Instead of hiding them away, can you nurture yourself through them.

July 7-12: Tempers flare. Anger and frustration can be right under the surface. Be mindful of the words you use as they can cut deeper than intended, pausing before speaking to check your ego at the door. Be open and honest with kindness. Notice the ways you are checking out and see if instead you can harness the fiery energy into productive creativity.  

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July 14-16: All of the emotions that are up this month might feel like a pressure cooker inside causing major heat and friction. Is there something that is becoming clear to you that you need to let go of? Can you trust that it’s all designed for your benefit? Cultivate faith in the journey and keep showing up. Let go without story. As you SEE more clearly the patterns, realities of your life thus far, acknowledge and release what doesn’t serve you forward motion. If you are having a hard time, reach out to your tribe to support you.

July 17-21: A time to be with your heart. What is it telling you in regards to how you are showing up in the world? Where have you been DIS-honoring your own needs? Chiron going into it’s 5 month retrograde is lending a hand towards self-healing, self-love and self-acceptance. Add more nurturing and do things in groups to this effect i.e.: a yoga class, walks in nature, something around water…Allow yourself to receive.

July 22-26: Life might feel chaotic and crazy these days. LET IT BE. Instead of trying to change that, see where the chaos takes you. If you let go of fighting it, some major “A-Ha’s” might reveal themselves. In times of massive shift from one reality to another, chaos fills the transition spaces.  It is normal. Take responsibility for your choices.

July 27-31: Assert yourself. Be proactive with the “A-ha’s” that have been emerging. Start laying the foundation for the changes you see coming. Step back + spend some time alone. Do not let others sway your commitment to showing up for yourself in these new ways.

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Aug 1-7: The marbles might still be landing from the eclipse passage.  You might be seeing yourself without many of the masks/ filters. It might feel a little raw. Embrace the truth of who you are and let others SEE the authentic you instead of the you who you think you should be. Shine and play a bit in this new reality. The Leo energy will aid you with courage and leadership in forging the new paths that must be forged. And Mercury turning direct will support you in communicating from a strong, clear space.

Journal Prompts:

  • What is your relationship to being in control?
  • Do you trust in the path that you are on? Practice looking for the wisdom each experience you move through brings (especially the most challenging of them). 
  • Do you speak and show up vulnerably anywhere in your life?
  • Are familial patterns becoming more clear?  If so, what choices can you make to release the threads of these patterns within you?
  • In what situations/ relationships are you hiding your fullness and truth from others? Do those areas need to be let go of or can you show up anyway and move through the discomfort?

See you on the other side!!!

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