Looking Forward To W.E.L.L. Summit 2017!

October 24, 2017

The W.E.L.L. Summit

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I’m so excited for W.E.L.L. Summit 2017! It’s less than two weeks away and I am counting down the days. I have my schedule set, my workshops selected, plans booked with friends and more. I’m heading up with Jason and the boys the week before so we can visit with family in Boston. We also thought it would be fun for the kids to work their old stomping grounds Trick-Or-Treating. Cole is running a repeat this year and going as a crocodile and Quinn is working a new angle as a skunk. But as the kids head back to Atlanta, I’ll be hopping on the Acela from Boston to NYC with my bestie from college to embark on a weekend of learning, self care, wellness and more AKA The W.E.L.L. Summit. Wanted to share with you the workshops I signed up for an also some other health meccas I’m hoping to hit up.

My W.E.L.L. Summit 2017 Schedule
the W.E.L.L. Summit
That’s me chatting it up with Stephanie Peterson from Smoothie Beauty

So I am a brand ambassador for the W.E.L.L. Summit which means I get to attend the event for free in exchange for opening up and sharing my experience with all of you. This is the same thing I did last year and the year before except I paid my own way in previous years. This event aligns with my values and vision so fully that it was an easy YES to officially come on board. So as a brand ambassador, I get to attend as a VIP which means an additional VIP lunch, VIP mentor session and a bangin’ gift bag worth $350 – hello! Check out what I’ll be up to:

Day One: Friday 11/3/2017
tenoverten mani bar
tenoverten mani bar
  • 11:00am -12:50pm VIP lunch with speaker Dr. Drew Ramsey (yaaaaasssss Dr. Drew!) + mani’s with theoverten manicure bar!
  • 1:00pm Event Kickoff
  • 1:30pm-6:00pm Speakers and Panels. Everyone will be together for this and there are no breakout groups during this time. Usually this is when we hear from a couple of keynote speakers and some wellness panels (green beauty, ethical fashion etc).
  • 6:00pm-9:00pm LIVE W.E.L.L. Party where attendees get a chance to meet wellness brands, clean beauty brands, chat with speakers and panelists, and mingle/network with influencers + new friends. Last year they had a fun photo booth that was super popular. They also had fun drinks like kombucha, healthy snacks (like fruits, veggies, crackers and cheese stations) and tenoverten doling out free manis!
tea time chat W.E.L.L. Summit
Tea Time Chat

Then for anyone staying onsite, W.E.L.L. Summit is offering a Tea Time Chat session from 10:30-11:30pm. Last year this was an intimate and inclusive way to get to know others. We had tea, healthy snacks and turned up the wellness with some Josh Rosebrook Cacao Antioxidant masking!

Day Two: Saturday 11/4/2017

On Saturday, there is an option for 8:15am Morning Yoga with Jessamyn Stanley which looks really great! A nice way to move before sitting all day. Here’s what I’m taking. Check it out:

9:30am Recipe for Success: Power Breakfasts and Morning Rituals to Awaken your most Epic Self with Cassandra Bodzak

In this workshop, Cassandra Bodzak will demo (and let you sample!) her favorite breakfast recipes as well as share her most powerful morning rituals that set her up for success day in and day out. She will discuss why having a powerhouse morning routine has been a game changer for career and overall happiness.

10:45am Ferment-Me Not: How to Use Probiotic-Rich Foods To Grow Your Gut Garden and Heal Your Body with Phoebe Lapine 

Join gluten-free chef and author of The Wellness Project: How I Learned To Do Right By My Body Without Giving Up My Life, Phoebe Lapine as she discusses her journey of healing her autoimmune disease through feeding her gut.
Using her experience in the kitchen, Phoebe Lapine will share recipes and strategies for incorporating more fermented foods into your diet, why they’re so much more powerful than a pill, and how they’ll make your life that much more delicious.

11:55am How Women Can Embrace The Power of Asking. More. Now with Cyndie Spiegel 

Small business coach, Cyndie Spiegel will rally your spirit, equipping you with the tactical tools that you need to ASK for what you want. This experiential session will give you the tools to do just that but be prepared to do the work in session for this interactive thought- shifting workshop.

We will discuss: Why you are currently not asking for what you want. The fears that prevent you from showing up courageously. What you [really] hope to achieve in the next 1-3 years. The questions you must ask to get there. Specific tools for asking, in a style that aligns with who you are as an individual.

12:00-1:00pm VIP Mentor Lunch Sessions – an intimate 1:1 with leaders in the wellness community.
2:00pm How to Reignite your Joy and Creativity and Live With A Feeling Of Connection in Your Everyday Life with Agapi

This is an experiential workshop based on Agapi’s new book and the 52 themes in it, Wake Up to the Joy of You. It will address how you can discover and access more joy in your life and how to become aware and let go of what blocks you from experiencing more joy.  Agapi will help you shift into new beliefs, thoughts, and actions so you can tap into your ability to manifest more of what you want and let joy infuse everything you do.

3:45pm Separating Skincare Fact From Fiction with Dr. Sarah Villafranco

Osmia founder, Dr. Sarah Villafranco, will provide some common-sense guidelines for achieving healthier skin, backed with just the right amount of data. Skincare may not be rocket science, but it’s surprisingly easy to spend a ton of money on products, and still feel like you’re not putting your best face forward! You’ll leave with answers to your skin care questions, and a low-stress skincare routine that makes sense for your skin, your spirit, your wallet, and your schedule.

5:00pm Reconnect. Renew. Reawaken your Health: The Body Belief Plan for Healing and Vitality with Aimee Raupp

Woman’s health expert and author, Aimee Raupp will explain how our thoughts wire or rewire our brain and impact our bodies functions and present the science to support this notion. In this interactive workshop, Aimee will walk you through introspective exercises so you can begin to identify and understand what you believe about your body, how to reform that belief, and ultimately how to transform that belief to allow your vitality to thrive.

Can you believe this day!!!??? #bestdayever

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Sunday 11/5/17

On Sunday there is a 9:30am W.E.L.L. Summit Brunch that attendees can join in too!

On The Side

Okay so that is my workshop lineup and here is a short list of other places I am hoping to hit up:

  • Y7:  Beat-bumpin’, sweat dripin’, candle lit yoga. HELLO! I went last year and I CAN’T WAIT to go again!
  • Peloton’s Flagship Studio: Cycling. Boutique fitness married with in-home streaming. I don’t have a Peloton but I’m curious to see how these classes compare to my faves Soul Cycle and Fly Wheel.
  • Sundays Nontoxic Nail Salon: Have a pedi booked to kick off the weekend!
  • HU Kitchen: OMG you have to go here! All organic/pastured/real errrrrrthang!
  • Quartino: Wild caught, organic, GF pastas, olive oil from family farm – I went last year, so good!
  • Chachamatcha: Green Tea Bar, lattes, freezes and more.
  • This Pie Is Nuts: Vegan, GF and Paleo Certified individual pies and granola made with nuts and seeds. I need to try their pumpkin pie!
  • Naturopathica: Organic remedies and rituals to enhance everyday lives.
  • Springbone Kitchen: Bone broth bar and real food kitchen.
  • Juice Press: 100% organic with 60 locations in NY – this place is LEGIT.
  • Berlyn 65: Woven textiles and artisanal products from across the globe.
  • Aire: I probably wont make it here but these baths though!
  • And of course all the green beauty haunts but I especially want to see the new Follain space!
Any are some other organic/real food/GF joints I should check out!?

And that’s what I’ll be up to! Will you join us!? Get your tickets here!

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If you follow me on Instagram, I will take you around with me when I’m there – tune in for more!




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