June Tune-In with Natalie

June 6, 2019

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Welcome to June, the midpoint of the year; Gemini energy. A perfect time to revisit resolutions and see if what you committed to at the beginning of the year still resonates. Weed out the beliefs that are not congruent anymore with money, self, love…the world. Beliefs of lack, victimhood, unworthiness, competition, etc… let go, let go, let go.

Beliefs are simply thoughts we’ve thought so often that we forget we have a choice in feeding them.  

Let go, let go, let go. This work is important. Gemini energy likes to move and revise and sift and explore, so utilize it in these tasks. This is especially true in the first 2 weeks (through the 11th). It’s time to let go of our fears, our need to be in complete control and get sh** done.

The new moon on the 3rd heralds in the beginning of eclipse season.  The eclipses don’t actually happen until July, however the portal is opened. What does this mean? Things move. We think we’re going one way and all of a sudden, we veer in a completely different direction. The floor drops out. The chance of emerging at the end of July in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPACE increases tenfold. (Page 4 of my free starter kit goes into more eclipse detail HERE.)

June is a month of adapting, shifting, change and illumination.  

The sun enters Cancer on the same day as the Summer Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere (the longest day and shortest night). It is the peak of the light where the shadows that have been emerging are illuminated and the truths you’ve been hiding from yourself might come with an ouch.  

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Neptune, a big player this year, goes retrograde from June 21 to Nov 27 and supports you in further releasing fantasy, illusion and false realities that have been running the world as you perceive it (and your own little bubble of life).  

Trust in the process as it’s clearing the blocks that have been preventing you from moving forward…

JUNE PLANETARY EVENTS (to better understand, download my free astrology toolkits here):

  • 6/3 – New moon in Gemini
  • 6/8 – Venus enters Cancer
  • 6/9 – Sun square Neptune
  • 6/14 – Mars opposes Saturn
  • 6/16 – Jupiter square Neptune
  • 6/17 – Sagittarius full moon
  • 6/19 – Mars opposes Pluto
  • 6/21 – Summer Solstice/ Sun enters Cancer/ Neptune goes retrograde
  • 6/23 – Venus square Neptune
  • 6/26 – Mercury enters Leo
  • 6/27 – Sun square Chiron
  • 7/2 – Cancer new moon/ total solar eclipse


June 1-6: Continue to be social, yet spend more time listening and receiving new perspective without the need to think about your response. Practice healthy boundaries and, if appropriate, process and express your feelings with others. Let the people in your life know that you love and appreciate them. Honor your intuition this week and listen to your gut.

June 7-13: Discipline is important. Ask for help where you need it. Starting the 11th, the planets become testy or rather, the way they show up might course correct you in an uncomfortable way.  If anger comes up, use the energy to catalyze your own change. Use it to move you into that territory that you’ve been wanting to be in, but have been afraid to fully commit to. Do not use it to blame, point fingers or put another down.

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June 14-20: The astrology might be abrupt and test your every patience. You might feel as if you have one foot on the gas and the other on the brake. Move. Stop. Go. Wait. Upheaval. Frustration. Anger. Be very gentle with yourself and others. We are all in the same car and if you can stay present with the uncomfortable energies of the week, you might find yourself in some expansive awareness, full on illumination the night of the full moon or solstice.

June 21-22: Emotion. Collective. Mars in Cancer. Triggering of intense energy. Not negative necessarily, simply a pulling off of the top that has been tamping it down for too long. Be with others and speak your truths in the kindest way possible. Take ownership for your feelings and let them move as they are designed to do. Hold space for another to have their own experience, feelings, process without needing to put your two cents in. Have faith that change is good even if you can’t see the end result.

June 23-30: Opportunity for change, growth and transformation. You might feel tender after the last week or so and it’s these times that our armor is down. This softening can be beautiful and create space for us to see the world as it is without our usual distorted filters. Allow yourself to truly see and resist the urge to check out or label anything. Simply BE in the space of awareness.

July 1-6: You might find yourself wanting to look at and talk about relationships/connections of all kinds. A great time to end conflict in some sphere of your life, clear the slate and make a fresh start. Be open to unexpected opportunities and when your inner guidance speaks, LISTEN.

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  • How do you show up when life doesn’t meet your expectations?  
  • What is your relationship to being in control?
  • What is your relationship to anger?
  • In what ways do you check out the most? Can you pause before taking that route and take 10 deep breaths?
  • What fears have you let hold you back from pursuing a dream? List them out on a piece of paper, thank and release them. Take one small action towards your dream.

Keep showing up, looking inside and letting go of expectations. Good luck friends!

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